Thursday, August 19, 2010

Yummy or gross?

Our state fair starts today... The Kentucky State Fair... & yes, I live in Indiana so how is Kentucky my state fair... it gets confusing, I know.  But I live in Indiana but my work, my parents, my heart is in Kentucky - so there is actually a name for people on the border edge - its called "Kentuckiana"... seriously... I dont make this stuff up!

Anyhoo... Ricky & I are going to the fair next weekend & I love going... I can get lost for HOURS in the arts/crafts area.  There are rows & rows of drawings & photography submissions & I seriously have to look at every one of them.  That is the point that Ricky heads over & does things I have no interest in... like watching pigs race....

They were talking this morning on the radio of the latest foods that are coming to the fair... of course, there are the favorites - corn dogs, elephant ears - or funnel cakes - however you prefer to call them, cheese fries, gyros...

And then there are the "fried foods" - I've never had any of these & truthfully, am a little afraid to try it - afraid I'd kill over instantly from a cardiac BURST... that's my medical training terms coming at you...

*Fried Oreos
*Fried Twinkies
*Fried Pickles
*Fried COKE (how is that even possible?)
*Fried Butter - that's new this year...

But the kicker that is new this year at the fair.... a KRISY KREME BURGER!!!!!!!!!!  An actual hamburger in between two Krispy Kreme glazed donuts!!!!

I cant even imagine what that tastes like....

What do you think?  Does that sound yummy or gross?
What's your favorite "Fair Food"?

I've got a week to think about what I'm going to indulge in....

Do they have a "Fried DIET COKE"?  That could ring my bell....


  1. Fried pickles are awesome!

    I just don't know what to think about that KK burger. KK is good with almost anything, but I think that is just crossing the line. Ew!

    Hope you have a great time at the fair -- read your news about SCC - Terrific!! WOOHOO!!

  2. I think it sounds disgusting!! I love KK and hamburgers but I don't want them together.

  3. Sounds terrible to me. Give me an Italian Sausage Sandwich and a funnel cake and call me happy at the fair!!

  4. and we wonder why our country has a weight problem....sheesh, fried butter?! that burger sounds horrible and I love krispy kreme.

    my favorite foods are corn dog, corn on the cob, funnel cake, caramel that order! ha! I like to eat my way through the fair!

    have fun!

  5. That would be the ruination of a good donut I think. Although I do like McDonald's McGriddles - I don't think this would be the same. Makes my teeth hurt to think about it!

    I tried fried cookie dough at a Reds game one time - it WAS tasty, but yeah I could feel my arteries clogging while I ate it. Not really wanting to try it again!

  6. oh arts & craft areas are always my favorite!! I get so many ideas in them!

  7. Fried pickles are the BEST!!! Amen and hallelujah!!!

    Funnel cakes, heaven in dough form!!!!

    As far as the hamburger in between donuts, inteeeeresting!!!!!!!

    Try it because I want to know how it is.

    Can I come to the fair with you???

  8. a Southerner, I find most anything fried sounds pretty good. I have had fried Oreos (too mushy) and fried pickles (tasty!). The fried butter sounds like heaven!
    And while I love KK and burgers, I don't think I'd like the 2 together. My all time fav are corndogs!
    Have fun!

  9. I'm a sucker for the mini donuts and cheese curds. But the donut burger? No thanks!

  10. The only reason I even go to the fair is for the food.

    And I LOVE fried pickles. My very first job when I was 16 was at a little mom and pop fast food place, and that was one of our specialties.

  11. the only one that might have the slightest interest to me would be the friend oreos :)

  12. That's a big YUCK on that Krispy Kreme burger.

    But fried butter? I have to say that sounds yummy.

    Have fun at the fair!

  13. oh yum!! i'm sure i'd regret it but the donut burger sounds so good! i also saw this parfait that has layers of bbq pulled pork and mashed potatoes. it looks like a dessert. hilarious!!

  14. Ok my pregnancy does not agree with this food.Yikes!!

  15. Fried food can not be great for my tummy at times. I love Creme puffs. Not sure about that Kreme Burger. If you do try it let us know.. Have a great day.

  16. Krispy Kreme Donut... yes

    Hamburger... yes

    Krispy Kreme Burger... a definite NO!

    Whenever I go to the fair I have to have a corn dog. That's the only place I eat them!


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