Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Come on... admit it...

This morning, Ricky was singing a Tone-Loc song, "Wild Thing" ... (& you thought his long hair made him solely a rocker!) ... & I told Ricky, "He was really great in concert".  Ricky just laughed at me & said, "WHAT?" - Oh yeah baby - I saw him in concert in the height of his career.  When "Funky Cold Medina" was all the rage.  Then we got to talking about concerts that would kinda be embarassing to admit you were there.... I'm all about self-embarassment - so here are just a few of the ones that people are like, "Seriously?  You spent money to see them?" .... come on, you too can admit some concerts you would rather not say you were there... Hey, I was probably sitting next to you...

Probably the BEST of the embarssment comes with a concert I saw not ONCE - but TWICE!  Seriously - I paid money TWICE to see these people.... MILLI VANILLI
And how did anyone not notice that these people couldnt speak english but could sing it?  Oh, I didnt care - it was a big dance-fest anyways.  Getting my little leg swinging action going on.... They actually were the headliners to a CLUB MTV concert... where also Young MC was singing at... & yes, Downtown Julie Brown was there in all her neon colored glory!

Its also funny now to look back & see that I saw Paula Abdul in concert... Back in her heighs of "Straight up" & "Forever your Girl" .... lets please try to forget the song with a cartoon Skat Kat though (oh mercy)
She totally lip-synced the whole concert but girl could dance her way through the show...

Let's get even more embarassing... who else have I seen?  How about Color Me Badd ... & dont mess that up by forgetting the 2nd "d" on the word BADD... "I wanna Sex you up" ... there's an 80's classic for you.  Remember "I Adore Mi Amor" ... oh geez... that's a big throw back right there.  Didnt one of those guys end up on a VH1 Reality show?

And lets take a turn & BIG turn & bring out another side... I went to the MTV Headbangers Ball!  I'm not even sure how I got tickets to this one, but that was the funniest concert because I went with two of the preppiest guys & we just sat at the top & rocked out in our own world... my neck seriously was sore for a week from literally "headbanging"... And the stars of that concert... Anthrax, Jackyl, Slayer & Megadeth... oh my... my ears are ringing again thinking back...

In the world of my music listening - lets take a HUGE U-turn & think of another concert that I really actually enjoyed... WEIRD AL!  Oh my gosh... dude was funny ... & talented... I would totally go see him again if he came around today! 
Another "group" that got its 2nd life in the world of MTV - when they actually played videos - was the MONKEES... & let me tell you - I got Monkee Mania in the 80's... I was in love with Davy Jones.  Which by the way, we have the same birthday... its fate... But I saw the Monkees in concert twice as well!  (& no, they didnt look like this picture... I dont have the heart to put their older pics... even though Davy is still dreamy)

I totally LOVED this concert - it was the DIRTY DANCING CONERT!!!! True Story!  They had the dancers from the movie do dancing to some old songs & "The Contours" were there singing - as well as "Eric Carmen" singing Hungry Eyes & Yep - BILL MEDLEY was there to see "Time of our life" with some generic Baby & Johny doing the lift... I actually had front row seats to that one... & it WAS the time of my life!

Hey, I went to some great concerts too in the 80's - like Bon Jovi with Cinderella opening up for them... (totally hair band time) & I saw Run DMC in the height of "Walk this way" ...Goodness knows I saw a variety of music...

So, do tell - what concert did you go to that you hang your head when you have to admit it?


  1. Holy cow, girl, you have been to a TON of concerts!

    I saw Conway Twitty not once, not twice, but three times (all with my parents.) His opening acts at the time were a new mom-daughter group called...The Judds. Oh, and Reba McEntire opened for him once.

    Billy Ray Cyrus had a concert at the Cincinnati Zoo, and we went (with my mom again).

    I would've LOVED Weird Al and The Dirty Dancing concert! Headbanging? Notsomuch.

  2. Hilarious! We need to see pictures of you at each of the concerts! :)

  3. MTV Tour in the summer of 1991. I saw Bel Biv Devo, Milli Vanilli (I think), C&C music factory, and who knows who else.

  4. YES Kelley! I saw that one too... forgot about that! With C&C Music Factory.. awesome!!!

  5. Let's see:

    Sheena Easton <-- My vert first concert going experience. I was 14.

    NKOTB <-- Best concert of my teenage years!! You got the right stuff!

    When I lived in WA, I attended many concerts at the Gorge. A huge outdoor ampitheatre and the epicenter of all things grunge:

    Nirvana <-- before they hit it really big

    Pearl Jam <-- still love me some Eddie Vedder

    Alanis, Blues Travelers, attended Lilith Fair all three years they came to the Gorge and also Lollapalooza!!

    Man I miss that place!!

  6. wow! I met Davy Jones at the mall with my mom and got his autograph, seriously we did :) I have a picture of me with him :)

  7. I loved and still do Color Me Badd!! Can't go wrong with a litle "dream on....dream away..." in the middle of your day! hee hee

  8. I've never been to an actualy concert concert (I would have loved to see Paula Abdul though!) but I have seen quite a few artists perform live at other events (figure skating shows, the Olympics, etc...) that weren't concerts per se...

  9. I loved this post it made me smile...

    I went to Rod Stewart and it was a great show..

  10. I've never been to a concert.


    Man, oh man, but the Dirty Dancing one would have been AMAZING!!! What a wonderful movie with wonderful songs and incredible dancing. I own a DVD copy and just wanna cry every time I watch it.

  11. hold on a minute, you went to see manilli vanilli TWICE!!!!

  12. My very first concert was April Wine with the opening act Triumph. The second ever concert was Aerosmith during their drugged out phase. I think the next one was Crosby, Stills and Nash.

    I wasn't allowed to go see concerts as a teen, but I got to see the first two because my parents really liked the boy that asked me to go :) But the concert ban seemed to extend well past the days that I lived at home - I just had it in my mind that I couldn't go. Funny how that happens.

    I would have enjoyed every single concert that you went to!

    Kristin - The Goat


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