Friday, July 16, 2010

Friday Fragments

Mommy's Idea
Oh Thank you Lord... its Friday... lets get through the work day so the weekend can begin... & while we're waiting, lets frag a little...
Anyone have a "pet hair" vacuum?  I got a 30% off coupon for Kohls for this weekend (LOVE when I get a 30%!!!) & I saw that Bissell has their pet vacuum on sale anyways... plus add in the 30% & I may have to give it a go.  With 4 dogs - we go through the vacuums like most people do bread...

Thanks to Netflix, I am now loving the show "Lie to Me" ... & because of it, I'm totally addicted to watching people's actions & their facial movements.  If you havent seen the show, its about an agency that deals with reading the way people say thing, the tone of their voices, the subtle way they move their face, their hands, the way they stand - & all of it can show if you are lying, or how you are feeling... afraid, happy, jealous, angry... Its crazy because they show real-life pictures for examples... like Bill Clinton when he gave his "I did not have sexual relations with that woman" speech....

So I'm so obsessed with this idea that the other day I was pumping gas & a couple was in a car behind me & you could tell they were arguing... I couldnt hear a word they were saying, but I just kept staring to read their facial reactions & their hand movements... They were probably yelling at each other to go confront the strange woman who was staring at them outside their window... oops!

I'd like to draw your attention to the side bar on the left... yep - I have now officially ran 200 miles this year.  Now, time to get to 300 miles!

For the record... I TOTALLY called Annie as the saboteur on Big Brother!  With her being on the floor during the lights out, that's what gave it away for me.  And then when she got nominated, she kept saying "I'm so embarassed" - so that made me go "hmmmm" too... I love being right!  Doesnt matter anyways - she's outta there!  You totally know CBS is so angry about that one... the twist of the year, gone in the first week!

I'm loving Brendan & Ragan...And Mr. Meow Meow (Enzo) is just entertaining... Its the year of Italians, isnt it?
Are you KIDDING ME?  I heard that they are going to offer Lindsay Lohan over a MILLION dollars to do a interview after her little prison stint.  Because that's what she needs... publicity on this... almost like a pat on the back ... how messed up is that?


Is it hotter then Hades were you live?  I feel so bad for my poor husband who has to work outside & in a warehouse.  He said the other day that the temperature in the warehouse was 113 degrees... He comes home looking like someone beat him with a heat stick... it doesnt help when I tell him that my coworkers are FREEZING me out by cranking down the air conditioning.... I need to work on that sympathy thing...

Is this the most hideous sweater ever?  Who doesnt want to look like a real life cookie monster?  Every woman wants to look like she's gained about 30 lbs of fat around her belly area & her arms...

But this one did make me happy... I wonder how long it would take to make a cover for my car...

Have to leave with a cute picture of my nieces... well, any picture of them is cute... but love their faces with one of their doggies... & really love the doggie's face...

Hope you have a fantastic Friday!!!


  1. OKay RJ,
    So that pic of your neices and that puppy seriously needs to be on a card. Yep put that on a card and I'll buy it ~~ in fact I'll buy two =) Move over Hallmark ~~ so, So, SO STINKIN' CUTE!!! Made me smile for sure this morning.

    And I want one of those cars painted JUST.LIKE.THAT. How crazy cute is that, I mean really, move over Alero (the kind of car I drive) here comes the cutest car EVER =)

    Have a Blessed weekend friend and stay cool for crying out loud ~~ Dawn

  2. First of all... I LOVE LIE TO ME... I've been watching it since it started... and like you I find myself looking at people and wondering... hmmmm.......

    LOVE the knit car cover... but think that would be WAY to much time into it for an SUV... so maybe doing one for a hot wheels car????

    And the girls and their pup... way too precious...

    Poor Ricky... that is stinkin' HOT... 113 degrees?! Hope he is staying hydrated....

    And lastly... WHOOPPIIIEE 200 MILES... You are my running hero!!!

  3. Who in pete’s sake would be caught dead in that sweater??? YUCK!!!!!

  4. Too many good things in this post for the amount of time I have to leave this comment, so I'll limit it to 2. 1) I would pay you $5 to wear the muppet sweater ("Is this genuine Muppet skin?") and 2) I used to love Big Brother, it was my favorite show, but I haven't watched it in years. I don't even find it entertaining. I think it was better before they started trying to be creative, when it was mainly just people on their own, with their strategies, in a house.

    Happy Friday!
    (ps - my word verification is "plate")

  5. How funny that both used the same car in our FF posts! We are twins for a day :) Cutest puppy dog face...evah but it's even better with the girls on either side - too cute.

    I wanted to see Lie to Me when I first started seeing ads for it, but never did. Now I really want to see it.

    I'm going to have to break down and get netflix, I can see that now.

    Kristin - The Goat

  6. Yay for Annie being gone, although I really do not like Ragan that much. I love Brendan though.

    The sweater...oh my gosh...that kind of thing gives knitters a bad reputation!!!! Oy!

    And Lindsay. Good gravy. Did you see the way she cried at her sentencing? Like she was actually SURPRISED.

    Girl should be paying the American Public a million dollars for having to watch daily news stories detailing her latest antics.

  7. is hot here too! Makes me nervous for the 3-day walk coming up in a few weeks!

  8. I have that vacuum. It works well but if you have to vacuum stairs or take it down stairs, it's a total pain! I've only vacuumed my stairs once since I got it. I need to get a lighter one just for that task. I DO like the vacuum though.

    I haven't seen that show, but we do have Netflix. May have to check it out. Sounds interesting.

    WOW!! Congrats on all your running! That's awesome!

    I haven't watched the rest of BB yet, but I did think Annie was going to go home.

    Lindsey Lohan just needs to get help. Enough publicity crap. Let her do her time, get help and become a better person for it all.

    I wish I had your HEAT. LOL I'm so stinkin cold!

    That sweater is hideous! Wow! Totally cracking up on the car cover, though. heehee

    That picture is precious!! =)

  9. For a million bucks, I think that I could do 90 days!

  10. I really like Lie to Me, but haven't watched it in a while. Too much Food Network.

    WHERE did you find the fuzzy blue sweater pic? Hilarious!

    Your nieces are lucky to have a doting aunt like you. And vice versa.

  11. First I have to say I used to need a new vacuum every year..I finally broke down and paid the obscene amount for for the Dyson and 3 1/2 years later I am still in love..hardly any maintenance and it has never lost it's suction!
    The sweater does look warm...
    We have been having the hottest summer ever here in Pa. and also the most dramatic in like a just never ends here...
    Have a blessed weekend!


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