Friday, August 13, 2010

Friday Fragments

Mommy's Idea
I am sitting here at my desk sick to my stomach... literally... sick to my stomach!  I was fine driving in & got situated at my desk for the final day of the week when BAM!  Nausea... UGH... I hate being nauseated.  Along with it has come a headache... geez.. this day isnt starting out well... maybe some fragging will help..

We have a new group of kiddos in the Jr. High Youth since the school year has began.  One little girl who is the most precious little thing I've ever seen always comes up to me & talks & hugs me everytime she leaves.  She even had her mom help make me a beaded bracelet - its actually very beautiful & I have worn it many times to work.  The other day, she came up & said, "I forgot your name.  I was trying to tell my mom something you said & I just said, "You know, that OLDER LADY in class" ..... OUCH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  All the other leaders just went "OHHHHH!!!!!"... I told her in the future, when she cant remember my name, to just say "The beautiful lady in class"... she laughed...(ouch again!)

I am becoming a cooking fool!  I found a cookbook I bought forever ago that has recipes that are just 5 ingredients or less & oh my gosh - I'm loving this!  This is my kind of cooking!  So far, I've made some homemade pizzas (yum!), Honey Mustard Chicken fingers (YUMMM!), the best meatloaf I've ever tasted in my life (DOUBLE YUMM!), & last night I made "Saucy Pork Chops" (not so yummm)... you cant win them all!  I'm even venturing into the desserts for Ricky this weekend with a cherry cobbler in store.  Yes - my name is Rebecca Jo & I actually like to cook... who knew?

Anyone see "Remember Me" with Robert Pattinson?  I just caught it on Netflix & loved this movie... was so surprised how everyone kept the ending such a secret... So let me ruin it for you... joking!  I wont do that.. but I really did love this movie.  The sister in this movie just killed me... I never so badly wanted to punch a 10 yr old girl then these bullies in this movie!

Speaking of NetFlix - They have now got me addicted to "Lie to Me" & then they pull the rug out from underneath me.  There is no Season 2 available on there yet!  That's just cruel....

Are they serious when they say they are going to make a movie out of that flight attendant, Steven Slater?  I keep hearing of the stars that could play him.  I'm thinking, a good tantrum only lasts a few minutes - how are they going to turn that into a movie?  I have to say - the guy gives me the creeps for some reason. 

Yeah - this pretty much says it all...Its over 100 degrees today here & with the humidity, our heat index is like 115... Thank you Jesus I work in an office where the air is free-flowing...

My brother sent me pictures... the twins started kindergarten this week...I cant believe it... but look at the difference from the first day to the second... the air has definitely been let out of their sails... they must have gotten a quick reality check on the joys of early mornings for school... Only a good 16 years ahead of school for them... cant wait to see the faces they make when they realize THAT!!!

YIPEE - school is going to be great!  Riding the bus is exciting... we've been waiting for this all our lives!

You mean we gotta do this AGAIN?  This bites...

Well, seeing pictures of the twins did make me feel a little bit better... I think I need a Diet Coke to help with this nausea... its a cure-all, right?

Happy Friday everyone!


  1. Yep Diet Coke and maybe some of those pretzel M&M's you like so well. =) I enjoy the coconut ones ~~ OH MY STARS!!! anyway.....

    How did that happen? Off track again =)

    The pic of the twins crack me up. How cute!!!

    That Slater dude gives me the creeps to. I DO NOT get all the media hype. Let it go for crying out loud, you are just feeding it.

    Hope you get to feeling better friend.

    Love you ~~ have a Blessed weekend,

  2. Nothing like a teenager to knock your coolness factor down a few notches :-) I'd imagine when I am done raising 4 girls if I have any self esteem left it will be a miracle! We love them anyway right? :-)
    The school pictures are classic!

  3. this post cracked me up! definitely random!!

    I hope you feel better, it stinks to feel sick on a friday!!

