Saturday, November 21, 2009

Six Word Saturday


Sydney is our Australian Sheperd.  She is one of our fur-babies - the oldest of the group - & her birthday is tomorrow & she turns the big 9 YEARS OLD!  Her birthday is so easy to remember because it is 11-22-00.  Being a number freak, I always loved that date....

If you've never dealt with an Aussie - let me tell you - they are the best breed!  They are so smart - smart enough where we literally have to SPELL words around her - & I'm not sure she doesnt know how to spell now too!

They are a protective dog. Protective of their family, of their home, of their other fur-sisters & fur-brother.

Ricky & I always said we will always have an Aussie in our home...

The down side of an Aussie - they have horrible hip problems & as we hit Sydney's 9th birthday, her hips have really kicked in the past few months.  We had to buy steps for her to get up & down in the bed.  She doesnt like to use them & she's smart enough to con us to pick her up & put her down out of the bed so she doesnt have to push herself.  Not easy to do sometimes, as she's about 75 lbs - but its building up muscles - right? 

We had an Aussie before Syd - & we literally carried her in & out to go to the bathroom the last part of her life for about 2 years, so we're used to tending to those hips... just hate its already setting in on our Syd-girl.

So tomorrow, Sydney Louise will get a special treat & we'll sing happy birthday to her & maybe even take her on a walk to the park (her favorite thing in the world!)...

And if you think its weird we celebrate our fur-babies birthday, you must not be a dog-owner.  Because once you are, you know how they are a part of your heart & how they are a member of the family!  And would you ignore a family member's birthday....


  1. I love Australian shepherds! :-) happy bday!

  2. Happy birthday Sydney! you look like you are well loved!!!

    just stopped by checking out 6-word Saturday entries :)


  3. What a cutie!! Glad to know I am not the only one that celebrates my dogs birthday!!

    Happy Birthday Syd!!!!

  4. Happy Birthday... Hope you got a lot of treats..

  5. She's beautiful, and she looks happy. :)

  6. What a sweetie!! Happy Birthday to Sydney!! =)

    {We celebrate Chewy's birthday too. ;0) }

  7. One of the most beautiful looking dogs, EVER!!!! :) Happy Birthday Sydney!!!! :)

  8. Just like her mama she doesn't at all look her age! She's still a puppy at heart!

  9. She is beautiful! Of course you celebrate her birthday; dogs are a vital part of the family, and deserve to be celebrated.

    That's so sad about her hips. I didn't know that about Aussies.

    Happy birthday, puppy-dog. You're a beaut!

  10. She is a beautiful angel. I consider my fur-baby my son. I love him more than anything.


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