Friday, November 20, 2009

Friday Fragments

Friday Fragments?
*I could just put this picture up & leave it at that.... after all - it is NEW MOON day!!!!  AHHH - counting down... t- minus 11 hrs till my moving showing...

Yes! I'm one of THOSE people!  And believe me - if I didnt have to be up at 5:30 am to go to work, I would have been at the midnight showing.  But I'm looking forward to meeting up with friends & sitting in a room full of Twilight-ers & screaming like I did about Patrick Duffy when he was the "Man from Atlantis"... dang - there I go showing my age again!

Anyone remember this show?  I was  YOUNG... but man,  I crushed on this guy in this show!  Before his big days of Dallas... we're talking REALLY old school there!

*I got a camera this weekend... Another Sony Cybershot - but the next step up from what I had.  I feel so much happier knowing I can pull out & click any time I want to again.  Didnt realize how dependant I was on cameras until it was gone.  But now that I have that - I can set my goals on that mac-daddy camera... yes, the best of both worlds!  I love the HOT PINK of this one too... makes me smile every time I hold it!  Hot pink just does that...

*Driving home yesterday from working out, I saw 5 Christmas trees in windows & at least a dozen houses with lights up... I guess Thanksgiving is getting further & further pushed out of the way...

*Project Runway season is over.  And surprise - another ALL BLACK collection won?  Wasnt that FIERCE with Christian?  But again?  I think they just look for the wackiest things & say that's "Innovative" & let them win.  I liked Althea the best... but I'm no Michael Kors or Nina Garcia!

*SPAT OF THE WEEK:  Cordless phones!  Our phones are deader than a doorknob... no charge left in them at all.  They are getting pretty old & it was time to get some new ones.  So when we made the trip to get my camera, we went ahead & picked up new phones.  They are on the counter & Ricky goes to pull them out & hook them all up around the house the minute - literally, the minute - I call him to tell him supper is ready.  As he's pulling everything out of the box, I ask him if he can wait, since hello?, I'm putting his food on his plate... he said "Fine, they can just wait now - we dont need to get them hooked up"... so because I made him wait that minute, he refused to hook them up all week long & he'll do it when "he's ready'... seriously?  Really?  So if you call my house & the phone goes dead, its because the old ones are still hooked up & Ricky's still sporting his stubborness.

*Anyone else excited about seeing Disney's new movie "The Princess & the Frog"?  I cant wait!  I love me a Disney story anytime, and add in a Princess in there - I'm all about it!  Hoping to take my twin nieces... if not, I gotta snag up on someone's kids, so it doesnt look like I'm the one who's anxious to see it!

*Speaking of Princesses... do you believe in Happily Ever Afters?

*BEST GLEE MOMENT:  We had a full episode without Sue Sylvester?  And it was STILL good?  Who would have thought!  But when Finn was in the bathroom talking to Kurt & he said
"I gotta go - they'll think I'm pooping" -
I about died laughing!  And then his "Karate moves" to pump him up to sing his heart to his family... is there anything better then this show?  And to close out the week, I'll leave you with the song that made me cry this week - Finn singing "I'll stand by You"...

Oh - & speaking of Finn - I saw on that all three of the hot guys from Glee - Finn, Mr. Shue & Puck - they are all like within 3 yrs of each other - in their late 20's...

Now - onto my tearful song of the week....


  1. I have heard so much about Glee, dang I need to get a DVR. Haha!!

    I saw the Glee CD in the store and thought of you, was tempted to pick it up as much as you raved about it.

    What team are you on? Team Edward or Team Jacob??

    And YAY for a new camera!

    And tell your hubby to let go of his pride and get those phones hooked up, LOL!!!

  2. LOL you're too cute glad you get to go see New Moon!

    New camera yup I think you must have one at all times ... :)

    Project Runway ... yup what is it with the black ugly collections winning? Come on! I was a Carolhanna girl but my pick never wins ... LOL

    Loving me some Glee!

  3. The BFF and I are going on my birthday to see New Moon. This book was "so-so" (I LOVED #4), so I'm not as excited to see it as I was to see Twilight.

    And as far as Happily Ever After? I do believe in true happiness, but to be happy all the time, every day as it implies? Ummm, not so much.

    Wait til' you see my blog on Monday. I can do you one better than the Christmas stuff you saw already. : )

  4. What a great week. I passed your stuff about Project Runway. I have not see it yet.. I hope you have fun at the movies. My Mom just sent me a new camera and it is also pink. Have a great weekend.

  5. LOL - my hot pink Razor phone has the same effect with me - especially with the bright yellow flowers as the window background. And I'll have to go see that Princess movie by myself -neither of the guys around here would be caught dead watching it!

  6. I skipped the Glee bit, I haven't watched it yet!!!!

    Yay for a new camera!

  7. 1) Hot pink makes everything awesome. I'm a bit jealous.

    2) I love Glee. I didn't even mind crazy Terri this week. But, I'm with you regarding the need for more Sue Sylvester.

  8. Well, I was all set to talk about something other then "Glee", but (why does this always happen to me?) you sidetracked me! I have a mad crush on Mark Salling (Puck), and DH was making fun of me for liking "jail bait". I had to look up his age to prove he was completely legal (yet wayyyyy out of my league)-- he is, he's 27!!!


  9. I am a member of the 1% of the population who is not awaiting New Moon or watching glee :D Does that make me a loser ;-) Fine. I'll go and eat some rice to soothe myself!

  10. There is always something about the bad boy because I am all about Puck!
    And I'm glad he's older because I already feel criminal enjoying Jacob Black the way I do! ;-)

  11. I was young with The Man From Atlantis was on, too...but ohhhhh how I had a crush on Patrick Duffy! :)

    My aunt has a Sony Cybershot - she swears by it and won't buy anything else! They do take awesome pictures! :)

    Your hubby sounds just like mine!! Keeps you on your toes, doesn't it? ;)

    I am definitely excited about seeing the new Princess and the Frog movie - Princess Nagger keeps reminding me we need to see it when it comes out. You can come join us! :)

    Apparently I need to jump on the Glee bandwagon - thank goodness there's Hulu so I can catch up on missed episodes! :)

  12. What did you think of the movie? I loved it and thought it was better than the first!

    So glad my hubby's not the only stubborn one out there!

    Hope you get them hooked up soon!

  13. Okay so I came to see what six word Saturday you had going on today, probably something say ~~ "Twilight on a Friday Night...WOOT-WOOT"

    Hope you had fun ~~ looking forward to hearing about it. I'm watching Sir Cuteness be, well CUTER THAN CUTE ~~ Love you friend,

  14. I have a hot pink camera too and it just makes me giggle!

    I need to get caught up on Glee, I'm a few weeks behind now! Same with PR!

  15. GLEE took a while to grow on me, but I love it more each episode. Good stuff!

    You could plug the phones in yourself, silly; it's not brain surgery. That'll show 'em.

    New camera? Luckyyyyy.

    Hope you liked the movie. Kendall loved it but said she was grossed out by the guy's hairy, wierd, mis-matched nipples chest?? funny...

  16. I don't "get" the whole Twilight thang...hope you enjoyed it though. =)

    Woohoo!! for a new camera!!

    I liked all three collections. I really wanted Carol Hannah to win though. I just liked her the best.

    Ricky - what a goof. Guys can definitely be stinkin stubborn sometimes, huh?!

    The Princess and the Frog looks cute. I don't usually see those type of movies till way later, though.

    LOL Glee is a great show! Love all the songs and the guys aren't bad on the eyes either. ;0)


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