Friday, August 27, 2010

Friday Fragments

Mommy's Idea

So last Friday, I was heading to see my guy, Steven Curtis Chapman... along with a few THOUSAND women ... & this Friday, I'm back in my office.  You'd think I'd be sad... but I'm not because this week, I've got Friday Fragments to make me happy... so let the fun begin...
I have a new addiction.  No, I havent gotten RID of my other addictions of M&M Pretzels or of course, my addiction to yarn... the new love of my life... HEADBANDS... with BIG flowers on them!!!  I have seen people wearing them & think they are adorable but had yet to find them where they were big enough for my big old head...(I'm talking about the FLOWERS being big enough - not the band... my head aint THAT big) .. but I found in Claire's the mother load & was so happy.  I ended up walking away for 5 new headbands last weekend! 

So I found a bunch of old Christmas cards here at work that I saved the front covers of.  Wanted to think of something to make out of them.  Anyone ever use old Christmas card covers for anything?  I'm thinking about hole punching them & tying ribbon & using them as tags for this years gifts... or cutting a lot of them up for Scrapbook embelishing?  Do you all save your Christmas cards for a "recycle" purpose?

WEIRD!!!! I had a dream last night that Sylvester Stallone died... & I was devestated... the whole world was... it was like when Michael Jackson died... where do dreams COME from sometimes?

Did you all realize the new Dancing with the Stars cast is announced Monday?  Do you all know how excited I am about it?  I'm hearing "the Hoff" could be a dancer... that'd be interesting... Bristol Palin apparently has already signed on as well... wonder if that means her scummy baby-daddy will be back so he can get attention.  I'm not sure if I'll be recapping this year - may have to just enjoy the year standing in front of my TV in my fringe, doing my own version of a salsa... maybe that means I need to go to video format to recap?  Nah... I wouldnt do that to the world...

Just in case you were wondering...

Spat of the Week:  America's Got Talent!!!! ...  someone really needs to put Ricky & I on that show as judges because we make Paula & Simon look good (Sharon & Pierce arent as snappy with each other)... I think EVERY act that was on this week, we disagreed about.  And then it got personal when he didnt like Prince Poppycock... those are fighting words!  Ricky really liked the young singer who played the piano instead of the guitar... I liked him too, but there is no way he can compete with Michael Grimm...let the spatting commence!  I mean we were even arguing if it was healthy for the girls with cystic fibrosis to be singing... I expect a contract at our door anyday now for a judging gig....

I was looking at knitting patterns & came across this... question... would a real man really wear this?  I can see maybe... MAYBE... a model guy in New York wearing this... but if I made this for my rock-n-roll husband, I think he'd just laugh...would the men in your life wear this?

But look at THIS knitting wear... A Wonder Woman Super Soaker... OH my - now this is just too cute!!!   She just needs a little gold tiara... & a lasso in her hands... You cant see it, but her invisible jet is laying right next to her on the right...she's pointing at it, giving it away...

I just finished a book I reviewed on my Book Blog - which I actually just renamed "My Companions" because I found this quote:
"No man can be called friendless who has God & the companionship of good books"
Isnt that a great quote???
Anyways!!! Check out my latest read, "The Heart Mender" ... It was so good... So far, there is  nothing Andy Andrews has put out that I havent fallen in love with.  We just saw him too in Indianapolis & I love him even more because he's hyper AND has a great southern accent!  My kinda guy!

Hope everyone has a Fantastic Friday!!!


  1. Love the headband, esp with that pink shirt! You rock on with your trendy self :)

    I'm sure Steven is counting down the days til he meets you!

    Have a great weekend, Rebecca.

    (And no, my husband would NEVER wear a shawl. Not ever.)

  2. I could never pull off a headband, but I'm glad you can! You look cutie-patootie! :)

    And the man-poncho? Ummmm. No.

  3. Ixnay on the awlshay - but I like it for me LOL!

    That is VERY weird about Mr. Stallone! I often have dreams where I go, "um, subconscious - what's going on here?"

    You HAVE to do the DWTS recap. I can't stand to watch, but I'm fascinated, so I live for other people's recaps. Puleeeze? And a video would be extra special.

  4. Love that picture of you with the headband - you look so pretty! :-)

  5. I am so happy that DWTS is staring soon also. It should be a great season. I can't wait to see who gets on the show. I love the headbands I will have to head out and find some. Yeah..
    Have a great weekend.

