Thursday, July 29, 2010

My family is gorgeous....

Since yesterday was about a photo shoot, I gotta show some pictures from where Julie took her gang down to the beach for a photo shoot!  Here are just a few samples.... The photographer is & I just wanna hug her for taking such amazing pictures of my beautiful family!!! But now, I cant decide which picture is my favorite... can they ALL be my favorite?

Look at the brothers together...

Isaac cant ever take a bad picture... he just screams "Surfer", doesnt he?

And look how big our giggly boy, Luke is getting!  Sitting up on his own!  (Julie had a video of him actually getting around in a walker now!  He's getting ready to turn 7 months old!  He just cant miss out on his big brother's playing...)

A family shot... I love this... Isnt Julie just beautiful?  She has the best smile...

I got to see the rest of the pictures this morning & just cant even make a choice on which ones to get.... I think I'm gonna have to get one of each & have Ricky build a new room so I can cover the wall in pictures...


  1. They are beautiful, and the last picture is great...they look so HAPPY together!

    What a blessing to have these sweet boys in your lives!

  2. Ahh, 7 months old, not 8! Don't make him grow up faster on me!! Hehe. He'll be 7 months on the 8th, but I still say he's 6 months.

  3. That family picture is just GORGEOUS!!!!!! :)

  4. OH my word ~~ bring on the cuteness!!! What GREAT pics!! I LOVE the last one with all of them. That is a clever and cute idea.

    Have a Blessed day, Dawn

  5. Such great pictures! The family picture is awesome

  6. I agree - beautiful family; the picture of the little guy sitting on the beach would totally brighten your day - so cute!!

    how did the skating go??

  7. absolutely BEAUTIFUL pictures!!

  8. These pics are fantastic! I really love the family one. I mean this in a good way, but I can't help but think of the symbolism of it; that a man usually feels the weight of his whole family on him, feels responsibility, financially, for taking care of everyone and can sometimes feel like he's drowning!haha

  9. Love those family shot! Absolutely amazing! All of them.


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