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A Guest Blogger knows ALL about dancing!!!

OK - so I had some things come up where I missed Dancing with the Stars!! Yes - two weeks in a row!! GASP!!! But I have the coolest bloggy buddies that know my love of all things dance & even better - SHARE that love... so the coolest friend emailed me an update & is not making an appearance here on my blog!  Go say hello to AuburnChick - she's FANTASTIC!!! Besides her love of God - her knitting skills - her AMAZING coupon savings talents... she's just an amazing mom & beautiful woman!  Thanks friend for keeping me updated on all things Bruno, flying fringe & shaking hips!  hehe!... (& even though I havent seen it - I'm even going to add comments here that are mine... so the blue are my words... be warned!)
Last night was all about Two-Stepping, the Charleston, the Bolero, and the Lambada...dances that the stars don't regularly boogie to.

Chuck and Anna - Two Step - Can I just say that Chuck was AWFUL?! His charm did nothing to detract from his inability to dance. Anna was practically turning herself during the spins. I think Chuck may have just had his last go in the ring.....I have not seen dancing skills from him at all this year.. & Anna - BLAH.. & I hate I dont like a redhead!

Melissa and Mark - Charleston - The costumes were great! The dance started off in black and white, for television viewers, making me think of the silent movies of old. Melissa was in her element...a dance she could use her acting skills in. She was having fun and did well with the amazing choreography Mark came up with. She was hoping for a score in the 20's. She got a 28! Her first 10 of the season! Go girl!... I cant imagine her getting a 10... anxious to see this dance now!!!!

Natalie and Alec - Bolero - She unwrapped to reveal a stunning white beaded gown. It was heavenly...sparkly...very sexy. The dance was ... WOW! But the judges didn't agree with Your's Truly. They expected more, I think, but how could you? She was amazing! Sometimes I wonder what the judges are drinking from those cups....totally agree friend... the judges are so NOT consistent with ALL the people... irritating!!!

Before they showed Aaron and Karina, we saw a clip of Michael consoling Aaron after last week's dance. Mr. Football Man actually hugged little singer guy and offered him wise words. It was very endearing and reminds you of the bigger picture...keep on trying...just do your best....aahhh - love to see different people become good friends on this show!

Another comment about pre-dance stuff...Karina looked lovely in her interviews (while they were training last week)...hardly any makeup and hair pulled back simply. Why can't she look like this all the time?

Aaron and Karina - Lambada - Well, Aaron toned down his over-exaggerations from last week, but he still wasn't good. Karina danced all around him. The Lambada is supposed to be raunchy. The only thing "bad" about it was the way Karina draped herself on him. It was like a school marm ogling a student. Blech. I was not impressed. The judges were a little more positive than I would have been, but Carrie crushed his spirits by telling him he was still trying too hard. Agreed, Sista..... I dont like Karina... & REALLY didnt like it when they said after week one they knew they were going to win... too cocky!!!

Mark and Lacey - Two Step - Oy. This show is killing me! Mark did not look good at all. I'm starting to think that maybe I was wrong about his natural talent. He is very uncomfortable on the dance floor. Trying to talk all cowboy doesn't make you a cowboy. I don't like when people try to mimic a Southern accent. We don't sound that stupid, people. Off the soapbox... The dance was not good. Poor Lacey. She looked cute and tried to make up for Mark's lack of skill. It wasn't enough.... I had high hopes for him too! Maybe we were under the Kung-Fu influence that first week!

Kelly and Louis - Charleston - I expect great things from this girl every week, and she didn't disappoint! She looked stunning in her 20's get-up. Louis' face was weird...white lipstick. I didn't like it at all. But, the dancing...OH MY GOSH. Girl can dance! She had FUN! She didn't look miserable during rehearsals, and that transferred to show night. The judges were all gaga over her too....Love to see her doing well!  She just seems so honest & real... Love Louis too - after all, he's on BOTH dancing shows - this & So you think you can dance!!!

Joanna and Derek - Lambada - I was all set to poo poo this one. I like Derek...I have issues with Miss Pursed Lips Model Person. When she came out, I've gotta say that I was not likin' the neon green get-up either. She glowed and could have done the dance with the lights off. But, she surprised me and managed to keep her footing as she and Derek gyrated themselves around the floor. For his part, Derek was SMOKIN'! But then again, he always is. His expertise allowed Joanna to shine. Kudos to her for surprising me. She'll probably stay.... She ranks with Karina for me... so I'm anxious to see if she sways me with this dance.  I do like Derek though..

**By the way, this is when the show started getting really raunchy. I'm so getting tired of the off-color comments. Dances are naturally sexy. Why keep pointing things out? Especially when you have children in the audience (Mark's) and families watching at home?** .... Preach it sister... I totally agree!

Ok...back to the show...
Donny and Kym - Charleston - You knew this was going to be good simply because the Charleston is all about the presentation. Donny didn't disappoint. You've gotta feel bad for him though. He's so hard on himself! Show business is tough, I guess...always wanting to be perfect. The Charleston is one of those dances in which a man cannot hide behind a woman, and boy, he didn't need to hide! He held up his own admirably. The judges agreed with me. Finally! Oh, and Donny and Kym had a classic conversation. Kym to Donny: "You just learned this." Donny's response? "I just forgot it." Something I can identify with!... I gotta find my purple clad Donnie barbie doll!!!

Michael and Anna - Bolero - Personally, I thought it was his best dance. He came out in a silky shirt, looking dashing when paired with her silky dress. He moved smoothly...albeit not much. The judges blasted him for the lack of dance in the dance. Um...isn't that the dancer's fault for choreographing it that way? Whatever. I think Michael will stand in the bottom two with Chuck.... anxious to see if you're right!!! :)

Louie and Chelsie - Two Step - Ok...isn't he a snowboarder? Doing the Two-Step? For inspiration, Chelsie took him to Ty's house (from last year), where boy child played ranch hand. Did the work transfuse into his being? Nope. Snowboarder boy must be from the city. All he did was walk behind Chelsie and lift her a couple of times. I've liked him for so long, but it hurts to watch him dance. This guy might just be in the bottom two as well. In fact, it will probably be him to leave.... he doesnt seem to have musical rhythm - it'll be back to the slopes soon, I'm sure

Mya and Dmitry - Lambada - HOT, HOT, HOT!! She's a natural! After watching her Lambada, I'm thinking Joanna's wasn't so good. Mya looks like a professional dancer. She's that good. However, Len was in one of his moods and gave her an 8 against two 10's. What is that man's problem? Someone check his pulse!...he just seems to not like her... or Dmitry... he's got an issue something between them.  These is where the judges irk me!

Results show should be good. Shakira is the guest singer, and I'm getting my hips ready. My children have the unfortunate blessing of a mama who loves the song "Hips Don't Lie." The kids' reaction to the guest star? Loud groans of "Oh no." Oh yeah, baby. That's it for now. I'm sitting on the edge of the couch...waiting eagerly for tonight!
So I dont know about you... but AuburnChick has me ALL excited about the show!  I havent seen it yet, but feel the happiness as if I saw the glittering rhinestones myself!  I gotta go vote now just to pat my Donnie & Mya on their backs...& maybe Kelly... & maybe Natalie... another fun season!


  1. Ahhh...I love your additional comments, Rebecca! Thanks for using my post. Put on your belly dancing outfit (I know it's hanging in your closet) and get ready for Shakira!

  2. should be a fun elimination tonight. I am still very impressed by Kelly :-)

  3. I'm watching the results right now! Your recap was great as I missed a bit of the dancing last night.


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