  6. You should check at Hobby Lobby for big flowers. Ours sells a ton of them and the headbands so you can create your own flower headbands!

    The way in Hades my hubby would be caught dead in that thing unless I let him grow a little moustache, carry a big gun, ride a horse & talk with a Mexican accent. :) He wouldn't mind if it he could be a Mexican gunfighter.

    And for those Christmas cards,you should check out this site:
    I have always wanted to save cards that had a lot of green, red & gold and then make one of these wreaths but of course, I haven't done it. I've just had the site bookmarked for a couple of years instead.

    Hope you have a great weekend!

  7. You are rocking that headband!!!!! :)

  8. Love the quote!

    Love the headband--You've got sass! :)

    I keep trying to watch AGT, looking for the sweet little opera singer, but I can't seem to catch an episode with her in it. She IS still on, is she not??

    Eww. More Bristol Palin? I hope you're wrong.

    Mr.4444 has a poncho like that. Just kidding.

    I've linked you up :)

  9. Cute headband! My sister wears those type of things too. People would laugh at me if I tried. LOL

    I save cards, but I've never done anything crafty with them. Sorry, not ideas for ya!

    LOL @ your Sylvester Stallone dream. Weird.

    I DID know that the new cast of Dancing With the Stars was going to be announced during the Bachelor Pad on Monday August 30th. ;0P LOL I rolled my eyes when I saw that Bristol Palin had signed up to be on though. Puh-lease!

    You crack me up with your love for SCC!

    Sorry, don't watch America's Got Talent, but I bet it would've been fun to be a fly on your wall.

    I'm gonna go with a big ole HELL NO to the man-poncho! Kyle would so laugh in my face if I even suggested it!

    The Wonder Woman diaper thinger for the baby is too funny!

    I've never heard of Andy Andrews {poor guy!}. May have to check him out. =)

  10. You are rocking that headband...I love it!

    Steven Curtis Chapman will be a lot of fun...I can't wait to hear how it goes!

  11. Your frag on DWTS made me LOL! In your fringe! I need that on video :)

    The poncho on that dude, heck to the NO!

    That super soaker is adorable!

    And I love the headband on you, so fun!

  12. Okay so why did I not know that Andy Andrews had a new book? You got me started on him and I just love his writing. I SERIOUSLY need to check out your book review and then I need to go to Amazon. Seriously!!!

    That baby Wonder girl is so stinking cute I could just cry. Cry I tell ya....yes stinking cute makes me cry....anyway..... Hey how do I ever stay dry eyed around Sir Cuteness? Hmmm....anyway..........

    LOVE your headband. Do they give you a headache? I have yet to find one that doesn't give me a headache. Bummer....because I LOVE the BIG flower headbands.

    You and Ricky crack me up!! And that is all I will say about that =)

    Love you friend ~~ have a Blessed weekend,

  13. Yes, I save my Christmas cards and make gift tags from them. I even posted about this with a video. Here's the link:

    I haven't read any books by Andy Andrews but I'll have to look him up. I notice your read "Just Take My Heart" by Mary Higgins Clark. I'd love to hear what you thought of it. I read it too and liked it a lot. Here's a link to my review of it:

    Stopping by from FF--adding you to my blogroll!

  14. the headband shot is too cute!!! I always wonder what motives people have for signing on to dancing with the stars!!! lol!!! I cannot WAIT for you to meet SCC and dish all about it!!!

    Those wonder women bottoms are ADORABLE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I need to see if wait books you've read on your other blog! lol

  15. The headband-awesome! So cute!

    Dreams are crazy sometimes.

    I vote for video recaps from you. Your readers demand it! =)

    The SCC countdown is seriously cracking me up!

    There is no way I could talk my husband into wearing that, even if I spent a whole year lovingly making it for him.

    The tiny Wonder thing I've seen all day! so cute!

  16. The picture of SCC...


    That is TOO funny!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  17. I have a love/hate thing going on with headbands! I hate the plastic ones because they dig into my head and give me headaches but the fabric wrap ones don't work either since I don't have enough hair to hold them down in the back.... but I loooooooove how cute they are! There's just no justice in the world *L*

    That poncho... well it's lovely, but you're right. No man I know would wear it!


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