Saturday, July 10, 2010

Beautiful day for a wedding...

Today, one of my cousins got married... get prepared for a bunch of pictures... but who doesnt love a wedding? 

You can see the skies were blue & we've been having some hot weather, but it broke just in time for today.  Warm, but not humid & just a nice day - with a gorgeous church....

This was the coolest wedding I've EVER been too... before the bride & groom came out, they had the Gospel preached... it was pretty powerful... I've never seen that done at a wedding... but what an opportunity to get God's word out!

Then the bride came out to her groom... this picture is at the beginning when a bridesmaid was singing... too early for a kiss, but they were so happy to see each other, they just put their heads together.  #2 crying moment for me.  The first was when the bride's father "gave her away" - he lifted her veil & then just hugged her for a few minutes... pulling out the Kleenex from that moment on.

This was crying moment #3... the groomsman that was 2nd in line prayed for his friends... & he got choked up which about did me in.  It was the most beautiful prayer that could have been said for a friend getting married.  What a wonderful friendship they must have...

And finally - the moment they'd been waiting for... the KISS...Crying moment #4 - after they kissed, they just stared at each other & then just grabbed each other to hug & they just held each other for a litle bit.  Oh my goodness - how precious are these two?

Smiles of a newly married couple....

And then off to the reception.  Isnt that cake beautiful?  I love fresh flowers on a cake.  Smelled so lovely..

I got to catch up with some family.  This is Jasmine.... I was there the day she was born!  And now, she's working for the FBI in Indianapolis... I told her it blows my mind that she's even old enough to have her own apartment, much less a JOB... for the FBI!!!! 

And this is my cousin Craig.... I just love this man!  We grew up together spending so many weekends at the lake with our grandparents - went to the same high school - just have always adored everything about him.  He lives in New York so I dont get to see much of him now so when I heard he was there, I literally ran across the room to hug him!  I will most DEFINITELY be planning a NYC trip soon... I've got my own personal tour guide.. how do I pass that up?

We wanted to get a picture of all the cousins that were there... but first, my cousin Jasmine stood up just in time to stand on the bride's dress... Her reaction was so funny, I just about peed from laughing.  All was well though - no dresses torn, no tripping... just laughing...

And we pulled it together for a picture.  These are all cousins - 1st, 2nd, 3rd cousins.  We dont get to see much of each other, so I was thrilled to get hugs in.... & we got to add the bride in the picture... who doesnt love a bride?  Especially one as stunning as Kristen!

Byron & Kristen - I pray you have a wonderfully Blessed marriage - I know God is the center of it, so I know there is nothing you will face that you wont get through with Him leading you.  Now, its just time to live Happily Ever After....


  1. I love wedding pictures! THey look very happy.

  2. Beautiful!! I love weddings. Make me cry and fill me with so much hope!

  3. what a wonderful ceremony -- I'd have been a drippy blotchy mess by the time it was over. You wrote up such a beautiful blog post. I hope they get a chance to read it...

  4. What a beautiful couple. I teared up a little just looking at the pictures! Who doesn't love a wedding.

    I got my book yesterday. I can't wait to get started on it!

  5. So beautiful!! Love that they presented the Gospel! :)

  6. Such a PRECIOUS wedding, GREAT pictures!!!!!


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