Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Can you hear my screams?

For those of you who didnt see the news on Facebook yesterday... or for those of you that heard a constant scream through the day being carried by the wind & wondered what that was - it was me...screaming with screams of excitement!  Why?  Because my husband is the most awesome husband EVER!

Steven Curtis Chapman is coming to town in October... that alone makes me happy.  But then I got word that for the cost of the premium seats, you get to go to a 30 minute meet & greet with the MAN himself & his beautiful wife, Mary Beth!!!!

I called Ricky almost shaking when I heard this...

He said, "I'll get the tickets for you for our anniversary" .... Let the screaming commence!!!!

Ricky told me, "its my dream for our anniversary for you to go see the man you wish you could marry"... ahh honey... true... but not really... but kinda...

I now need to go over classes on "how to take a photo" with Ricky... we have 50 days to work on this.  He even said last night, "If I mess up that picture, I know you're going to go immediately file for divorce" ... oh, my husband knows me so well! 

I'm just praying I dont get so nervous when I meet him face to face that I throw up on his shoes or something.... or just freeze & say nothing but stare... or even pass out...

I'm excited to meet Mary Beth as well... And their boys are going to be there too... You all dont even understand - I have watched all their children grow up at the concerts & in pictures... I feel like I know this family!  Yes, my name is Rebecca Jo & I'm a crazed fan... but this crazed fan is finally going to meet these people in person...

Are you hearing the screaming again?

Yep - no more having to rush the stage...

Speaking of which - I will be seeing Steven & Mary Beth at Women of Faith this weekend as well.... See?  Crazed Fan...

Did you ever get to meet your favorite star?  Was it everything you thought it would be? 
Who WOULD you want to meet that would cause you to scream nonstop?



    I'm screaming with you! I know how excited you are! YAY!

    I've not met anyone super famous, but when I went to see Chris Mann on my birthday I was SO NERVOUS to meet him face to face. I felt like I knew him from his music, blog and Tweets. LOL But he was so cool and was really excited we drove 3 hours to see him sing. It was AMAZING! :D

  2. Yes I can hear you scream. NOW CUT IT OUT YOU'RE GIVING ME A HEADACHE! LOL

    Seriously tho. I recall meeting Harry Connick Jr. I too thought I was in heaven. I had no illusion he would leave his supermodel wife for me or anything but it was nice to stand by his side, say hi and tell him how much his music meant to me. Yes, I'm a big DORK!

  3. I hope you have so much fun and I hope Women of Faith will be great for you this weekend too. I didn't got this year, but hopefully next year I'll get too.

  4. Yay! What a great anniversary present!

  5. YAYAYAYAYAYAYAYAY!!! I am so excited for you!!! I know this is a dream come true, haha!!! I so wish I could go to WOF with you this year, that would be soooo awesome!!! :)

  6. WHOOOOO!!! So exciting!!

    I hope your meet and greet and photo include just you, Ricky, SCC and Mary Beth and not a bunch of other fans (I've heard that sometimes happens with meet & greets).

  7. My hubby and I LOVE SCC!!!!

    Our first dance was to "We Will Dance" and our last dance was to "I will be Here" !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    He has been to one of his concerts but I havent yet!!!

    I'm pretty sure meeting brad paisley would cause me to get tongue tied and stupid!

  8. So so fun!! I'm so excited for you. You picked a good guy to be a crazed fan of. (spoken by another slightly crazed fan) It is so cool that you will get to meet them!

    Photo practice? LOL That is hilarious!

  9. Wow, I thought I heard a loud scream from the Eastern US yesterday but wasn't sure what it could be! (hehe) Congrats ~ You are going to have a blast. I can't wait to read their new book MaryBeth wrote.

    I would give anything to get to meet Michael W. Smith. My dream is to be able to sit on the piano bench beside him and sing while he plays or while we play together. I love that man's music!

  10. rebecca,

    you are too cute! i heard your scream, i didn't know it was you! i have been to several concerts, sanctus real, addison road, (got a pic with her, adorable!) rod stewart (back in the day!) point of grace, and several other, i can't remember now. too many to list....but when i met them, i just look at them and think, you know, they are just people like we are, so it's not a big deal. and really, just cuz they have lots of money (way lots more...and fame) they still probably would like to be treated like normal people. if ever i am famous....i know i wouldn't want to be treated differently. so just be yourself, vomit BEFORE you see him, lol. you have a great time though, and take lots of good pics. we will want to see them, of course. but have fun!!

  11. Oh, my friend, I actually laughed out loud when I read this, and I had to hush up real quick because my Rooster boy is sleeping in the other room!

    You go, you stalker girl! Poor SCC...you'll be ever by his side when we're all in heaven, eh?

    You really should see if he'll autograph that cute picture you took of you by the stage. Ha, ha, ha!!!!

    BTW, I've met Eric Estrada. Back in the day, he was the HOT dude to be gaga over (remember Chips?).

    However, what I'm looking forward to is a concert series at the beach where I live.

    This weekend, we're getting Chris Tomlin, Point of Grace, Amy Grant, and Michael W. Smith...for FREE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I called my Chicky to tell her, and she was like, "That is totally not fair. Just when I leave, we get someone good."

    Yeah, baby. That's what you get for going to college and making your mama cry.

    Anyhoo, this is supposed to be YOUR blog, not mine.


    I am so happy for you, my friend. It's gonna be a long two months of waiting, eh?????


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