Thursday, November 12, 2009

Mamaw's Dumplings....

Thanksgiving is just two weeks from today... (I still cant believe it).... & someone was asking me what my favorite food is for Thanksgiving?

I'm such a carb nut!  Give me mashed potatoes... or some good stuffing!  I even love Stove-top, so I'm not picky when it comes to stuffing.  Lots of carbs?  I'm in love... Sorry Bob & Jillian!

But the best thing that I always loved for Thanksgiving was my grandma's dumplings!  Oh my word... I seriously looked forward to the family get togethers just for those yellow pieces of heaven!  Turkey?  Who cares!  Pumpkin pie?  HA!  The dumplings were what I was there for!  There was just nothing like them.  They were thick & yellow & a meal in itself.  Oh... my mouth is watering....

My grandma has left this earth quite a few years back now....

And with her, those dumplings have gone too...

Her daughters (my aunts & my momma) have tried to re-create them.  Its just not the same.  They dont turn out the same color - they arent ever thick enough - they just aren't the same...

I swear, I think she left an ingredient out of her recipe she passed down so no one could make them like her... & no one can...

So once again, with Thanksgiving coming, I'll still think of those dumplings, even though its been over 20 years since I've had them... & I'll appreciate the times that I did get to have them... & my grandma....

What is your favorite Thanksgiving food you're looking forward too?  Have a old time family receipe that you just savor?  Got a good dumpling recipe?


  1. My grandpa made a roll that we called a dough-gob. It tastes much better than it sounds :-) No one can duplicate it just right!

    I am counting down the days until Thanksgiving. especially looking at that picture on your post! YUM

  2. oh my...i LOVE me some chicken and dumplings...they are my favorite!! i cheat, i use the frozen dumplings. :)

  3. My Grandma Re made the best turkey and homemade egg noodles. She handed down that recipe to me when I was 17 and made my first Thanksgiving Dinner (yes I am an over achiever!) In that time I have perfected the turkey AND the noodles, and I love to fix them at Thanksgiving cause it reminds me of her. I think she is where I got my "love for cooking".

  4. So sweet :)

    I'm not a fan of dumplings, but my Mawmaw makes awesome biscuits and gravy. Me and my mom have tried to make her biscuits but can never get them right.

  5. you must share that secret ingredient if you find it!

  6. Girl, at Thanksgiving I love anything and everything that I can put in my mouth, haha!!!! :)

  7. I LOVE dumplins! There is nothing like it!!! I can't wait til Thanksgiving, it's my favorite holiday! :)

  8. There's nothing like family recipe goodness! My husband's mom made the best pasties every year. Because I wanted to learn how, I watched her make them one day and wrote down every single nuance. Now, I make the best pasties, and even she will tell you that :) Lucky for me, my mom is not a good cook, so I don't covet any of her recipes, haha!!


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