Sunday, November 22, 2009

Somebody lost a tooth....

... & it wasn't me!

How many of you all thought it was me with all the dental issues I've had over the years?  Luckily - this isnt about my teeth...

I met up with my family this weekend & lo & behold, one of the twins has lost their FIRST tooth!!!

Here's a picture of Sophia showing me... & yes, you actually cant see her tooth space in this picture - but I love her eyes in this picture, so I'm showing you all anyways...

The kicker - no one knows where the tooth is.  She didnt even tell anyone she lost it!  My brother & sister in law think maybe she lost it at school...

She just keeps saying "I think its under the couch"... how funny is that?

Hopefully the tooth fairy found it in fairy land enough for her reward for her first tooth gone...

Where does time go...they grow up so fast!...


  1. Sweet picture! And yes, they do grow up fast, too fast.


  2. It's funny that it doesn't seem to even bother her that it's missing!

  3. As my friend Andre' would say, "Bless her heart!" : )

  4. Since I work with kindergarteners at church, I get to see lots of wiggly teeth. I just tell the kids that since I'm not a mom, wiggly teeth is not something I deal with!

  5. Aww, no tooth to save! :( lol Actually I can't find the first two teeth Rayna lost, but I have her other last two, the front ones. I'm sure I just hid them well and I'll find them one day lol

  6. She is so cute and I love that is no big deal tha she can't find it.


  7. haha this is such a cute picture!! Funny that she doesn't know where it is though, most kids go crazy over it when they loose them!

  8. Cute! The 7 year old I nanny for lost 3 teeth within 2 days of each other. She has the cutest smile ever right now!


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