Thursday, November 26, 2009

How the Day went...

How was your Thanksgiving?

I was woken up at 7:00 with my husband standing over top of me saying "Are you ready?"... I clear my eyes to see what the heck he's talking about & he's standing there with the newspaper!  Its tradition for us to go through the Black Friday sales ads together & he just couldnt wait until I woke up....Sydney had to get in the mix too....

I went to my brother's house & had Thanksgiving with them while Ricky went to his family's...  today was also my brother's birthday!  Happy Birthday Tony... I asked Sophia how old she thought her daddy was.  She said 27... I said, how old do you think I am?  She said 28... yeah, my brother is older then me, & Sophia knows that, but that's OK - I'll take 28!  Here's Madi just eyeing Tony's ice cream cake... & I had to be slick to take a picture of Madi - she's Miss Camera Shy....

& then me & Ricky meet up for our own Thanksgiving dinner so we can eat together.  I do a turkey breast in the crock pot & man, can I tell you - it just fell off the bones & it was the yummiest turkey...

Ricky even said, "Take a picture of my plate for your blog"... to me, that's his way of saying "This is good stuff!"...

& even the dogs were going a little crazy....

So now, the kitchen is clean & the leftovers are put up for tomorrow & I'm ready to relax a little because we've got the alarm clock set for around 3:00 am.... WHAT?  Yes, 3:00 AM.... This is a glimpse of where I'll be in the next few hours....

Are you out taking advantage of Black Friday Sales?  How was your Turkey Day?  Are you still as stuffed as I am?


  1. Okay so that is one of the cutest traditions to have your husband bring you the paper before your even awake. So cute!!!

    I am so NOT one of the Black Friday Shoppers. I'm more of a Cyber Monday kind of gal =)

    I heart ice cream cakes and they are Dick's fav. Speaking of which, he has a b-day coming up, so that means I have a trip to DQ to be thinking about ~~ yum!!!

    Have a super fun time tomorrow ~~ love you friend,

  2. Happy Thanksgiving. No black friday for me..

  3. I love the pictures of the fur-babies waiting for some turkey. Pls tell me you did not wait in that line. You are a stronger person than me!

  4. what a fun thanksgiving! i hope you had fun doing the black friday sales!

  5. Looking forward to the Black Friday report!! I'm at work and it is like a morgue :-(

  6. Our Thanksgiving was nice--we had great food and fellowship with family, and of course...the Wii! We brought it along and the nephews had the best time. In fact, saw my future mother-in-law bowl a perfect split and get the spare off the split! So fun!

  7. Wow, that birthday cake looks good!!!!!

  8. mmmmmMMMmmmmm...did u have to show me that cake this eve...I'm such a junk food lie....I'm real bad! It loooksss so delish! That dog is darling...I need one for X-Mas:)

  9. We had toastodos for dinner on Thursday. They were very tasty but today I am missing the leftover turkey.
    I did black Friday online. I got some really good deals. But I liked the looks of the Target line. I like lines because you can have some pretty crazy and fun times while waiting.

  10. insane! Target at 3am??!! Oy - I'm too much a coward!

  11. All Black Friday shoppers are CA-RAY-ZEE!!! Nothankyou!!! ;0P

    Looks like you had a great Thanksgiving. That cake looks DELISH!!


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