Sunday, August 01, 2010

Project 365-25

I cant believe we're into August now... but last week was finishing up July... here's what the week looked like through my camera...

Sunday - Good examples .... I was leaving church & looked down the road as I was driving & saw two of the youth kiddos walking with one of their younger brothers... I loved that the friend grabbed a hand & helped with little boy down the street... I guess because I know these two teenage boys & know how awesome they both are, this sight just made me smile & I had to grab my camera.  What good examples for the little boy to look up too...

Monday - Looks like Picasso to me!!!.... we got the best surprise in the mail today!  We should have known it was going to be pretty awesome when the address was labeled to "Pappy & Nanny" ... this is art work from our 2 yr old grandbaby Isaac.  And it just made Ricky's day with it being IRONMAN!!!!  This just makes me want to urge Julie onto having a daughter soon so I can get some Belle coloring book pages! :)  Joking... I'll take the free hand art work like on the red paper anyday... its worth all the expensive dollars of art work that people spend...

Tuesday - Just worn out.... I got to go visit Emily up in the hospital & poor little thing just wasnt have a good day when I got up there... after awhile of screaming her little lungs out, her momma was able to get her calmed down & then she was just exhausted... Bless her little heart...  she is just such a gorgeous baby.... keep the prayers going for this little angel!

Wednesday - Keep on treadin' .... I wasnt too keen on paying the price of my new treadmill a few months ago, but I have to say - the customer service has been worth it.  It has a year warranty on it & they come right out to check on it & fix any problems.  The repair man did have to come out Wednesday to look at a "clicking" noise that was driving me a tad insane.  A quick tightening of some doo-hickey's & I was putting the miles back in...

Thursday - trying a stab at the Italian.... My new dish for the week was a "Mozerella Chicken" & it was yummmmy. It was ... it was... I can't think of a Italian word for good.  Good-o?  With a hand guesture.  It got the thumbs up from Ricky - so to me, that's like winning some sorta cooking contest. ... (& you totally know dinner doesnt happen without a Diet Coke.... I wonder how many Diet cokes have made my Project 365?)

Friday - This is my Happy Hour... The whistle blew at work & I had to go to Target to pick up some stuff.  I always enjoy going there after work on Friday... its not busy yet so no crowds to fight... & shopping is always a fun way to ease into the weekend! 

Saturday - BIGGER THEN MY HEAD!!!!.... yes - that is from the sunflowers in my front yard.  That is the actual leaf!  they are all like that too... you can even see the one behind my head.  HUGE!!!!!  I feel like I can build a hut for Survivor with these things!

So I'm anxious to see what August has in store for my world...


  1. I so love all of your pictures! The one with the two teens holding the little boys hands is just precious!

  2. love that picture with the boys...very sweet!

    Last year, when I went back over my P365 pictures, I found a lot of pictures of my feet!!! It's funny what you tend to take over and over without realizing!

    so how big is the flower part?!!! it must be ginormous!

  3. I forgot you took that pic of Emily. Gosh I love that girl! Thanks for visiting us!!

  4. Those pictures of Isaac's artwork are precious! And Emily, too.

    Dinner looks yummy! Although lately I'm a Coke Zero girl...

    Happy August!

  5. Oh Wow! Those sunflowers are huge! I once read an article that if you planted sunflowers just right you could make a "plant fort" for your children in your own yard. Looks like you have the type to do it with :)

  6. Kids artwork is always a heart tugger at our house too...grammas and papas always love getting love in the mail!
    I too am a diet coke girl...YUM!

  7. I love your pictures! AND OMG your sunflowers are HUGE!!!!!! What's your secret?!!?! Do you talk to them? ;)

  8. The picture of the teenagers....well it was just priceless!

    OMGosh at the size of the sunflower!!!!!

    Great week!

  9. sweet picture of the boys! great capture!

    i would love getting artwork in the mail like thoughtful!

  10. That sunflower is HUMUNGOUS!!!!!!!!!!!!

  11. That picture of the boys...precious!
    Nothing better than kid artwork!
    I love all of your vocab this week...doo-hickey and good-o are my favorites. :)
    Those sunflower leaves are amazing! You could totally build a hut with them, then decorate with the flowers and live on the seeds! You would totally win.
    Have a super week!!

  12. Love the first pic. Tells a story, doesn't it?

    Baby Emily truly IS gorgeous.

    Wow. I guess I never noticed before how huge sunflower leaves are!


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