Thursday, August 05, 2010


It is miserable outside... I'm talking the kind of miserable where you just step outside to go to your car & you have sweat going down your back & your skin sticks to everything... ewww...

My poor husband works in a warehouse & he took a picture with his cell phone to show me it was 120 degrees where he was working... that just makes me sick for him.  I know I couldnt do it.... I'm a wimp....

And the forecast all the way through next week still has us in the upper 90's & even hitting those 3 digit numbers again... Add in the humidity & I think its pretty close to the temperature in Hell...

What is the temperature where you're at?  Are you melting too? 

Just remember, we'll be complaining soon enough about how cold it is...


  1. I've felt so bad for Jeff this week. He said they had a guy go home yesterday because he got so sick from the heat. When he comes home his clothes are white from all the sweat...I imagine Ricky's are too. I'm very thankful for the a/c in my office.

  2. I LOVE this cartoon!

    Yesterday, it was 106 degrees in the shade of my backyard. In the SHADE!

    I lit a pumpkin spice candle last night, just to make me anticipate the coolness of fall. It really did help, for a minute, anyway.

    Poor Ricky, that is awful. I hope he stays safe in that heat.

  3. It has been so GROSS here. Yesterday it said 104!!! YUCK! Add in the humidity and I am not a happy girl!!!

  4. Girl.... I feel you, I'm READY for Fall.

    Seriously, we're hot, then we're cold, we're never satisfied!!! LOL!

  5. I love Fall & Winter....bring on the cold, layers of clothes & hot chocolate! Last night, we went down to the farm at 6:45pm and the temperature outside was still 98 degrees! I hate this icky, sticky hot, sauna like weather.

  6. It's been really hot here too and I am so thankful to have an indoor airconditioned job!!

  7. Yep its H.O.T here in Texas too!! We were spoiled last week with temps in the high 80s-low 90s and cloudy most days! This week it's been unbearable!! Ugh!!!! I am definitely ready for Fall!!

  8. all are is soooo hot here, we are on the coast of NC, and right on the beach, just about 15 mins to the ocean, but you think that would make it cooler? nope. nada. not a chance. just hot and sticky and your bathing suit sticks to your skin and sand gets in those places you don't want to mention. PLUS the air is saltier, which i don't mind, i love the beach atmosphere, summer and winter both, even though i'm not from here, it's my hubby's hometown, but its a nice place. i'm a northern girl, from upstate NY, and i really love fall and winter. i too long for those nights when we can look forward to hot cocoa and snow storms, though i don't think we get them here. not too often anyway. but with the way global warming is affecting the cycling of our weather, we may be not have a normal season again! it worries me! (my word verification: woolema! how funny!)

  9. Not really sure how hot it is here as I hardly go outside during the hot hours, but it was so nice when I was at a cabin in the mountains this weekend. I'm talking highs in the low 70s...really. It was rainy. Almost chilly!

  10. It's been like that here too... reaching about 93 here... though today is finally a little cooler. The last two days we had non-stop thunderstorms (no rain just thunder and lightning... which is bad, we get so many forest fires). I had to use a converter to figure out that 93 degrees thing as we don't use faranheit in Canada so hopefully it's accurate.... Anyway it was 34 Celcius

  11. We've hit the hottest temps in 30 years here in my city - 120 with the heat index.

    What a deal!

    Praying you and your husband will stay cool and safe in this heat!



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