Thursday, August 12, 2010

Hey Soul Sister...

I'm walking around the house this morning, getting ready & just kept singing...

"Hey Soul Sister - Aint that mister mister..."

Actually, I sing "Hey Soul Sister - didnt want to kiss her" ... dont ask me why - Ricky & I both sing it that way.

I hate this song...

When we were getting ready to leave, Ricky jokingly said, Why are you singing that song?  I told him I had no idea since it drives me nuts anyways - which he knows - which is why he asked me why I'm singing it.

He said when the alarm went off, it was the song that was on the radio.  He knows how much I hate it, so being the good husband he is, he let the whole song play out.

You need to know - I am a SLEEPER!  I can sleep through most anything... I have people who can attest to that (Julie, are you shaking your head, YES!) ... so that alarm didnt phase me.  I usually wake up when Ricky tells the dogs to "go get momma" - then they all jump on the bed or the side of the bed, barking & licking my face.  Thats my morning wake up call...

And then I thought about how I had that song in my head... didnt even KNOW I had heard it - it subconsciously got into my head.  Wasnt even aware of it...have you ever had that happen?  You get something in your mind & you wonder, how did that get there?  Only to find out, you just heard something on the radio,  TV, or something someone around you just said & you heard it...but not really heard it?

Then I thought, how many times do we just let sin in our lives without really even paying any attention to it?  Its so easy to hear songs with horrible lyrics, or tv, or foul language & it just slips in our minds & its just THERE - without us even really being aware of it...

This stupid song by Train really showed me once again how we need to be on our toes... always aware of what's going on around us - always keeping up our guard....

And I will put an apology disclaimer here now if I have left you with "Hey Soul Sister" stuck in your head...

Be self-controlled and alert.  Your enemy the devil prowls around like a roaring lion looking for someone to devour. -1 Peter 5:8


  1. I have thought about this before, also. The devil has wily tricks to get you on "his team" (as Gabe says); we have to be on guard. Surrounding ourselves with the things of the Lord and filling our minds up with the same...this is how we avoid being "drafted" onto the wrong team :)

    Although I have to admit that I like this song...

  2. Read the title of this post on facebook this morning, didn't even have time to read the post at all, and that song has been stuck in my head every since. Thank you very much.

  3. yeah now it's in my head. love that 1 peter verse...thanks for posting this great reminder.

  4. Happy Thursday..

    I so loved Wicked..

  5. Wow, great post. I have been away from church for awhile & the devil is totally sneaking in!

  6. I absolutely have that song stuck in my head now. yuck!

    The other night my husband was asleep and I layed in bed and watched a tv show, it was cops and gangsters and all the shoot em up moments that come with that.

    About three minutes after the show was over, my husband woke up and told me about this weird dream he was almost the exact same story as the show.

    He made me promise to watch things like that in another room next time if he is sleeping!


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