Monday, July 12, 2010

In need of some advice...

So my car gets paid off in 3 months... & because I just said that, I'm going to say a quick prayer my car doesnt break down in 3 months... but with that payment off my back, Ricky told me I should go ahead & start looking at some SLR Cameras.  I think because he's just plain sick of hearing me say how much I want one & tired of me going into Best Buy to just hold one & pet it & hold it against my cheek like a small furry animal. 

This gives me some time to investigate though since I'm not buying it tomorrow but in a few months.  So give me some advice you camera lovin' people.  What do I need to look for in a good camera?  I heard someone say not to worry so much about the "package deals" because they lens they give arent the best ones anyways - is that true?  What kind of batteries do these cameras take too?  I need some details... Nikon?  Canon?  Any special lens I should want?

And my next question... & this probably sounds so dumb but I'm not technology minded in the least... but I KNEW I needed an external hard drive.  After conversations with my Canadian buddy, Jennifer - she gave me all the low down on which one to buy.  I ended up getting a 1TB  WB My Book... My laptop is getting slower & slower & I was in constant fear of losing all my iTunes music and all my 7,893 pictures I have on my computer... (Can you imagine how many pictures I'll have with my SLR?)

Got the Hard Drive - hooked it up - it was simple enough.  Everything is transfered over on it...

BUT - and if you laugh at this question, I'll cry, so dont do it... I dont have a pretty cry & no one wants to see that.  So if I go back & delete some older pictures now - they are saved on my hard drive, right?  Because it said that my hard drive will scan my computer & save the changes... so that's just meaning it'll save the NEW stuff?  I'm thinking that's how it works...but again, I'm a person who cant figure out how to read a compass or do some simple things... so just shake your head at me & humor me by reassuring me I can delete some old stuff & it'll be safe.

Thank you all you camera lovin', computer technology people!  Where would the world be without computers to get answers?  Because my husband sure aint no help!  Love you honey... especially because you gave me the OK to get a camera... YAHOOOOOOOO!!!!!



    Go read this guys site...everything you need to know is there. There is more than just the one page this link takes you too. Also, Mckmama has a camera page that's really helpful.

  2. I can't help you at all! Ha!! But, congratulations on your car! I can't WAIT to pay mine off....

  3. Holy Cow.... Ricky actually SAID that??? Was he on his way out the door to skate? Playing Ghost Recon?? Really NOT listening to what he was saying??? Hope that you taped the conversation!!! Go HAPPY that you finally get your camera... and that you are taking the time to research what you get. Oh my... the pictures you will be able to take... the clarity... the gadgets that you can amass to go along with the camera... YIPPEEEEE!

  4. I have a Canon, simply because every professional I know personally uses Canon. Because they are virtually equivalent at the entry level, I would look beyond the entry-level choices into what the pros use to help make the decision. For instance, if Canon EOS 5D is better than the Nikon equivalent, and if you bought a nikon now, you'd have to upgrade all your lenses and everything if you wanted to take a step up on cameras in the future.

    If you're worried about price, I'd check for a refurbished model that maybe isn't the most recent thing. I got my Canon Digital Rebel XT for $350 last year when the newest models were selling for almost $800 or more. It was like new and has never given me trouble, even though it was a couple generations behind.

    Don't worry about the standard lens being crap. It is, but it's still better than any point-and-shoot lens out there, so you'll be taking better photos than you ever have. Your first new lens purchase should be a 50mm prime lens like the "Nifty Fifty" Canon 50mm f/1.8. You can get them for less than $100, and their photo quality is comparable to lenses that cost over $1k. They are fixed focal length, meaning you can't zoom them and you have to literally step backward and forward to get things in frame right, but the lack of moving parts makes it so cheap, despite being awesome. I've taken a whole engagement photoshoot with this lens. The stock lens can then be your all-around lens for when you are in a room and you need a wider angle than 50mm.

    Otherwise, read blogs and talk to professionals. They can tell you things they learned the hard way.

  5. I LOVE my Nikon D40, but...after seeing my friend's pictures on her new Rebel Cannon, I have to admit. Her pictures look better!

  6. First off, yes, your external hard drive will add to what's already on it. It simply acts like another drive on your computer. You can go into it and delete stuff, add stuff...etc...just like a drive on your computer.

    My daughter is going to buy an external HD for her new laptop. One of the first things I'm going to do, though, is get her pictures off of her old computer so I can make the thing run faster.

    BUT, that said, I am also planning on burning the pictures onto DVDs and sticking them in my safe deposit box...just in case. She's got a gazillion pictures...typical teen that she is.

    Now...about the LUCKY are you????

    I have a Nikon CoolPix P80, and it's one step down from the SLR, which I could not afford at the time. I have a gazillion pictures too, but the quality is not near that of an SLR.

    No recommendations for you there. Read up on Consumer Reports. That's usually what I do before making a big purchase like that.

    Oh, and CONGRATS on almost getting the car paid off!!! I have 10 more months for mine!! Woo Hoo!

  7. I have no wisdom on this subject right now.

    I do, however, have a prayer that I need to go pray now. It concerns jealousy!

    Just kidding (sort of!) Congrats!

  8. Well I have a Nikon and I love it, but I heard Canon's are just as good.

    But what really makes the camera is the lens so you are right about that! My favorite lens is a 35 mm f 1.8, I love it.

    About the hard drive? You're asking me? Come on, you know me better than that ;o)

  9. yeah on the car almost paid off and the new camera!!!

    I'm ding bat on those things I ask my dad he's the techy guy. That and google are my go to's :)

  10. Happy Monday.. I do not know anything about what you are talking about.. Sorry I can't help.

  11. I have a Nikon D90. I have the lens that came with it and that's all. I love it. I want to get additional lenses but for the past year I have been very happy with what I've got. I chose the camera I purchased because that's what Pioneer Woman suggested. She has a photography section to her website and I poured over that before I bought my camera. I have not been disappointed.

    I really like carbonite for online backup - it's $55 a month and it backs up your computer every time you have it on. If you delete something it keeps it in their backup for 10 days, so you can retrieve it if you accidentally delete it within that time frame. We've had a hard drive crash a few times and thankfully everything was retrieved through Carbonite and we didn't lose a thing. It's awesome.

    Kristin - The Goat


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