Friday, October 23, 2009

Friday Fragments - Part 2

Friday Fragments?
OK - I'll try this again since yesterday, my computer was all wacky... gotta love technology sometimes!

*So I'm on OFFICIAL COUNTDOWN!!!! Vacation!!!  In... just... 8 hrs!!!!!!  I feel like a kid on the last day of school before summer break!  (That's a little sad, really)  This year, we're just staying at home & taking it easy.  Going to do some home projects, take some day trips, SLEEP IN (Thank you Lord), & enjoy the ease of the week!  I got 3 good books waiting for me too, so might have to put the rocking chair to good use...

*COUNTRY LIVING:  One of the down sides of it... I was driving down the road early, heading to work & thought, someone must have dropped tons of paint off their truck... driving home in the daylight - I see its no paint - its blood!!!!  And I'm not talking a small amount - I'm talking someone must have takent out Bambi's whole family!!! The next day, driving over it - I was gagging....

SPAT OF THE WEEK:  Ricky watched the movie "Penelope" with me.... He said, "She's not too bad looking - she actually looks sorta like you"... HUH?  OK - dont know if that's a compliment or a slam - hence, the spat of the week!  You calling me a pig girl?  But he said her nose wasnt too bad looking... I'm all confused... I will say though - I want her wardrobe - especially her purple coat with all the different buttons!  Too cute!

*Is the flu taking over everywhere you are?  I'm like a NUT with sanitzer.  I'm ready to put a straw in it & drink it up!!!  But a fellow church friend, who is all about natural healings & ingredients - she told me that using a Neti-pot or Saline in the nose & then blow... & then gargle salt water or Listerine really helps kill the germs if they get up your nasal cavity... which is where it begins!!!  So, so far, I've been around tons of people who are sick... & fingers crossed & I'm afraid to even say this... I've been doing OK so far..

*I've learned I dont really know how to gargle very well...

*GLEE MOMENT:  Watch this behind the scene part with Sue Sylvester while they learn to swing dance!  Its so funny to see Jane Lynch in her natural state... I love this woman!!!  ***Look for her modeling with the fan... hilarious!


  1. Have fun on your stay-cation! Hope you gets lots of sleep and reading done! Gonna be a perfect fall weekend to cuddle up next to a fire!

  2. I do feel like everyone is sick, but I also feel like I can't go anywhere without signs saying "cover your cough" or seeing hand sanitizer at the check out of a store.

    Then again, I'm the one who has it at her desk and uses it before doing almost anything. So...

  3. I am SOOOOOO damn addicted to Glee!! Sue Sylvester is DA BOMB!!!

    Hallie :)

  4. Enjoy your time deserve it! I LOVE "Glee"! I never miss an episode!

  5. YAY for vacation ~~ even home ones!! Sleep darling, get some GOOD sleep!!!

    That Glee clip was so funny.

    Will you still be posting next week or are you taking a blogcation too?!!

    Love you girl,

  6. That much blood in the road! GAG!

    LOL Pig girl? Hilarious. I haven't seen that movie yet.

    I have a neti pot and I hate using it.


  7. Saline spray is supposed to help; which reminds me to start using it consistently. I am freaking out with the sanitizer too.

    Not sure which way to weigh in with the Penelope argument, but Christina Ricci is cute, so go with that angle ;-)

  8. ick..about the blood..

    I do love the purple coat and your nose looks nothing like a pig nose..

    hurray for sleeping in! but if your like me.. because you can. you cant.

    About the neti pot I use it all the time to keep my sinus clear. much better than living on medication!!

    Also Trina the more you use it and get used to it the more you like it! it works miracles on stuffed noses!

  9. Oh my gosh yes, that scene was awesome!

  10. WooHoo for vacations! Even the stay-home kind! :)

    I'm SO going to have to get a netti aunt told me about it before they became all the rage...I bet I wouldn't be suffering now if I had only listened to her! :)

    LOVE Sue Sylvester - she is awesome!

    Happy FF! :)

  11. That Sue character KILLS me. Everything she says just makes me gape in horror and amusement *L*

    I have a nasal rinser thing. It feels horribly gross, but it works wonders.

  12. Enjoy your vacation! It sounds like fun!


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