Saturday, November 28, 2009

Six Word Saturday


I woke up this morning after a long day of shopping & an even longer day of wrapping last night, feeling refreshed & ready for a new day...

Then I walked out of my bedroom....


No - this isnt what my table looks like - mine looks worse!!!!  But my house is just a mess!  Wrapping stuff everywhere, bags everywhere, gifts that are wrapped - just sitting on the couch waiting for my tree to go up, gifts that NEED to be know those - the ones you wait until the last minute because they are the weirdest shapes to figure out how to make it look pretty!  By the end, I wont even care - I'll just roll it in paper & put a piece of tape to hold it together.  Slap a bow on it, & good enough for me!

But today, we've got to pull out the Christmas tree decorations - MORE MESS...

Not to mention the mess of Thanksgiving leftovers being pulled out & reheated & nibbled on all day...

And NOT to mention all the knitting projects going on so piles of yarn everywhere...

Needless to say, I'm getting overwhelmed...

& it doesnt help I'm sitting here watching Martha Stewart & her showing how easy & beautiful Christmas is supposed to be... shut up Martha!

Off to do SOMETHING to get this house straightened up...


  1. I haven't started shopping yet!! I am ready and just know the mess my house is going to turn into!

  2. Christmess is coming,
    the messiest time of year
    (but full of good cheer).

    My Six Words

  3. lol....that picture gave me a chuckle....but is there such a thing as "tidy" fun?! I've never experienced it! My fun is always messy.

  4. LOL! Yeah, I get overwhelmed like that too. I hate wrapping. Once I'm done though, I have to put everything away, otherwise I go nuts. Bonkers is more like it!

    Good luck with this. Have fun too!

    Happy 6WS!!

  5. Hey there, happy 6WS! At least you've started your Christmas stuff.

    By the way, I know I'm a new visitor so I don't want to sound nitpicky because I actually found it hysterical... I think you meant to type "nibbled?"

    "leftovers being pulled out & reheated & nippled on"

    LOL it was a great laugh though so thank you!

  6. I hear ya sister! I hear ya loud & clear!!

  7. We have a similar problem with a messy Christmas but it is because the one tree we have up is our mercury glass/glitter ornaments tree and my entire living room shimmers from all the glitter. We've tried everything to get it up and it still shines! Oh well...tis' Christmas!

  8. "Shut up Martha" you are cracking me up. I need to be cleaning RIGHT.THIS.MINUTE. But instead I'm blogging, because I have a little g-babe taking a nap and don't want to wake him with all of my noisy cleaning. Are you a noisy cleaner?!! I sure am.

    Have a Super Blessed day,

  9. Too funny. I guess that is why I have not started yet..

  10. I haven't even started on Christmas yet, and it's the mess that's keeping me from it.

    I played 6ws too!

  11. Tain't Christmas that's messy, my dear!
    A six word response from the

  12. My house is a mess too. but not from Christmas stuff. I need to clean up before I start pulling out the Christmas stuff.
    and dont talk about wrapping....just thinking about wrapping presents makes my back hurt. ugh.

  13. It looks like you made a yummy Thanksgiving feast and I hope that you found some great deals shopping on Black Friday.

    We just got back from our Florida vacation to see my in-laws and we were also making more of a mess with pulling out everything from the attic to find all of our Christmas stuff. Thank goodness it's finally all put away. We just have to buy the tree and hang the decorations.

  14. I know right?! I feel the same way! so so messy and stressful sometimes :-) but totally worth it right?!

  15. I've just seen the Ghost of my Christmas Future. I haven't bought anything to wrap yet but that scene looks vaguely familiar...

    Thanks for playing 6WS!


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