Friday, July 09, 2010

I can still feel the pain....

I've seen some of my bloggy buddies doing this on Friday & while I love my "Fragging", I'm gonna go out of my box & have fun with this one today.  So you just have to answer the question below ....Injuries... FUN...

Were you prone to accidents and injuries when you were growing up? Did you ever break a bone? Knock out any teeth? Get stitches? Have you ever ridden in the back of an ambulance? Did you ever have surgery or spend any time in a hospital? How did your folks treat injuries and illnesses? With lots of TLC or by telling you to get a stiff upper lip? Was there a particular home remedy that your mom (or dad or whoever!) used or any "traditions" involving injuries or illnesses? What's the worst injury (or illness) you had when you were growing up?

I wasnt too much of a "accident prone" child but when I did some injuries, I did them good!  Like having knee problems early on due to martial arts.  It took me months to learn to walk again - I couldnt bend my knee.. OUCH... but the one that stands out the most to me...I'm getting dizzy thinking about it... ready?

It was winter time & we were getting ready to go Christmas shopping.  Our front porch has a nice little layer of ice that I wasnt paying any attention to & I think I did a move that gynmasts of today would be in awe of.  But I landed down on the side walk... with my foot going the opposite direction.... oh, the memory of pain is making me nauseated...

Mom & dad got me in the van & headed to the ER & yep, my ankle was broke right across the bone....

And what was even worse - it was late & they said they had to set it in the morning!!! DO WHAT?  I'm not sure what the reason was for that, but they actually sent me home & told me to keep it in one position & come back in the morning for my cast.  So I go home, mom & dad put pillows galore around my leg & I'm expected to go to sleep like that...

I'm not sure how I fell asleep (must have been some pain pills involved) but I do & when I wake up, my foot is GOING THE OPPOSITE WAY again!  Oh my goodness.... I've never experienced pain like that in my life.

But I did end up going back to the ER again & finally getting my cast on.  A beautiful cast on my leg for most of the rest of the school year... yeah, I was the cool one in school that got out of classes early to get to my next class... broken legs in school has its advantages.

OK - so this flashback has me cringing & remembering why now, when cold air comes, or when a storm comes in, I can still feel the pain in my ankle... & people wonder why I hate winter & ice... ugh...

How about you?  Any broken bones growing up?  What's childhood without injuries, right?


  1. No broken bones...but I I did have stitches. : )

  2. Ouch, ouch, ouch!!

    I did not break any bones as a child, but I cracked my head open twice.

    The first time was when I was a wee thing, chasing the cat around the house. I fell and hit my head on the heater/air vent. Remember when those used to be in the floors? I ran and hid from my mom because I was afraid of getting into trouble. I still remember laying on the table getting my stitches.

    The second time, I was probably eight or nine, and I was at a friend's house across the street. We were playing house, and I was the child, and I was getting in trouble with "mom." I was on the bed and was backing myself up when I arched my back and moved my head forward and then back...right onto the sharp headboard.


    I freaked out and ran home with blood gushing and the other girl's mom chasing me down the street. heehee

    I remember getting those stitches too.

    Seems I have a knack for getting myself cut, eh?

  3. OUCH! The ankle thing made me cringe!

    I'm surprised they put the cast on the next morning and didn't wait a few more days - they usually do that to let the swelling go down first.

  4. Ouch, I can only imagine what that must've felt like. My husband also broke his ankle as a child, and now it makes a cracking sound when he walks...makes me cringe!

  5. I have never had a broken bone, but I had enough falls -- some of them spectacular -- that it is truly an amazement nothing ever broke!

  6. Oh man, that really sounds painful!

  7. Oh my, I had so many injuries and incidents as a kid, my post would be like three pages long!!!

    Man what an awful injury. WOW!!
    And to think, now you are a runner....good for you girl....
    AND WHAT IN TARNATION WAS THE ER THINKING?!?!! So glad you recovered and are running today.

    Have a Blessed weekend friend,


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