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So last Monday, I was swamped & missed Dancing with the Stars & when I did catch it, I had 3 conversations going on at one time - so didnt feel like I could do it justice to recap... & I was worried about tonight as well.  But God, once again, was looking over me & took care of my plans for the evening - So I'm all comfy, fresh Diet Coke sitting next to me - dishes washed after ANOTHER dinner cooked (Go me, go me!)... & I'm ready for some dancing!  Let's get this party started!

Donnie & Kim
First Dance - We get to see GILES back... oh mercy!  The man is still hotter then hot & has the ability to make me drop my jaw in just .5 seconds that he's on tv!  And he's giving advice to our little Donnie Osmond on how to make everyone uncomfortable during the Tango.  I just cant imagine Donnie forcing the same kind of "appeal" that Giles does... but I do love my cute, innocent Donnie.  Both can be sexy - right!... All I can say is that stupid song "Black & Gold" made me uncomfortable.  What the heck kinda song is that for the Tango? No wonder it threw him off & he was stumbling all over the place & ripping Kim's dress...& why does he have Isotoner gloves on?  ... my poor Donnie... I'm giving him all my votes... SAVE DONNIE!

Second Dance - The Samba... But first, we get to see Donnie's background & another reminder of how amazing he is... honestly, is there anyone out there as wholesome & adorable as him?  I dont think so!...He's the comeback king for the Samba!   So entertaining!  And there's Mary Hart with Marie Osmond..the Entertainment Tonight connection.  ... the audience is packed of celebs tonight!  Remember season one when no one even cared about the show... how far we've come!

Third dance - I'm just glad to see what their Knock out dance is because those green outfits have had me curious every week.  Jitterbug!  That's what green & pink combo represents... Just love his energy... If I havent said it before... we have to SAVE DONNIE!!!!... I feel like taking a water tower & writing on it - like Ferris Bueller - SAVE DONNIE!  (Anyone remember that part of the movie?)

Joanna & Derek (ugh... she's still there)
First Dance - The Venice Waltz... Brook Burke came back & I always loved her.  It must be reunion night!  I hate to say this about the dance... it was pretty... UGH!  I think it was because of Derek!  How adorable is Derek!  he seems like a perfect blond Ken doll who is just romantic dancing.... yep, only looked good because of Derek!  Derek - I give a 10... Joanna - I give a .01

Second Dance - The cha cha cha... but first we get to see the story of how to go from a communist country with $200 to the spread of Playboy  (oh mercy)....we get RED fringe pants for the dance... I totally still gotta find a pair!  Derek was great... no further comment...

Third Dance - Samba... Joanna's 3rd dance, I've had my fill of her tonight.... If there is any way she doesnt make it to the finals - be prepared to go outside & listen real close because you will hear screams of joy coming from my house that will probably be heard for many many miles!

Kelly & Louis
First Dance - OK.. We all know I'm a dog lover & we start it off with the passing of that adorable fur ball?  Break my heart DWTS!  And look at Kelly hanging in there!  Louis said normally she would go home?  Heck, I want to sit & cry myself for that fur baby.  So Kelly has the Rhumba & she just looked beauitful in her dress... & doing a little move that was amazing with one leg!  Carrie Ann is exactly right - she has a magical quality that reachs into our hearts... love Kelly!  Love Louis... love this couple!

Second dance - We get a glimpse into Kelly's life & I have always loved "The Osbourne's"... I think as weird as they seem, Ozzy & Sharon are amazing parents who love their kids so this is a fun little look at this quirky young lady.  ... The Quickstep.. & Kelly NAILED it!!! I love when her mom is just beaming from the audience!  Makes me want to root for her even more!

Third Dance - Cha Cha Cha.... Can only say I LOVE HER & her pink skirt & her little blond curls... just adorable!

Mya & Dmitry
First Dance - They have the Waltz... give a flowing white dress, soft lights, & opera & how can it NOT be beautiful... Where Derek is the blond Ken, Dmitry is the dark headed Barbie cousin - perfection!

Second Dance - We see a glimpse of Mya's life... she is just such a poised young lady...She has the Salsa this time & holy cow... PERFECTION! And I'm not just talking about Dmitry's bare chest!!!  That was amazing!!!!!!!!!!... & that Len was amazed by her Tutti Fruitty Booty, sums it all up!

Third Dance - Cha Cha Cha.... cant even say anything but Awesome... that's all that comes from Mya - awesomeness!  She HAS to make it to the finals!

So what do you think?  Can you believe the finals is NEXT WEEK?!?!?!  Who do you think will make it?  Am I the only one hoping Joanna doesnt make it to next week?  Anyone else want to go buy some Isotoners now?


  1. I think Mya and Dmitry should make it for sure!

  2. Buy them?!! I think I shall have to go get them out of my mother's glove compartment =) Yep their in there, saw them just the other day =) anyway.....

    I felt so bad for Donnie. I'm not even sure what happened, besides total train wreck.

    And Kelly just makes me happy...happy I tell ya. smile.tear.happy.

    And that Mya is always so GREAT!!! She has such a quiet confidence about her.

    Have a Blessed day friend,

  3. Yeah I agree totally with you. I want Joanna gone and Donnie in. I hope his fans did enough for him. Kelly

  4. Yay! I'm so glad you didn't miss this week!!! low-down...

    Donny and Kym - He's fab (I'm not a fan of her...especially in that very revealing dress (was it the first or second dance?). Oy! Poor Donny. Still, he did so well to come back like he did. And you're right about his personal story. I actually got teary-eyed when I heard his wife and children talk about how great he is. Final Three, Baby!

    Joanna and Derek - Ok girlie...that's you, Rebecca...if this girl stays, I'll be screaming. If she goes, I'll be crying tears of joy. I don't know why the judges keep saying she's sexy. Personally, I can't get past her pursed lips to see the rest of her. Blech. Personally, I didn't like her dances...even the first one. She's not graceful, people! Just cause you wear a flowing blue dress doesn't mean you can glide across the floor. And, as much as I like the fringe, I'm over it. Enough!

    Kelly and Louis - LOVED them! She's not the best dancer, that's for sure, but her personality and spunk outweigh Joanna's, that's for sure. For me, the Rumba wasn't very sexy, but the Cha Cha was definitely much more technical and loads better than the first time she performed it. I really hope she stays, if only to allow the viewers another chance to see her mom smile every time her baby girl dances.

    Mya and Dmitry - SMOKIN HOT!! This girl was born to dance. She's AMAZING! She's CLASSY (Joanna could take some lessons). And Dmitry did what he did so well on So You Think You Can off his abs. They're a great couple.

    Now, you're gonna have to take care not to spill the beans, Rebecca. I will be out of town for the finale! Can you believe it? I'll be cruising on the Caribbean, but I'm going to set the DVR. Oy, what's a girl to do? Wonder if the ship has a satellite dish?!


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