Sunday, July 25, 2010

Project 365-24

Another busy week & I was good at keeping my camera at the ready... so let's see what I snapped...

Sunday - Happy Birthday Maggie!... we hung out with Ricky's family to celebrate my mother in laws birthday.  It was fun because she pulled out old pictures & its crazy looking back at everyone so young... kinda depressing too...
This is my niece, Lexi... she's also so much fun when I get the chance to see her... they call her "Little Ricky" because she's always into something... falling out of trees, busting her lip... this girl has no fear...

Monday - Hello Lov-ah!!!! .... Oh yes... a new vacuum... a PET HAIR vacuum at that!  ewww.... its so gross though when you get a new vacuum & you see the stuff that's been missing getting picked up with an old one.  But my carpets looks brand new now! 

Tuesday - Adding to the study... Yes, I said before with our On-Line Bible Study, I had to make sure my Diet Coke had to be there... well, add to that M&M Pretzels... I'm addicted.  it was just the perfect snack to "Chat" with fellow Ruth-lovers...

Wednesday - Great smiles makes the difference! ...I taught the lesson for the youth Wednesday night & yes, I still get nervous about it... but when I look out & see faces like this - that just have the best smiles - it helps take the nerves away.... I just love this girl....

Thursday - Bloom where you are planted .... (thats for you Auburnchick ... haha!!!)  My dad plants me some sunflowers every year & they are starting to bloom now.  I loved getting underneath it (which is easy as they are almost as tall as the house) & shooting upwards... such a sign of summer...

Friday - easiest snack ever!!!! ....I am in love with these "Chinese cookies" - just chocolate chips, butterscotch chips, chow mein noodles & dry roasted nuts... who knew it would make a little taste of sweetness...

Here's what they look like after they set up in the fridge... yummmmmm....

Saturday - So worth the run.... I knew we were having birthday cake for my daddy so I made sure to get a good 3 mile run in - just so I wouldnt have guilty feelings sucking on some good icing... mmmm... I felt SO guiltless about it, I had 2 pieces... ok, maybe I need to run another 3 miles... at least they were both small pieces!

I just noticed 3 of the days are about my sweet tooth too... oh mercy... But the Diet Coke balances out all the M&M's & Chinese cookes & birthday cake - right?  (please say yes!)

Hope everyone has some click worthy moments in the week ahead....


  1.'re so sweet to give me that shout-out!

    I did not plant sunflowers this year, btw. Ugh! Will you ask your dad if it's too late for me to plant them and have them bloom? more thing...

    Those noodle desserts...

    Girl, I used to make those when I was a teenager. My best friend's mom taught us how to make them, and I was addicted! But, I lost my recipe.

    Please, do a fellow bloggy friend a favor and share.

    They are simply divine with the crunch.

    Love ALL the pictures, BTW!

  2. RJ,
    Okay so I am LOVIN' the M&M Pretzel commercials...was wondering if the actual thing was as good. Good to know they are!!! And don't you just love Bible Study on the net? Who knew what you were eating =)

    Love you friend ~~ happy eating this week and BIG hugs =)


  3. Isn't it funny how excited we get over cleaning items that work! How fun!
    I LOVE pretzel M&M's. They have been my demise actually. I just think they are perfect.
    That sunflower is fabulous. I would totally blow that picture up and frame it. Love!!
    The noodle cookies....oh my, that's a blast from the past. So good and easy too!
    Happy birthday to your dad! Hope he enjoyed his cake as much as you did! :0
    I must leave this now because you have too much yummy things to contemplate and I am salivating!!
    Have a super week!!

  4. Great week!

    Love getting new toys, and anything that makes housework easier is a plus in my book!

    I love the sweet and salty combination, those Chinese cookies looked wonderful!


  5. Are you enjoying the Ruth study? I have always loved Ruth and did a paper on it while in school. My church did the same study on Ruth but it was when I was in Australia so I missed it!!

  6. Whoa! I must have that vacume!!! I'm such a vacume freak.

  7. Love all the pics!!

    Looking at pictures from the past is so fun!

    Your niece is adorable! She has a pretty smile just like her Auntie!

    LOL @ the vacuum! I feel your vacuum love. I do! I do! I do!

    I haven't tried those M&M's yet, but I've been hearing all about them. Must try.

    The church girl is a cutie!

    I remember you talking about your sunflowers not doing so well last year. Glad they're growing nice and tall for you this year.

    Those cookies look YUMMY!!!

    And how can you go wrong with cake? I've got a sweet tooth, too, so I'm with ya there!


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