Saturday, July 24, 2010

Six Word Saturday

Happy Birthday to my wonderful Daddy!!!!

Yep - last week was their anniversary & this weekend is my dad's birthday!  Last weekend was also Ricky's mom's birthday - so its just a week of celebrating!

So for my dad... the man who is a true cowboy & has a way with horses...

...And has always been since a child... the man who helped me with my first garden & teaching the twins all about the finer things of growing fresh veggies... the man who loves a visit from a cute little blued eyed baby from Texas... a man who has great arms that make you feel safe enough to take a nap in... a man who listens with excitement to a 5 yr old's stories... the man who has always had a mischevious side to him...

... to the man who twirled me around the floor on my wedding day...

to the most most fantastic man in the world...
Happy Birthday to my Dad!!!


  1. My six for you: Many happy returns to yr Daddy!

    Great fun reading posts like yours on Saturdays!

    Happy Six Word Saturday,


    PS Mine this time is HERE. Hope you can stop by.

  2. Happy Birthday to your Dad! What a sweet birthday post. :)

  3. Awww, what a great birthday post for your dad!

    Happy birthday, Rebecca's Dad!

  4. What a sweet birthday post. His face hasn't changed since he was a kid. Just a little hairier is all.

  5. Aww... great tribute to your Daddy... I especially like the one where one of the girls was asleep in his arms... love it!!!!!


  6. What a sweet post! Your dad seems like a great man!! Hope he has a great Birthday today!!!

  7. Such a sweet, lovely post. Hope your dad has a great birthday :) :)

  8. that is just so sweet. Happy Birthday to him..

  9. Happy Happy Birthday 2 your lovely DAD..

    Visit me for a birthday wish from pink panther..

  10. Awww so very sweet.
    Happy Birthday to your wonderful father.

  11. Happy belated Birthday to your dad. He sounds like a wonderful man and he looks like a cuddly bear! =)

  12. This is awesome. I especially loved the one of him as a tot on the sidewalk. so sweet. Happy belated Bday to your dad! :)


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