Thursday, November 05, 2009

Addiction - a bad thing?

Yes, I know it IS a bad thing in certain situations....

Let me back up... Obviously, if you visit here regularly, you see I do "dancing with the stars" updates.  I also am a huge fan of So you think you can dance... there are some people who can DANCE!!!  And some of the dances stick with you for years!  I still cant hear "Bleeding Love" & not think of our cutie Chelsie, who is NOW on Dancing with the Stars!  Ahh - love the circle of life of dancers!

My funny friend, Pooba had on her blog today two dances... & one of them was one of my top five dances - Addiction by Kayla & Kupono.  I'm adding it at the bottom & if you havent seen it, you should watch it.  If you have seen it - you totally know you want to watch it again.

The thing about that dance is how horrible "addiction" looks - the evil on his face... as addiction CAN look!  I remember when Mia Michael, the choreographer, put it together.  She said, "You can look controlling because YOU KNOW SHE'LL COME BACK TO YOU AGAIN".... & that look he gives at the end - its that look Mia was talking about.  A snide look of, "you think you walked away?  You'll be back"... gives me chills...

I looked at a defition of "addiction" - it said "a strong craving" - or " something that is habit-forming"

I want to put out an idea to some choregraphers out there.  Mia Michaels, you listening?  Let's do a dance where someone is addicted to God & godly things!  Have that person keep running back & running back & have THAT "addiction" lovingly take them back & show nothing but love & caring... Can you imagine how different that dance would be... & how sweet the face would be at the end of that dance with the same look of "you'll be back"... a look of love in the eyes of that statement...

Wouldnt THAT be a good dance?...

I totally want to be 100% addicted to God, where I keep running back & His arms are open to always know I can come back to Him... Addiction.... doesnt always have to be a bad thing....


  1. I haven't watched this season but I remember the Bleeding Love from last season and I LOVED IT!

    Wow that dance was intense. Such a artful representation of what addiction looks like.

    I agree, a dance showing the addiction to God's love and grace would be amazing!

  2. yes,yes,yes! That would be the most beautiful dance of all!

  3. What a great idea! I've always associated addiction with something bad. But you can be addicted to something good too! I would love to see a dance based on that theory.

    I hope Mia was listening!

    (Or maybe you could just choreograph for the show!)

  4. I still cry every time I see that dance. It's so powerful!

    And I like your view on changing the bad to good

  5. I can only imagine the critique she would get if she actually choreographed a dance with God as the center of it. Nigel would be livid, as he was when one of the dancers auditioned.


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