Monday, October 26, 2009

No vacation from Dancing

I may be on vacation this week, but its not going to stop me from getting my dance groove on... Lets get ready because we're LLLIIIIVVEEEEEE......

Mya & Dmitry - Taking on the Jitterbug.  As cute as Miss Mya was in her little old fashion outfit, I was a little underwhelmed with it.  After years of DWTS, I know the kicks are to be sharp & precise & she looked like she was doing a nice little light aerobic routine to me... hmmm... I agreed with Len, so I'm sorta scared for myself. 

Melissa Joan Hart & Mark - I love how the beginning of EVERY week, Melissa says, "its time for me to get serious..."... as much as I love Mark, I'm ready for her to go.  (see, I'm all cranky like Len tonight... what's WRONG with me?) I love Mrs. Ballas got to come in & scream "You fell asleep young lady'... go get 'em mom!  And while Melissa looked beautiful for the waltz & Mark looks so much better with his mane of hair trimmed up, she just doesnt do it for me lately...

Mark & Lacey - Lacey took Mark to a Jitterbug Club!  Who knew those clubs existed?  Does every town have one of these?  Where is my local club at & how can I get in?  I may break something swinging around someone's back, but it looks like fun! ..... This dance involves kicks & flips - how can Mr. Karate NOT do well in this?  .... & he didnt let anyone down!  But am I the only one who thinks Lacey looks like some sort of maid in her outfit?

Aaron & Karina - All I can think about when I see Aaron is the scene from "Talk Soup" on E! that has him screaming like a 5 yr old girl....They have the waltz tonight.  As much as I dont care for either Aaron or Karina, it was a beautiful waltz.  I was just staring at Karina's dress throughout most of it.  I wanna gem for the middle of my back!!!  But I'll give props where props are deserved - it was a very nice dance.  I think the beautiful Lionel Ritchie song helped too... classic...It'll be interesting to see if he is still in the bottom...

Michael & Anna - So Michael has a radio show that is helping keep him in!  Nice to pull out fans from where you can.  I hope they dont keep him in too long though.... he's not the best of the best there... but he has the waltz tonight & this dance seemed to work for him.  He looked so smooth ... I guess his little pep talk on being a champion kicked in because I really enjoyed him - for the first time!

Kelly &  Louis - I LOVE these two together.  He seems like the coolest big brother to her - he's looking out for her & pushes her.  And I love that she tells him off every step of the way too!  The word "bloody" is just so cute coming out of her mouth! ... Kelly is not the best dancer there, but Tom hit it on the head when he whispered to her "Its so fun watching you have fun"... I just wish she'd get more confidence in herself to just let herself go instead of dreading the worst.  She's just so adorable!

Louie & Chelsie- It was fun to see video of Louie in his element on the snowboard.  And loved how he brought the word "stoked" into the world of Ballroom!  Him & Chelsie tackle the jitterbug & you see once again how little this guy is.  His kicks show how short his legs are... he's just so cute though with Chelsie, but she probably didnt enjoy getting dropped on her bum a few times.  oops!  And how cute was it with him planting a smooch on her at the end.  He must have been really stoked!

Joanna & Derek - Is it wrong that I liked when Derek pushed Joanna in the face & said "Stay out"?  (I'm so bad!)... Yes, she looked beautiful - Yes, the waltz was nice - yes, the spin was lovely.... but I still dont like this lady... havent from the beginning - wont at the end.  I hate that she's with Derek because I love him - but if she's in the end & wins this thing... I'll quite watching (well, probably not, but I'll do something dramatic - like throw a sock at the TV)

Donnie & Kym - I have to start off by saying, who knew in ballroom, you could say the words "I'll be going through your legs & you do a Choo-choo while looking at my butt!"... WHO KNEW?  They got the Jitterbug & this is all about energy & showmanship - how can a man who has performed since 5 years old mess this up?  He can't because he's DONNIE OSMOND!  I love this man!  Even more so because they volunteered to teach others to dance... Let this be the Osmond's year! (All 8's????  dorky judges! - what's wrong with you!)

Mambo Competition!  This is fun to see - something new on the show!  I just enjoyed the idea of Michael kicking everyone out of the way... how funny would that be if he just went around & tripped everyone?  I might throw him a vote if he'd trip Joanna for me (dang - there I go again!)...... & I just spoke too soon... How did Joanna win this thing?  BLAH!  Oh well - I'm glad Derek won, if only for letting Donnie Osmond do a shimmy walking over top of him (did you catch that?)

So double elmination tomorrow!  And I like the judges are sorta in charge of it - no more mess ups like last week of having Natalie voted off.  Who do you think will be there?  Michael?  Louie?  Joanna?  (Oh, I can keep my fingers crossed)

Jitterbug on....


  1. Rebecca, dear, don't you know that vacation means you indulge in MORE TV? In your jammies. And you start, like, around 2pm.

    Nuff said 'bout that.

    Here's my review (and you know we're gonna agree cause we're DWTS Soul Seesters)...

    Mya and Dmitry - Not her best dance at all...too little energy. Maybe Michael kicked her when she wasn't looking?

    Melissa and Mark - Ugh to his hair, scruffy face, and MEGA ZIT!! Wowza! Ok...from day 1, I have not been impressed with her. Bless her heart (get my joke?), but she just doesn't exude personality, and her dancing is so stiff. I think she'll be one of the two to go.

    Mark and Lacey - LOVED him! I think the judges were a little tough on him (or were they? I might have been a little distracted during their comments). He's one of my fav's, though.

    Aaron and Karina - Ok folks...I didn't get it. Personally, I don't think he danced well. His arm started doing that funny thing it did a few dances ago. His facial expressions are weird, and I just feel like I have ants in my pants when I am forced to watch him dance. He needs to go. (Boy, this show brings out my catty side!!!)

    Michael and Anna - LOVED him! Did you see the expression in his eyes? He carried off the dance quite well! I think he's probably the best waltzing pro football player around! He should take Al Michaels for a spin around the field!

    Kelly and Louis - Agree with you, Rebecca...she's ADORABLE! She needs her mouth washed out with soap, but she's a little girl in a grown woman's body. And I have always adored Louis. I might be willing to give up some of my Malabrigo for a lesson from him. Such a sweetie.

    Louie and Chelsie - He did a passable job. He's so darned cute that it's easy to forgive his two left feet. Poor Chelsie, though. What was she thinking wearing those heels during this dance when it's the one time you can wear sneakers!

    Joanna and Derek - GAG to the girl. Derek is probably my second-favorite male dancer though. Rebecca, let's start a petition. Put one of us in to dance as his partner (of course we'd have to be famous first). I didn't enjoy the dance very much, but I think I let my personal feelings get in the way of being objective. Good thing I'm not holding a paddle. Can you say 2?!

    Donny and Kym - I've always enjoyed his dances, but he did seem off tonight. The old-time music was fun though, as were their costumes. I'm rooting for him to be in the final two, and I'm sure he won't be voted off this week.

    Mambo Dance - First of all, the end result HAD to have been rigged! Let's ask for a recount! How did the Orange Crush beat the White Swan? I mean, Mya's last move with the spin, head, knee thing was AMAZING. All what's her face did was hold her dress and swing it around a few times. I can do that sitting at home in my big t-shirt. She owes everything to Derek who made her look good.

    I'm off to dream the dreams of DWTS fans (and So You Think You Can Dance, which officially really started tonight).

  2. If Joanna - she of the fake lips wins - I'm boycotting for sure!!!

  3. BTW, Just put your blog button in my button scroll - can't believe I didn't already have it there - sorry - my bad!!!


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