Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Have a great time....

In the small town where I live, news gets around fast.  I mean, we dont even have a stop light in our town... so when something tragic happens, you usually can tell by all the local business signs offering prayers & sympathies.  Last week, our little town lost a little girl by the name of Kayse.  She was 6 years old...

I dont know Kayse or her family, but the thought of someone loosing such a small child just breaks my heart.

Since our area is so small, most of the people that have small children did know Kayse & her family. One of Kayse's friends from school actually goes to my church. Her name is Josie...

Josie wanted to go to the funeral home to say good bye to her friend.  Her mother, Michelle, wasnt sure if it would be the best thing for her since a few years earlier, her sister too lost a friend & the experience of going to the funeral home was a little harder on her then expected.  Josie didnt care - she wanted to go say goodbye to her friend.  Michelle obliged.

At the funeral home, they had little pieces of papers in the shape of hearts that Kayse's friends could write something on & they would be left with her when they closed the casket.  Michelle said Josie wanted to leave a message.  I can just imagine this little girl who is so full of energy & spunk, taking that piece of paper & writing her final message to her friend.... what would be the final words of a small child to a friend?

Michelle said she glanced over Josie's shoulder to see what she would write... she saw these words:

"Kayse, hope you have a great time in Heaven!"

Michelle said she realized right then how important it is to instill faith in a child so that when death or loss comes, its more acceptable... makes sense somehow...

I was talking to Ricky about it & we were saying how that note just has such celebration in the words.... "have a great time"!  Like Josie was almost saying "Tell Jesus Hi for me! I'll be there having a great time with you one day too!"

Oh, the things we can learn from children who have a heart for the Lord... before things of the world like bills & jobs & stress can get in & taint all the innocence & ease of what God wants us to know...

May we see all the things that breaks our grown up hearts with new eyes...with the eyes of a child...

(Jesus said,) "I tell you the truth, unless you change & become like little children, you will never enter the kingdom of heaven.  Therefore, whoever humbles himself like this child is the greatest in the kingdom of heaven." -Matthew 18:2-4


  1. RJ,
    Oh girl, you gave me goosebumps this morning. How heartbreaking to lose such a little one, but how heartwarming to see another little one reach out in such honesty and tenderness. It is so important to teach our children from a young age about Jesus and life in Him here and life in Him when we leave here.

    Thanks for sharing this friend. My prayers are with this dear family.

    Hope you are feeling better today friend,

  2. What a terrific thing to write! That is such a nice idea to have the little notes put in the casket with her and let her friends write to her like that. I love this idea!

    This is a great post too, by the way. You should definitely link it up to "Saturday Samplings" over at Half-Past Kissin' Time this week. I'm tweeting this too!

  3. way to make me cry!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Oh my goodness, children are SUCH a wonderful reminder of the love of our Lord!

    THANK YOU for sharing this story!!!

    I'm so sorry for the loss the parents are suffering from, but so thrilled that Miss Kayse is going to be having fun in heaven!!!!

  4. As a Mom to 4 kids (5,7,9 & 15), I have to admit I cried reading this but what a beautiful and encouraging sentiment for a child to write.

    You are so right when you say we should be instilling faith in our children NOW. What a beautiful post!

  5. What a nice post! It's true, we can learn a lot from children!

  6. Isn't it amazing how something so profound and amazing can come from such a tragedy? This really touched my heart!♥

  7. WOW. Children are so innocent and truthful and us adults can learn a lot from them! What a great way to say goodbye to a friend. That was just such a sweet story RJ! Talk about teary eyed!

  8. it is amazing how much more children are capable of then we give them credit for. :) I'm sorry about your town's loss :(

  9. Wow,that is powerful!! Out of the mouths of babes....

  10. Like your first commenter, I got goosebumps too. What a terrible thing, but what a lovely little girl for that sentiment.

    Hugs & love,

  11. And a child shall lead them...

  12. What a beautiful way to look at a tragic situation! I'm sure Josie's sweet words helped at least one person look at the death of this little girl in a different light.

    Thanks for sharing this story, Rebecca.

  13. What a creative idea someone had! And what a sweet response Josie had to the death of her friend. She's had some good teaching about death already in her young life.

    great post!!!

  14. What a great post!! Blessings on your day..

  15. Wow! Sounds like her parents are doing a wonderful job encouraging her faith to grow! What a beautiful (and somewhat unexpected) thing for a child to say!!!

  16. What a lovely post. A sad, sad thing, to lose such a young child.

    My daughter was 4 when my father passed away...every so often she will tell me that Grandpa is doing so much better in heaven. And it makes me feel much better, especially coming from her.

  17. What a beautiful message; I love it. Thanks for linking this up :)

  18. That story was so beautiful and so was the way you wrote it!

  19. Well goodness, tears are now shooting from my eyes. It was just such a lovely note to her friend.

    Kristin - The Goat
    via Saturday Sampling


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