Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Embrace Life

If you never watch a video - watch this one - please...

Its an ad for seat belts - & its about 90 seconds of your life to watch...but my gosh... Its so powerful... the first time I saw it, I literally gasped...

Its so beautifully done...


  1. OH my gosh that was just amazing. Thanks for sharing it.. Have a great day..

  2. Oh my word!!!!!! That's some powerful stuff!!! I am faithful about wearing my seatbell, just wish everyone could be!!!

  3. Very interesting! I have to take a defensive driving class every couple of years, and we are always shown this video that someone made, it's British, that reenacts what happens when one person in a car doesn't wear their seatbelts. I don't know how they were able to do it, but that person becomes a missile.

    With my husband being a paramedic, I can't tell you how anal we are about seat belt wearing.

  4. Awesome! Thank you for sharing this.

  5. I've seen this one on tv before, I always wear a seatbelt anyway, it is a good ad.

  6. There you go making me cry again! Sounds silly I know but the emotion on their faces just moved me to tears.

  7. That is quite a commercial. I had heard about it but didn't watch it until now. And now I'm all teary eyed! It sure does hammer home the point.


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