Tuesday, August 03, 2010

"you just dont get it"

We got to meet up with our baby girl Lindsay for dinner last night.  I told Ricky it just kills me to see her now because she's really a "grown up" but when I see her, I still see the 4 yr old playing grown up... but alas, time has gone by & grown up she really is ...

She is in college right now - & with that comes all the hard work of doing college and working & trying to pay bills & just making it through....she works at McDonalds part time right now & she is getting in extra hours while its summer break.  Like most people feel about their jobs, she has some rough days.  Then she went on to say she had to work a 10 hour day... & "It was AWFUL" ... & remember, she's a theater major & girl can act - so when she said "It was AWFUL" - it was with the most theaterical despair you can imagine.  (Being a tad dramatic myself, I can appreciate that & personally get a kick out of the theaterics!) :)

It was so funny because Ricky was asking her what was so bad about it.  She looked at him & said, "Dad, it was 87 degrees in there the other day" ... Ricky just had to laugh because at his job in a warehouse, the other day, it was 115 degrees.  And then she said "You cant imagine what its like to stand on your feet for 10 hours a day" ... I just held my tongue as Ricky puts in a 10 - 12 hour day sometimes, where he's running constantly to do his job...

The complaining about the job went on for a little while & finally she said "Dad, you just dont get it"

Ricky just smiled & said OK...

When we were driving home, we had a giggle about that conversation & how Lindsay just had no way of thinking her dad knew anything she was going through.  How horrible her job was - how mistreated she is - how the working conditions are the worse.

I told Ricky, "You know, I'm sure we did the same thing to our parents, thinking they just didnt understand what we were going through"

For those with teenagers, how many times do your kids act like you just dont know what they are going through...

I was laying in bed thinking about it all last night & thinking, "Mercy - how many times do we go through things in our life & even think our Heavenly Father doesnt understand" - when we hit rough patches, do we think He cant possibly know how we feel, or how hard the situation is, or how rough the path is?

I have a new vision of God now just smiling & shaking his head & grinning when I yell at Him that he just doesnt understand...

But He does...

I just wanted to pass on encouragement today... if you feel like you're in a situation where its hard & no one can know what it feels like or what you're going through... God is by your side... going through it all with you.  He understands...

The righteous cry out, & the Lord hears them; 
he delivers them from all their troubles.
The Lord is close to the brokenhearted
& saves those who are crushed in spirit.
Psalm 34:7-18


  1. What a great dad to just sit there and hold his tongue.

    What a great way to bring it back to God. You are SO right!

  2. Oh, how many times I've heard that exact phrase. I guess they must think that we were just born, and then we were this age... and we didn't live in between!!! I can just see Ricky's face!!! And HEAR the dramatics!! And someday, when she has kids, and one of them says these things to her, hopefully she'll just have that same smile... and then a look of surprise when she remembers saying the exact same thing to you and Ricky, as she gets it... you DID understand all along!

  3. Such a good lesson! And so funny too. I have said that SO many times.

    Love the photo! Adorable. :)

  4. Sooooooo true, and LOVE that verse!!

  5. That is so cool that Ricky didn't mention anything about his job. What a good dad!

  6. I've been hearing that a lot lately!
    There is nothing like parenting that humbles you to our Father in Heavens perspective

  7. haha, I have that same imagine of God up there shaking His head at me being like, precious, precious child just trust me on this one okay? I know He knows what I'm going through and I know I need to trust Him, just so much easier said than done!!


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