Sunday, July 18, 2010

Project 365-22 & 23

Because it was a wedding last weekend, I missed Project 365 so I got two weeks of catching lets get to it!

Sunday - July 4 - Dog Days of Summer....  Its so hot, we dont stay outside long... but it didnt take Buffy long to find this MASSIVE stick & she just wanted to carry it around...

Monday - July 5 - God Bless America & good yummy desserts!! .... This is Rachel & I let her hold my dessert I made.  No... OK... I'm lying... she made it, but I tried to take credit for it!  My sister-friend Lynn had us over for a yummy cook out & some "Minute to Win It Games"... along with some pool time & just laughing & time together with friends.  That's a way to spend a holiday!

Tuesday - July 6 - Update on the runners toe.... Yep.. its still black.  But it looks like its growing upwards so keeping fingers crossed its not going to fall completely off!!!

Wednesday - July 7 - You're so square!! ... I pulled this can of Diet Coke out & it was square shaped!  What the heck happened to it?  I mean it was perfectly square on all sides... I wasnt taking any chances if anything happened to it that I shouldnt drink it so I emptied it... such a waste of a Diet Coke.

GASP... didnt get pictures in Thursday - Friday...

Saturday - July 10 - I'm matchy .... Ricky took a picture of me going into the wedding reception because he said, "look, the present matches your dress"... I'm good like that!  And no - sad to say, those are NOT white pantyhose... those are my LEGS... Oh wow... I need some sun on those legs!

Sunday - July 11 - The after effects of heels.... Sorry its another foot picture - but yeah, this is what I had to deal with the day after wearing heels at the wedding... blisters on my feet... both feet actually.  It was painful!  My poor feet take a beating!

Monday - July 12 - Leftovers are the best.... Yep, it was a Monday... & that meant I wasnt cooking... so we had pizza left over from the weekend - & it was the perfect dinner.

Tuesday - July 13 - Love my new necklace... I usually stick with my normal cross necklace & never venture out of my box... but I see some of you fashion bloggers & how cute you look changing up jewelry so I've been looking into getting some new fads.... I picked up this necklace & loved it... But felt funny without my cross on....

Wednesday - July 14 - We may have lost Minnie .... I came home & looked in our front yard & our Minnie Mouse concrete statue had been knocked over... not sure how... wind?  A dog?  But needless to say, Minnie lost her head!  It makes me sad because Stephanie bought this for me from an antique store... Ricky's gonna try & put her back together again.  A real day Humpty Dumpty...

Thursday - July 15 - I do eat green sometimes! ... I'm not a huge veggie fan, but I made some chinese & was so proud of myself with all the color that was on my plate!  I felt so healthy afterwards... And Ricky even ate all of his - which is always the true test of a dinner...

Friday - July 16 - What I look like with short hair! .... with the layers in my hair, I happened to pull my hair up & it fell where it looked like I had had a hair cut.  It was a good way to see what I look like with shorter hair.... so what do you think?  Short or long?

Ahh - there's all of my hair....

Saturday - July 17 - I keep the postal service in business.... I have had to go to the post office for awhile, & I couldnt put it off any longer.  Needless to say, this wasnt easy getting in the doorway - but I managed... & can I say?  Mailing something aint CHEAP!  Mercy!

If you lasted through all the pics, I applaud you!  I just had to get the two weeks in because I'm planning on putting a book together of my Project 365's & I dont wanna miss a thing... (Are you singing Areosmith now too?)


  1. Don't wanna close my eyes....
    Don't wanna fall asleep....
    'Cause I'd miss ya babe....
    And I don't wanna miss a thing....

    No not singing it at all =) hahaha

    Love all your pics!! I like the short hair RJ. So cute!!!

    When I saw Minnie it made me sad. I've enjoyed her in several pics, so tell Ricky to work his magic =)

    Yay for you for eating your veggies. So I guess you won't be enjoying vegan fare with me anytime soon huh? heehee

    Love you girl ~~ have a Blessed week,

  2. Your poor feet .... you deserve a pedicure & foot massage! I like your hair short with layers. Be bold...go for it...heck, it will always grow back. And I am thankful to have been the recipient of one of those packages with Lisa's friendship book. I am starting it this week. :)

  3. your pictures are great,

    by the look of the wedding picture
    the theme was b&W print, not just you and the present 2 people in the background are wearing it also.

    eating green.. lol,

  4. your dog is so cute!! that stick is hilarious.

    I think you need some spa time for your feet!!! ouch!!! those blisters look painful.

    so I wonder what happened to the coke can..that is so weird!

    I vote short hair....VERY cute!

  5. Don't worry about the pictures posted for two weeks, with vacations it seems a lot of us have been doing that lately.

    Those blisters look horrible! I can't wear shoes like that, but if I could I'd probably regret it, Yikes!

    Your dog is cute, mine always has to have his ball :)

  6. Ouch, runner's toe, I had that once - it is sooo painful! The square can of diet coke is crazy! The cake is amazzing & your hair looks great short & long! I have layers in my hair too & often put it up to see what it would be like short - but I would never cut it! I'm too scared of hairdressers!!

  7. I say short and layered.
    And take care of those feet, a pedicure perhaps. But keep running :)

  8. my awesome comment just deleted itself :(

    I dont really want to write it out all over again...

    here is a summary

    Food-So YUM
    Feet- ouch blisters would keep me from heels
    Toe- Another example of cardio being damaging to health
    minnie-same thing happened to me with a figurine, glue works just fine
    outift- super cute you look beautiful
    hair- i think i like it short!
    necklace- love it!!!

    lol Im sorry my long comment got deleted :(

  9. Ummmm, and that better be my package in there, JUST sayin!!!!!!!! Bwahaha!!! :)

    And you are cracking me up with those feet pictures. My feet were in pain just looking at your blistered feet :(

  10. Dessert looks yummy and what Minute to Win It games did you play? I think those would be great with a group!
    You looked lovely in your dress at the wedding. Ouch for you poor tootsies! The new necklace is very pretty. Layering jewelry is really big right now, so you could still wear your cross if you like the way it looks!
    I think your hair would look fabulous short! I would take it just under your chin with layers. It makes you look very fresh!!
    Sorry to hear about Minnie...hope she can be repaired.
    Have a super week!

  11. I know the feeling, I had huge blisters the other week. bad enough that i had to call in sick from work 3 days after they started up... I couldn't get shoes on at all.

  12. I love the short hair look.. It looks nice.. Your poor feet ouch.. Love the stick the dog found..

  13. I ALWAYS fall behind on my Project 365 this time of year. It's just too hard to stay inside and scrap when I want to be outside playing. I'm hoping to catch up once the kiddos are back in school.

    WHAT ON EARTH are you mailing? Holy moly, girl!

    And yes, I am singing that song now. Thanksomuch :)

  14. the short hair looks great on you. It falls at just the right place. Very bizarre about the Coke can. I would have dumped it too; although if somebody was to have poisoned it, I doubt they would have made it that obvious ;-)

  15. Cute patriotic dessert! Who cares who made it? I just hope you enjoyed eating it.

    Your poor feet this week. Man!

    I don't know. I'm torn. If I could grow my hair that long (and straight--not fuzzy, curly like mine), I would. But that short length on you is PRECIOUS!!!! And it would be so easy, too.


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