Tuesday, November 03, 2009

Camera? HELP!!!

So, my lovely little pink camera didnt like the horse back riding adventure day I had last week.  As you seen, I took pictures with it through the whole day, but then as we were getting back to the trailer, I noticed my screen was busted!  Now, my camera is like AIR to my lungs... I almost felt a little panic.

You can still take pictures with it but you have to look through the eye viewfinder (who does THAT?) & then you dont know what the picture looks like!  I feel like I'm in the 70's & waiting for my film to be developed to see that you only got one good picture out of 32!  ... remember doing that?

My dear sweet husband has noticed my moping around about the camera.... well, actually he got an experience how hard it will be to use it because he took a picture of me on Halloween... only to have all the pics he took turn out horrible... one of them, his finger is covering the lends... seriously!  Anyways - he said we can go out & look for a camera for me.

The thing is - what do I want????? I mean, I LOVE LOVE LOVE taking pictures... & I love the small compactness of a camera I can leave in my purse all the time - like my cute little Sony Cyber-shot...

But dang man - I've seen some of the pictures you bloggers take with some mac-daddy cameras & I've been looking at those for awhile!  But that's not convenient to tote around everywhere.  I mean, I cant see me toting that thing around while on horseback!  But the quality of the pictures seem to be in a league of their own....

Give me thoughts, suggestions - what camera do you use that you like?... decisions, decisions!


  1. I love our Olympus. I'm still playing with it to get it how I like it. The down side is that I'm still trying to figure out how to get "action" shots without the camera doing the auto focus stuff. But with all the settings, I know that I just need to play and learn. The bonus? Great photos.

    SLR cameras are spendy--but worth the investment, I think.

    Point and shoots are great too. Some of the point and shoots take photos just as nice as an SLR.

  2. I LOVE my nikon..but...as you pointed out it's big and bulky! Sometimes I wish I had gone smaller. But the photos you get with it are truly worth it at the end of the day. (only thing is you have to look through the view finder with the big one - OLD SKOOL) :)

    Good luck! Camera shopping is so exciting!

  3. I have something in between those two and I love it! It is a Canon Powershot SX10 IS and runs about $450. Well worth it! The 20x optical zoom alone is worth it. :-) Good luck in your search!

  4. I am in the same boat - when ya figure that one out, let me know. I want to go above the point and shoot for the quality, but - OH - the convenience!!

  5. I've got a Nikon P80. It has an 18x zoom and other settings. It's taken surprisingly great photos at my children's soccer games!

    It's not huge, but it's not exactly a slip-in-your-pocket kind of camera. But it's not huge either.

    Here's what I suggest. If you're wanting to take seriously good photos, get a nicer (i.e. larger) camera (doesn't have to be SLR though). I don't know if your phone has a camera, but if so, you can use that for the quickie pictures you need to take. This is what I do, and it works great.

    However, if you KNOW you are always going to take pictures on the fly, just buy yourself another compact camera.

  6. I love my Canon... but then again, I don't feel like toteing it all over the place for fear of breaking it...& the fact it is big... but when we are out to take pictures of the kids, nothing beats it. (I know I was of NO help lol)

  7. Bummer....I use a tiny point and shoot and you can tell from my blog that my photos are not "all that" LOL

  8. I replaced My cute Pink Cyber Shot with a Cannon Rebel I love it but you are right about taking the big camera everywhere.. I am just getting into using my DSLR everyday. I found a fanny pack online for my DSLR it makes hauling it around everywhere easier when needing my hands or for hiking and more strenuous activities.


  9. I've got a Nikon D50 and I love it! But true, it is way too bulky at times. When the situation calls for it, I leave the big bad super camera at home and just stick my little old camera in my bag. But I try to bring Mr. bulky as often as I can because the quality is so much better!

  10. Oh I almost didn't read this post as I knew where it was heading...I have a little pocket Fuji thing but I really want a Canon SLS/EOS. I mean I really want one bad - in all the wrong ways.

    Do I really need one? Wait, don't answer! Wait, I didn't mean to ask to begin with. Of course I *need* one.

    Can't wait to see what you decide on.

    But really...have you thought about both? A pocket version & a big camera?

  11. I've got a cannon power shot that I love. How long have you had your camera?

  12. So RJ did you like your Cybershot? Your pics always look really good. We have a Minolta, and it is really nice, but I can't just put it in my purse and take it with me. So hubby and I have been looking at them, ya know something I can toss in the purse, point and shoot baby =) And this is one that we've been looking at.

    Are you watching SYTYCD?!!

    Have a Blessed evening,

  13. I shouldn't be commenting here because like you, I am looking for a new camera.
    I had a Gateway. Now Gateway makes a really fine computer they make a really bad camera. Mine only lasted about 3 years. Now all is says is no card. ANd there is even a new card in there. Sheesh!
    Anyway, I am torn between carry in the bag point and shoot type or a larger camera. But I am thinking of going point and shoot because I have my old film camera that is a Pentax with a host of lenses and filters that I think I will just take that with me too. So after all that the question is do you have an old film camera that would work as the big and bulky?

  14. I love my Canon and it's pictures and shots are so much better than the Sony digital I had. It has tons of cool options and settings like panoramic, Macro, Kids/sports for fast moving play and or activities, color stitch, color swap to highlight any color you want and keep the background black and white. Snow, beach, nighshots are a few more settings. Go with your heart. You know anythin you buy will be loved and well used. This is not a purchase to feel guilty about.

  15. I can't afford one of those big $650 cameras. I don't think I ever will be able to get one like that. So, I'm stuck with the little pocket/purse sized versions too. Some of them really do a nice job anyhow.

  16. Right now I have a Kodak Easyshare that I've had for four years. I am in serious lust over a Canon Rebel, but refuse to buy a new one quite yet. Maybe next year...

    Good pictures are well worth having to carry a big camera around. Nuff said.

  17. I would love to have one of those mac-daddy cameras myself. I have the same camera Frizzy talked about, its the Canon Pwershot SD770 but I think there is a newer version out. I've had mine less than a year. Pretty much all the pics you've seen on my blog this year were taken with it.


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