  4. Aww, girl... hope you feel better PRONTO!!!!!!

  5. Hope you feel better soon! Yep I'm drinking a Coke Zero right now, but I love Diet Coke too!

    Love the pictures of the girls. They are adorable.

    Can you post some of those recipes. I'm all about something easy and 5 ingredients sound like something I could handle.

  6. Nausea = yucky. Try some peppermints. That helps sometimes.

    I too am a little skeptical about a movie on the flight attendant guy. Hummm....

    And to answer your question: yes! The shirt is "silky". Hard to tell, but yep, it is! :)

  7. haha diet coke is definitely a cure-all! :-)

  8. Hope you're feeling better, sweetie. Being nauseated just plain sucks.

    LOVE that last pic of the girls! Poor babies. Gabe starts on the 30th, and he is still stressing out about it whenever the subject is brought up. Hope (we) survive the first day :)

    Have a good weekend, stay cool...

  9. Ugh, sorry you're not feeling well!! =(

    Oh boy! Kids are so silly! You are not old and you are gorgeous!!

    Yay for cooking!! If you ever want to make a cobbler, the recipe I've found that is BEYOND ridiculously easy and delicious is from The Pioneer Woman. If you go to her website, search for blackberry cobbler, but you can make it with any fruit/berries. I've made it a whole bunch lately and EVERYONE loves it!

    I haven't seen that movie but I def want to. Just can't stand Rob Pat.

    That's odd that "they" want to make a movie about that flight attendant. :0S He creeps me out too, especially because he looks SO LIKE one of my mom's friends that I can't stand. lol

    LOL @ the weather forecast. We've hardly had summer weather this year so I'm excited about the 90 degrees we're gonna have this weekend!

    The twins are so cute and funny!! Looks like they got a rude awakening. heehee

  10. I hope you feel better soon (or feel better by now... I'm never sure with the time difference over here what time it is there, ha ha!). That is so crazy that that Jr. Higher called you "that old lady" - gah!!! And I know what you mean about the flight attendant. Get over it, people!

  11. I don't even want to think about what my little one's first day of school pic will look like this year! She doesn't plan to go . . .

  12. Love reading your post...

    On the flight attendant guy...he weirds me out too!

    AND I told some girls at work the other day (and I work at a Christian daycare) that I thought God made summer so that people wouldn't want to go to Hell...YUCK! Sorry but I think Heaven will be a very comfortable place and the summer heat doesn't even touch how hot it'll be in Hell...

  13. I need to check out that movie and I totally agree with the weather!!

  14. Awesome post! Sorry you were sick yesterday. That kinda stinks. And good for you for cooking. I'm going through a serious non-cooking phase right now.

    I love Netflix and the show Lie to Me. I usually DVR it. Have a great day!

  15. hey rebecca JO, i am JO too, i'm in NC, in the middle somewhere, i think, moved here last year, and to be honest, i get all turned around here, i know we are on the coast, about 15-20 minutes from the ocean, we are 20 minutes from new bern, where nicholas sparks' books take place. its a big tourist place. and we live where a big marinc corp base is, cherry point. so don't know if that is the middle of the state, i think it is towards the bottom. is really hot here too.

    i looooove cooking too. i have some old cook books, unfortunately they have more than 5 ingredients. but i don't mind. i like to make some of the old time recipes. i have been experimenting. and mine too, some have not worked out either. you live and learn, and waste some stuff. our poor they are our guinea pigs.

    well, have fun, i love the pics of your twinners! their expressions, priceless! ha ha

  16. I sure hope you're feeling better by now.

    The twins are adorable, happy or sad.

    I like cooking, too. Last night, I made my famous Apple Dumplings, which are DELICIOUS and always in demand (see Mrs.4444 Cooks blog) Glad you're having fun.

    The flight attendant dude is not worthy of a movie.

    I love netflix!!!

  17. Ha! love the pictures of the twins! I fell the same way about going back to school!! Humph!!

    Thanks for the sweet birthday messages yesterday!!! I had a great day!


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