Monday, November 02, 2009

Len is on crack....

This is the first Monday where I havent had something scheduled & dont need to watch Dancing with the Stars on my DVR... so I'm feeling all a frazzle... but I'm literally LLLIIIIVVVEEEE tonight!

We get to start off with the pros dancing.... huh?  Why?  I guess they have to figure out a way to fill the whole 2 hours.  Didnt the show used to be one hour, especially when it got to half way through?  Hmmm... let's get this 2 hour show on the road, shall we?

Michael Irvin & Anna - Let start off by saying that No, I have not mistaken Michael as Fred Astaire one time during this show... does anyone think he looks like Mr. Astaire?  After all, can you see little Fred out on the football field... those poor twinkle toes would never last!  .... But I have to say, this fox trot, I'm going to call him "Michael Astaire" because he really pulled this off!  It looks like he is getting more comfortable & actually ENJOYING himself! And you gotta like the guy even more for designing their costumes around Barney because he loves his kids... ahhhh!  (I love you, you love me, we're a happy dancing family....)

Donnie & Kim - The only person I would want to beat Donnie is Steven Curtis Chapman & he's not on show (hint to you Dancing with the Star Producers!)... so I still love Donnie the best!  They had the Quick Step tonight & I just love anything he does.  He didnt do it perfect - but flash those shiny teeth & it puts a glare that takes away any mistake!  I love even more that he stood there & told on himself on how many times he messed up.... Honesty?  Give that man a 10!!!

Mark & Lacey Anna - Poor guy - the flu has hit his partner, Lacey!  See, apparently, if you are in perfect shape & athletic, the flu bug will take you down!  So Tony steps in & that's just weird to see two men dancing a latin dance together... & then steps in Anna, who changes everything 2 days before.  Oh mercy... you could see the nerves on this man's face & the dance was really bad.  Not at all a Samba...(I always think of Julianne & Apollo)- that was my favorite Samba of them all!!!  This one... definitely not in the top 10 of Samba's...I think it was Anna... she's cursed.  I totally blame her & I hate blaming a red head for anything bad!

Mya & Dmtry - I love that this girl who can dance got advice from Cloris Leachman!  Remember her?  Remember her dancing?  Yeah - why is she giving advice?  Because she's old?  She lived in the era?  Oh well, it was fun to see her back!  I love a spunky ole lady!  I plan on being just like that when I'm old!  .... The Fox trot was beautiful but had alot of 'show" - so you know what that means?  Len is Mr. Grumpy & even spurs Carrie Ann to say "Len is smoking crack"... I agree Carrie Ann, I agree...

Aaron & Karina - They are tackling the Jive & the speed Karina is wanting Aaron's feet to go is amazing! They are even sending him to a athlete training center that would have me walking out with at least a broken foot, if not a broken leg!  And they are Jiving to TWISTED SISTER!  First Ozzy Osbourne & then Twisted Sister!  Look at ballroom turning ROCK!... The training paid off though... Aaron turned it out!  He even got two 10's!  WOW!  Len must REALLY be on crack ... I kid!

Kelly & Louie - First thing is first - Louie has to be the coolest guy ever!  Why?  Because Kelly designed the costumes this week & she's put that dude in the FRINGE PANTS!!!!!  Yes - a MAN in the FRINGE PANTS!  Can you believe it?  At least he's up for it - you'd never see Maks in them - guarantee!.... we see Kelly at her breaking point while learning the Salsa!  Louie is turning on the heat teaching her, making her step up her game & she's not handling it very well!  I'm impressed she didnt curse him out though!  She didnt use the word "bloody" one time during her crying argument!  She's growing!....well, maybe her dancing is not growing though.  I love Kelly & as much as it pains me, I thought it wasnt good at all.  I'm surprised the judges liked it - but to me, her legs were stiff & it looked like she was falling everywhere & it was Louie who was dragging her around & keeping her from falling... guess its why I'm not a judge. 

Joanna & Derek - I havent even seen her yet & I dont like it.... Ok, I'll at least watch it & give an un-baised opinion (yeah, right!)....OK... so I watch to see her running down a beach in a swim suit?  With a corny scene?  Even though I did like Derek in it (he's stronger then Maks - funny!)... Rhumba - the love dance... I'm sorry - this dance didnt make me like her at all... I'm ready to print up shirts that say "JOANNA - ZERO" & that zero is on a paddle!... Anyone else want one?... again, another reason why I'm not a judge.

