Saturday, July 17, 2010

Six Word Saturday


Tomorrow, my mom & dad will be celebrating another year together... I'm thinking its hitting 46 years...

46 years?  wow... impressive...

Look at them here - how cute are my parents?  That is my brother they are holding...

I have to laugh because my parents got married when mom was still in high school.  Apparently, that was normal thing to do... Can you imagine that today?  Whewwwww... I know some of you with teenage daughters just got a little dizzy.

But my dad actually then became my mom's "Guardian" & had to sign her report cards while she was a senior in high school... that story always cracks me up...

And then, my mom was pregnant at the end of her senior year with my brother.  But luckily, it was right at the end of her school year so she was able to graduate with her class...

You all know I brag all the time about my parents... I think they are some pretty special people... I know I'm blessed to have them in my life...

After all these years... still looking good!

Happy Anniversary mom & dad!!!  Love you!!!


  1. How awesome!! I only have 35 1/2 more years until my 46th anniversary. :) Congratulations to them! What a sweet story.

  2. how wonderful :) Happy Anniversary to them!

  3. Super ‘6WS’ post & my 6 for you:

    Happy Anniversary to both your parents!

    Such fun reading happy posts like yours on Saturdays!

    Have a lovely weekend,


    PS Mine this week is HERE. Hope you can join me!

  4. aww..i love the pictures.!! My mom and dad have been married 10 years longer than yours. they were married as soon as they graduated from high school.. Moms parents made her Finnish before they married.
    I have 12 years to go before I have been married that long. it goes so fast!

  5. What a sweet post. My parents got married in high school too..for sure different times back then!

  6. RJ,
    How sweet are your parents? WOW 46 only have 4 years to plan their 50th.... you better be gettin' on that =)

    Love ya girl ~~ Dawn

  7. Happy Anniversary to them..

    Loved all of the pictures..

  8. Congrats to your parents!!

    The dog in the last picture looks quite a bit like my Amie Shania (she's a tri-colour border collie)

  9. Ah, what a nice post! I love a happy ending :) Congratulations to your parents, and my they celebrate many more happy anniversaries. I love the part about him signing her report card!

  10. Happy Anniversary to your mom and dad! My parents just hit 60 years in June!

  11. That is a cute story, thanks for sharing.

  12. That is super awesome! Happy Anniversary to your parents!

  13. Oh my, that guardian story CRACKS me up, haha!!!! And so great for them to be celebrating many years of marriage. Hope they had an awesome anniversary!! :)


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