Sunday, August 15, 2010

Project 365-27

Sunday - August 8 - I refuse to let my daddy up!!! ....Sunday mornings, we get the newspaper & read through it in bed... its a weekly tradition.  Well, our Sydney is getting so old, she cant jump up on the bed anymore.  So Ricky will pick her up & put her on the bed with us.  She crawled up in his lap & wouldnt budge.  Literally, she laid like this for over an hour... until Ricky's legs were numb.  But he was a good dog-daddy & didnt move the whole time. Now that's love...

Monday - Aug 9 - it never fails.... It always goes like this... get my nails the same length to make a French Maniure look nice... & then my nail broke during lunch... URGHHHH - that makes me so mad!!!!  It never fails, they will all soon start breaking, one by one... stupid finger nails.

Tuesday - Aug 10 - Sweater FINISHED! ... I knitted me up a sweater out of yarn in my stash & I love the way it turned out.  Its actually a tad big in the back, but love the details on the top of it & love the color... Just gotta figure a way to take up some of the slack in the back.  It also still needs 2 buttons sewed on at the top, but gotta find the perfect buttons... you wouldnt believe how fun it is looking for buttons actually...

(Closer view of the details on the top... WOW, that photo edit tool made me see what I'd look like with Black hair!)

Wednesday - Aug 11 - Taking notes... The kiddos were encouraged to write down this point in the youth lesson.  I loved that the young lady in front of me found a way even though she had no paper... write it on your arms!  there's a way to remember!!!

BONUS PICTURE - one of the kiddos sat next to me & just kinda rubbed in how WHITE I am... Tan?  What's a tan?  Take one big guess which leg is mine!  I told her I'm going to post this picture & say I put one leg in the sun & cover the other for an experiment...

Thursday - Aug 12 - Google of Oz... just loved the Google logo for the day... had to take this picture for my Wizard of Oz lovin' momma!

Friday - Aug 13 - Time to start again... I had knitted up this shawl - was almost done with it - but just wasnt digging it.  And I love this yarn so I did what I hate to do - unraveled the whole thing.  But now, I have 3 good skeins of yarn to make a whole new creation....

Saturday - Aug 14 - Step away from the pot roast!!!! .... I had a pot roast in the crock pot with potatoes & carrots... Oh my gosh - it was the best I have ever made... & the smell was incredible in my house during the day.  That smell was driving the dogs a tad crazy I think. Every time I walked by the kitchen, I'd see all four dogs sitting right in front of the crock pot... ready to catch any little bit that may get dropped on the floor!  They did end up getting gravy on their dog food for the evening... couldnt let them wait all day & get no reward...

Got an exciting week ahead of me so gotta make sure the camera batteries are all charged & ready to go!

May you all have click worthy moments in your life!!

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  1. Love all the pics! I don't know how I missed that google background! So cool.

  2. I loved the Wizard of Oz Google theme that day too but couldn't figure out why it was up there. That is a classic movie you never tire of watching though.

  3. Ok RJ ~~ 2 notes ~~

    #1: that sweater is so size, small.....just sayin' =0)

    Note #2: UNRAVEL really? Oh my... that made me sad. Beautiful color. Can't wait to see what you make out of it.

    Your doggies and Ricky crack me up. He is such a good doggie-dad.

    Have a Blessed week friend ~~ love you, Dawn

  4. ok, my nails have ALWAYS cracked and chipped until I came (accidentally) upon this nail polish..Sally Hansen Maximum growth plus. My nails have never been so strong or this long!!! You can find it at Walgreens.

    love the cute!!

    the roast patrol is pretty funny!!! looks like there's an hierarchy there! ha!

  5. Okay, that picture with all the dogs is hysterical!!! Beg much? LOL!!!

  6. Love the Pot Roast Patrol! Great picture!

    Rebecca, that sweater is amazing! I am SO impressed that you made that yourself! I can't even crochet a straight line, much less create something so beautiful. You truly have a gift!

  7. I loved all of the pictures. Yes, dogs rule and are the best friend you will ever have.

    I have something for you on my blog.

  8. I always break a nail at the most inconvenient time. Oh well, they're just nails!

  9. Love all the photos! I love the dogs! I'm as pale as you...
    It's what happens when you spend the summer working in an ice arena!!! I did burn three times this year, and it just peeled right off... hmmph... after all the pain and dnager of a sunburn you'd think at LEAST it'd turn into a tan right? No such luck!

    I used to get in trouble as a kid if I wrote on my hand or arm or had ink on me. My mum was always working about it seeping through our skin and causing poisoning or cancer.

  10. I love the sweater you made! The dogs are too cute!

  11. That crock pot picture is hysterical! Love the sweater. Wow! You must be very, very good.

    You have an award at my blog. Check it out when you have time.

  12. LOVE that sweater you knit, and the color is gorgeous!

    PS I'm a PALE as you are LOL

  13. haha love the pics :-) and that's exactly why I never get manicures!

  14. Hey girlie! My blog reading is suffering, so please forgive my delay in commenting.

    First, poor Sydney! What a cutie patootie though!!!!

    Second...the nails. Dear-Heart, I share in your woes.

    I've discovered that the more attention I pay to my nails...going "look how pretty they are," then that's when they start breaking.

    Ignore them, and they'll be grown out in two days and you will never have noticed.

    I think it's God's way of keeping us grounded.



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