Thursday, August 26, 2010

Shining onto others...

Anyone a camper? 

If you know anything about me - you know I'm not going to be without running water for long.  I love nature & I love the outdoors - on beautiful, humid free days... but if I cant get to a microwave, or a toilet with easy access, then all deals are off.

For those of you are ARE campers... have you ever used one of these lanterns?

Last night, our pastor was able to give the lesson to our youth & he gave this fantastic image using one of these lanterns....

In the good ole days with no electricity (gasp!!!) they didnt have flashlights that could shine way down a path - they usually just had some sort of lantern that they could light & hold out in front of them... something that would light their way... but would also reflect off them so others could see who they were as they were walking through the night...

What hit me was when our pastor was walking down the aisle showing how you could see who he was with this light reflecting off of him, I could see the light reflecting off people who were near to him as well... just a soft glow that gave them the littlest glimpse of light...

It just hit me in such an amazing way ... what if we let Him shine enough through us, then that light shines on those around us... & gives them just a little glimpse of that light... & it will make them want more light... because who wants to go back in the dark after that?

So, is your light of Jesus shining onto others?


  1. Thanks for my sweet thought today. I use to love going camping with my Papa it was so much fun I miss those days..

  2. Wow...your lessons always blow me away!

  3. Love it!! You always get me thinking!!! LOVE YOU!! :)

  4. I am so glad I came over to visit today. What a timely reminder. I needed to read that. Thanks for sharing.

  5. Oh my...what a wonderful illustration!!! And, when two or more are gathered...

    And, "Let your light shine before men..."

    There truly is real power when we, as Christians, stand together, united in Christ. His light shines brighter as the group gets larger and larger.



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