Thursday, July 22, 2010

Missing an Eternal Impact

Who knew that 4 chapters in the book of Ruth could hold SOOO much to study?  But it has.  Thanks to my amazing friend Dawn - she got a group of ladies doing the study of "Ruth:  loss, love & legacy" via the cyber world.  Its been so great to get to know these women that dont even live in the same state as me...

But more importantly, its been great getting to know Ruth... & Naomi... & Boaz... & JESUS...

They have shown Jesus in all the examples of all the characters of Ruth & its been so eye opening...

But yesteray - I read two sentences that just have been like a 2x4 to my head... it was crazy too because it was the study for the day & the words fit so perfectly to the lesson I was going to present to the youth later that night... I totally used it... I just want to share the words here too ... for two reasons - I want you to think about them as well & I want to keep this on my blog for me to always be able to go back & see these words - to be reminded....

This may be one of the most tragic ways for a Christian to spend her life:  In the right place with all the right resources but without a willing heart. 

I so desperately do not want to get to the end of my life to find I've missed having an eternal impact because I made all of life's decisions based solely on what made sense for me & what was for MY benefit... unwilling to yield myself to the Lord.

It was crazy because the lesson last night to the youth was on Anger - & being ANGRY about the things that God is angry about... & I especially thought of that last sentence & thought about getting to Heaven & God being like,

"You were angry about the dumbest things Rebecca Jo (Because God would call me Rebecca Jo - we're on a first name basis)... why couldnt you have yielded to me & been angry about the IMPORTANT things... oh, the eternal impact that would have had"....

And not just anger - but in love, caring, giving .... I want to make an eternal impact ... & not based on things that make sense to me or for my benefit...

Cant wait to see what Ruth has in store for me today....


  1. I need to go back and reread Ruth. It's been a LONG time. Too much good stuff there. Much needed!!!

  2. Girlfriend,
    Can we talk? =) I had a COMPLETE pity party day yesterday, I mean COMPLETE!!! It was ridiculous!! I sat down last night to read my study for the day and couldn't even wrap my brain around it, so I just read a little bit and decided I would need to do it today to get what I needed to out of it, and I'm so glad I did.

    I haven't done it yet, but getting ready I am pumped!!! Thanks so much sharing this. Ruth has been full of powerful lessons for me as well. I'm ready to dig in...thanks friend.

    Love you ~~ Dawn

  3. That is so true Rebecca! I love your thoughts today & your study sounds incredible. I wrote a post yesterday about not being so self-centered but living a life where we can still hear God's still quiet voice to be his servants. ( Thanks for another encouraging post!

  4. My girlfriend and her family have passed this book around and love it too. I'll have to see if I can check it out. I see why it hit home. Great thoughts and lesson to keep in mind.


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