We have a Team Dance...
Team Paso:  Mya, Michael, Aaron & Mark -  Michael had to knock down the alpha-females of Lacey & Karina as they battle to take control!  You can tell Michael is a team player with all the years of football!  I'm liking that dude more every week!  .... I dont know if I'm tired or what, but I almost fell asleep... it didnt impress me much.  Mya was obviously the best... & Aaron just keeps showing his immaturity.  For him to say at the end "Our real team captains were Dmtry & Karina"... jerk!  Karina was quick to jump in & say "It was everyone who was a captain'... can someone put a piece of tape over his mouth?   He just reminds me of a 12 yr old....

Team Tango:  Kelly, Joanna & Donnie... WAIT... Hold on... Joanna & my dear Donnie on the same team?  I feel like worlds are colliding... I dont know if I can handle this... I love the first thing they say about less people is "less egos" right after we see how bad Lacey & Karina clashed... Funny!  ... OK, that's how you do a TEAM DANCE!  I didnt fall asleep at all during this dance.  It was FANTASTIC!  I just think Joanna needs to thank Donnie for making her look good!  (Hehehe!!!!)

So what did you think?  Did you enjoy the team dances?  Who was your favorite?  And TWO are going home?  Who is it going to be????  Another fantastic night of dancing!


  1. Ok girlie...from now on, your Monday night commitments get pushed to another night. Got it? I LOVE getting your updates the same night as the show!

    Now, let's add AuburnChick's comments to make the analysis truly complete...

    I agree in that the producers really need to cut the show down to an hour. I like watching the pro's, don't get me wrong. Reminds me of the movie Dirty Dancing. BUT, this girl needs to go to bed!

    Michael and Anna - LOVE this guy! Like you, I'm liking him more and more each week! Fox Trot was the perfect style for him. I'm actually starting to pay more attention to him than Anna...a GOOD thing as she's not my favorite.

    Donny and Kym - I was disappointed by his dance tonight, but I realize one cannot be perfect every night. I think this competition is starting to wear on him.

    Mark and Anna - Ok...see, I didn't not-like his dance. The judges really needed to cut the guy some slack. Most pro's take longer than two days to learn a dance. I think he looked ok considering. I hope he stays.

    Mya and Dmitry - As always, she's hot. But, I would never take advice from Cloris. I didn't like her the season she was on. She was a dirty old lady. Sure, she had spunk, but it wasn't the kind of spunk I wanna strive for. Boy was I glad when she and Corky got voted off! But I digress.

    Mya did a terrific job, as usual. She's a natural and should be in the final two.

    Aaron and Karina - After watching my daughter rehab with a physical trainer very similar to the one Aaron visited, I can honestly say that one visit doesn't make for quick feet. But, it did apparently inspire him. My son and I watched his feet the entire time, and he did a good job. I still do not like this couple and would not be sad to see him go. There's just something about him...but kudos to him for trying. He does a lot better than I could, that's for sure!

    Kelly and Louis - Although I really like this girl (did you notice how slender she's gotten throughout the season? Hot Mama!), I think she's hit a point where she's not growing anymore. It's almost as if this series is her therapy, and good for her. As far as dancing...hmmm...let's hope her fans call in.

    Joanna and Derek - Excuse me while I throw up...GAG, GAG, GAG

    The dream series was so uncalled for. I'm going to have to take an Alka Seltzer so I can soothe my upset stomach. Hope I don't have nightmares.

    The only thing that redeemed this part of the show was Derek kissing the mirror at the end.

    Now, you can dress a girl in white, but it don't mean she's all innocent.

    Blech, blech. Loved Derek's attire and his dancing. I even found his "romance" during practice endearing (I'm a bit of a kidder myself), but GIRL HAS GOT TO GO. Sorry Derek.

    Team Dance - Mya, Michael, Aaron, and Mark: What in the world were those girls wearing? Who designed their dresses? I was horrified as they walked onto the floor. It was like Batman meets Paso. Weird. The dancers were strong, though, and I did enjoy it.

    What I didn't enjoy was Carrie Ann spanking the boys. She likes to be in the limelight and found a way to do it again tonight. Blech. This show is really starting to get un-kid friendly.

    Kelly, Joanna, and Donny: What a great dance! It was interesting to watch the choreographers argue. The producers should do a "behind the scenes" show that features this kind of it Choreographing with the Control Freaks.

    Oops...did I say that? Bad AuburnChick.

    And this another double elimination week? Did I miss something? I'll admit I wasn't paying close attention because I was actually listening to my teen children talk to me (imagine that).

    If I had to pick, I'd go for the upset (I also do College Pick 'Em for football) and will say Kelly and Mark. Oy, that hurts.

  2. I think that Kelly still did look lost and needed a lot of help with the dance. Aaron was so wild. I just do not care for him. My snow boarder is out. So I like Mya she rocks..

  3. Why does Len come down so incredibly hard on Mya and Dmtry every single week? That's my big question.


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