Saturday, July 03, 2010

Project 365-21

Getting into summer time... lets see what's been through the lens of my world...

Sunday - Is that a look of guilt? ..... I bought these little footies for a friend & when I woke up Sunday, I see them laying in the floor, nibbled on, still wet on the ends.  SOMEONE even ate through the cardboard.  These dogs are so smart, when you just hold it up to them, the guilty one usually gives themselves away by putting the ears back or hanging the head... or turning the head, in Buffy's case.  Yep, my money is the yellow dog did this little crime.

Monday - Colossians?  Check! .... yep, girls youth group finished this book... only took forever.... but 'forever' is always fun with those girls...

Tuesday - now that's what I call a delivery!.... I got home & found 2 boxes on the front porch.  Thomas Nelson Publishers was so kind & generous to send these to me to review & then to give out 5 copies of each.  You've may have seen I'm already giving away the books by Lisa Whelchel (if you see this by the 4th of July, you still have a chance to win)... but keep an eye out for the Sheila Walsh giveaway to come too!

Wednesday - Tired?  I'll take care of you.... it was a hot, humid, miserable day.  Ricky just came home & fell on the ground & its so funny because the dogs instantly run to him & Sydney just plops right next to him like its the perfect napping spot.  Zoe goes to give him "welcome home" kisses & Bruno is biding his time to get some love too... these dogs love their daddy...

Thursday - Stupid Devil!.... My buddy Dawn leads the Ruth study we are doing via blog.  During the comments, I made reference to the 'Stupid Devil' & how I will be referring to him by that term many times in the future, I'm sure.  So she said she saw this & thought of me... is that the sweetest thing EVER?  What an awesome reminder... the devil IS stupid... and he's BEATEN - by Jesus...

and check out the back of the shirt... awesome, right?  Thank you Dawn.... you yourself are pretty darn awesome too!  I love ya friend!

Friday - Ahh - the perfect spot! .... We had a bush last year that was swarmed with bees.  (It was scary when we found it - or when the bees found us, I should say)... but the killer to get rid of them killed our bush.  So it was a gorgeous day & Ricky ended up digging up the bush.  As soon as he got it out, it was so funny because Sydney went straight to the spot & laid down.  The whole time we were outside, she wouldnt move from there...its like she's been waiting for that place her whole life... Maybe she's wanting the bees to know they may have stung her, but she's now the victor!

Saturday - Strolling for Babies... It was a perfect morning for a run & a church close by was doing a 5k for an organization called "Strolling for Babies"... It was great being outside for a run instead of on the treadmill... hating the hot weather for that... so sorry for the frizzy hair look... but this is me after a run...not pretty, I know..

Hope everyone has a wonderful 4th of July - stay safe... & may the world be full of wonders through the lens of your life!


  1. so funny about the dogs!!! yep, the golden one looks guilty!

    I am reviewing those books too...just haven't gotten to it yet.

    GREAT shirt!

  2. Oh my goodness - the dogs - I can't stop laughing at the obvious culprit's expression! The guilty golden!

    The pix of Ricky on the floor with all the pups is hilarious too. Everytime my husband does that - it's like the dog & the bird both think they won the lottery. They celebrate by licking him up his nose (the dog) or nibbling eyelashes (the bird).

    I'm so jealous that you have time to read a book too!

  3. I think it's great that you are keeping up with this!! I really look forward to coming and checking in on your pictures each week! I LOVE the shirt you got from Dawn!!! That's great! Great job on the 5k!!!

  4. I love the guilty dog picture. My dogs do the turning of the head, tucking of the tail thing too. So funny.

    Love the shirt your friend sent you. It's awesome!

  5. Dogs are much better than kids at giving themselves away, aren't they? LOL

    Great photos of your week -- SCORE on two new t-shirts :D

    Have a great week!

  6. Poor, guilty dog! At least you know, right?
    What a great shirt! I think we all need that reminder on some days, don't we?
    Good for you for more running, even in the heat. You're doing awesome!!
    Have a super week!

  7. Hey hey RJ,
    How are ya girl? That pic of Ricky on the floor just makes me happy. Not that he's on the floor, but that he looks so happy with his dog-babies all around. So cute!!

    The shirt looks so good on you friend. You are the best!!!

    I want to run so much....I'll just run through you. Works for me....less sweat =)

    Have a Blessed 4th,

  8. I think you look great after your run!

    The first picture made me laugh. I think all dogs do that!

  9. LOVE the t-shirt!!! And the back of it is priceless :)

    I'm interested in that second book...the women trusting God---tell me more!!

  10. Good for you--running for Life!
    Those look like good books. Enjoy!
    And, yeah for Colossians check!

  11. you are as busy as ever!! Those dogs do love Ricky - so sweet! Like you new T! Just noticed that I have already used 4 exclamation points!

    Glad you had a wonderful holiday weekend :-)


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