Sunday, November 01, 2009

Waiting for Tuesday...

So its dark at 6:00 with this stupid time change... & I have to get up early in the morning for work after having a week off for vacation.  Can anyone imagine my saddness I'm feeling right now... how glum my face looks right now?

But then I remembered what Tuesday is.... And my excitement perked up... that frown is turning upside down!  Why?  look at the two albums that are coming out Tuesday!

Oh yes... my dear, sweet Steven!  This is something like his 18th album... & should you doubt or question, Yes!  I have every one of them.  So does that give you your answer on if I'll be first in line to get this one too?  It should! 

And then... this is the other album I'll be running to pick up this week!

Anyone else as excited about this one as I am?????  I listen almost daily to downloads of "Take a Bow" & "Hold on", "No air", "Somebody to Love"... & the one I'm DYING to hear - "Defying Gravity" from  WICKED... Kurt is singing that one with Rachel, I believe... doesnt matter - you KNOW its going to be great!

So while I'm going to be sad on Monday getting back in the swing of things at work, & it being dark by the time I'm driving home... I'm holding out for Tuesday!!

You excited about either release?


  1. I might have to buy the STC cd. Haven't bought one (a cd that is) in ages. His is one along with Michael Buble's new one I might have to splurge on.

  2. I get so messed up with the time change!! I took a nap today and probably could have slept until tomorrow morning!

  3. I want to know how the pippy longstocking hair went?

  4. Love that Glee has a CD. I love that show and don't know why but I just do. I am so excited to hear this info. SCC will be a good one too.
    Have a great week!!

  5. It's always rough heading back to work after being on vacation. I really want both of those CD's! Just might have to put them on my Christmas list!

  6. That album cover for SCC is AMAZING!!!!!!! :)

  7. I'm super excited to get the Glee soundtrack. I'll be getting that just in time for travel to Turkey...gotta load up my phone with new music!

  8. I love how you always look on the brighter side. Enjoy the new tunes :-)

  9. What?! They are going to be singing defying gravity?! I love love love that song! I can't wait! glee totally rocks my world!

  10. Oh my gosh, yes! They play the Glee songs on my sirius radio!!!


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