Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Just enough

I was blessed to give our church's communion thought this past Sunday... Every time I hear "Communion Thought" I think of Saturday Night Live's "Deep Thoughts by Jack Handey"...two TOTALLY different things...

But our pastor gave me the scripture earlier in the week from where he was going to get his message.  It was going to be in 1 Chronicles 29:10-22... I kept reading it over & over & one verse just kept coming out to me.

"And give my son Solomon the wholehearted devotion to keep your commands, requirements & decrees...." verse 19

Those words wholehearted devotion just kept hitting me....

I mentioned earlier that I just celebrated 17 years at my job.  Obviously, I'm dedicated to my job - devoted... to an extent.  I mean, after 17 years, I know the days where I can take a longer lunch... or I can bring knitting in & knit the afternoon away.  Its like I know on some days where I can just do what needs to be done... just enough to finish what I have to do...

Then I thought of how we do that with our walks with God.  That we loose our "wholehearted" devotion - we end up just doing "enough"... following the commands & rules that we LIKE... not the whole thing...Oh, yes, we still love Him & are devoted... but we loose the complete picture somewhere along the way.

Where are you lacking wholehearted devotion?  In finances, in relationships, in attitude, in passion....?

Its easy to do - & I think we all loose it at time... but God can & does restore it...


  1. Amen! I know I did that at my past job knew when I could surf the web and check on blogs and not really give all to the job. Same can happen in your life with family and God and I've been there and sadly done that too.

    Making an effort to move to a better me!

    Congrats on reading that is awesome only the elders do at ours.

  2. You always make me think real deep within myself, and that's what I love about you!!!!!!!

    Amen, girl!!

    Happy Thanksgiving!

  3. You know I love this ... oh, to have that kind of devotion.


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