Thursday, November 05, 2009

Friday Fragments

Friday Fragments?
*Anyone seen these new leg toning shoes?  I cant figure them out... I thought they were a joke at first but then they made an appearance on "Modern Family" (anyone see that guy walking in them with walking poles?  HILARIOUS)... I cant imagine how they feel.  I think I would just teeter totter back & forth standing in them until I was a little nauseated.  Shoe sick?  Is that possible? I think it would be with me!

*SPAT OF THE WEEK:  I'm going to let the picture tell it all!  Because my camera is broke & you have to look through the view finder, Ricky went to take a picture of me for Halloween.  I kept telling him, you have your hand over the lens... the spat therefore ensued... because there is no screen to check how the picture turned out, later that evening when I downloaded the pics... this is what I found...

*I was Pippi Longstocking for the fun.... We could add this to SPAT of the week - but Ricky ended up being right about my hair.  We used solder for my hair.  It comes on a roll & it was actually really flexible so it could hold the shape... My hair stayed up for the whole night too...

Ricky was a Rocker!!!  Not too far out of his real life self really.... but it was the first time I got to put eye liner on his eyes & paint his finger nails black... it was like playing dress up with my husband!  I told him I dont want to ever do that again!  At least not unless he buys his own makeup & not use mine! :)

*I love my Polar Heart rate monitor.  It tells you all the good stuff you wanna know when you work out.  This week, on Wednesday - it said I burned 638 Calories!!! DO WHAT?  I've never hit a calorie burn that high in my life!  It was so nice, I wanted to go eat to celebrate! 

*This time change is KILLING me... I'm ready  to put on my PJ's & crawl into bed at 7:00... which is really bad because most of my night "events" start at 7:00... Bible Study, small group, church.... It just feels so wrong pulling my car out of my garage when the moon is high in the sky.  I'm ready to just hibernate.  Wake me up when Spring comes please.

*Stop by our girl Julie's Blog... she needs some encouragement!  She's at 25 weeks of pregnancy & having some contractions & problems!  If you remember during her pregnancy with Isaac, he was born premature so this pregnancy has had its issues too.  She spent a few hours in the hospital last Friday & me & Ricky were holding our breath for awhile.  Prayers were answered & she was able to go home.  But dont let me tell you, let her tell you through her blog!  She needs some prayers through this pregnancy!  And you can also check out our cutie-pie grandbaby's Halloween pics!  AND.... you can find out the name of our new future grandson!

*CD Update... Got Steven Curtis Chapman's CD... Oh my goodness... the songs are SO amazingly good, but I have to tell you - I have to listen to it at certain times because its just heartbreaking.  Every song is about the loss of his daughter, Maria.... This isnt just a pop in the player & listen on a nice drive on the road.  This is a heart tugger!..... & as for the GLEE Soundtrack - its a MUST HAVE!  if you are a fan of the show at all, you gotta get this!  They are the full versions of the songs & I have to say, "Defying Gravity" is now my official GLEE song (today, anyways)

Happy Friday everyone!


  1. Tell Ricky that you were right....that looks like his finger to me, lol. And you make an adorable Pipi Longstocking! So cute!!!

    Im headed over to check out Julies blog now.

    Where did you get your Catching Fireflies book? Just wondering if it was a book review book because I dont remember seeing it and it looks good. I just finished Leaving Carolina and I highly recommend it. It was really good. I am starting White Picket Fences next.

  2. Haha!!! I LOVE your hair!!!!! :) Soooo funny!!

  3. I'm not sure who's cuter for Halloween, you or your grandson!

    I am off to get the Glee soundtrack! I love that show!

  4. You looked so cute!!! And Ricky definitely looked like he was in his element :)

  5. I've been wearing MBT's for over 2 years now. Last weekend the Today show did a spot about them and the Sketchers. I've been meaning to do a post about it. You get used to the movement of the shoes quickly, but it does take at least 2 weeks. Now I don't even realize that they are any different than my other sneakers.

    I know what you mean about the makeup. My husband used my eyeliner and powder for his Michael Jackson costume. And now it is all contaminated LOL.

    Your costume looked awesome! (in the pic where I could see it ;-)

  6. I love your pippi hair!

    My husband went to a costume party one year as a goth rockstar too. We sprayed his hair black and spiked it, did the black nails, lips and eyes too. He was so unrecognizable that our friends were asking me all night where Mike was (while he was standing right next to me)! What was weird was that, although I'm not typically attracted to that look, it really seemed to work for him. ;)

  7. great costumes! You hair was awesome!

  8. Those costumes are fab!
    I adore Glee and I am buying the soundtrack right away! I go to the old episodes on Fox to hear the songs.
    Those shoes just don't look right....
    Have a beautiful weekend!

  9. You guys looked so great for Halloween! My friend dressed as Pippi when we were little but she used a wire coat hanger. I'll bet that hurt!

  10. oh those pictures are adorable!! I never thought of solder for the pigtails, I think that would be easier than a coat hanger :)

  11. I so want those shoes. I have something for you on my blog. Great costumes...

  12. I was Pippi when I was a kid and we used a wire coathanger for my braids. Solder seems like it would be easier since it's more pliable.

  13. Awesome costumes!! You ROCK the Pippi Longstocking look!

    Your hubby 'listens' like my hubby does...heh, heh!! :)

  14. Oh my gosh you make the cutest pippy longstocking ever! Love Ricky's costume too! I wonder if Albert would let me put eyeliner on him. I doubt it lol!


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