Monday, November 23, 2009

Who's it going to be?

Tonight's the night.... Our big Dancing with the Stars Finale!  I get so anxious...I usually do a recap during the show, but honestly, I am so happy about the final 3, I'm just going to kick back & hold on to my knitting & yell on the couch instead of sitting at the computer.... I dont think there is anything else I could even say about these three.  With Aaron & Joanna gone - I'll be happy with ANY of these three holding that hidious, beautiful mirror ball trophy...

Is it going to be Kelly?  She's the under dog, but she truly has become a beautiful young lady who carries herself with more poise.  Is she the best dancer?  Nope, but in a show like this - its kinda, not really the thing that makes someone win.  Plus, there are alot of Ozzy fans out there so you may see a rush of 50-60 yr old rocker men pick up the phone... (hey, that almost includes my husband!)

Then there's Mya....She is obviously the best dancer on the show so that's why I feel like she deserves it.  I dont think she has anywhere the personality as the others, but her dancing definitely pulled her through.  And I'd like to see our alumn from So you Think you can dance, Dmitry, take the trophy!  He deserves it after having that horrible partner of Holly Madison last year!

Finally..... DONNIE OSMOND!  Yes, he is deep in my heart my fav to win & who I'll vote for.  I can say that without even seeing his dance tonight - I just would love for him to win...But if he doesnt win - I wont be devestated.  He is truly the entertainer & for that reason, I believe he should win.  And (Sorry AuburnChick,) I really like Kim & would like to see her take a win too...

Who do you think will take it all?


  1. I say Mya she is the best dancer out of all of them.

  2. YAY I am so ready, but then the season is over ~~~ boo.

    I think Mya will probably win, but seriously I really like them all. Kelly is so inspirational. I love her, the Don and Miss Mya ~~ so GREAT!!!!!

    Love ya girl,

  3. I've gotta go Osmond, us Utahns gotta stick together!


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