Monday, July 05, 2010

Reminder in the weeds....

I went out back & cleared out some weeds early in the morning, while the ground was still a little moist.  Or I should say, before the sun felt like it was sitting on the ground & burning the air up... what it'll feel like in about an hour actually....

I was throwing the weeds over to the side & something caught my eye...

Can you see the root of this weed?  It actually grew THREW the black rock we have for the ground cover....

I was just amazed at it... gave it a little tug & that thing is in there tight!  I can imagine how it must have kept pushing through the hard road that laid ahead... but it made it through the other side....

I know I feel like giving up when I hit something hard on a road I'm on sometimes... Thank you God for showing me small examples of not giving up & pushing through to the other side is possible!


  1. Yep, now I want to strive to be a weed...

    Okay, like a weed, not actually BE a weed. It's so tough to not give up when the road is hard; this is a good lesson.

  2. RJ,
    WOW that was one persistent weed. Thanks for this analogy today.

    Love you ~~ Dawn

  3. Great comparison. And glad I don't have that type of weed in my yard, must be hard to get rid of haha!

  4. Seriously, what a great reminder!!!!! :) Needed this!


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