Sunday, August 08, 2010

Project 365-26

Another week - another camera full of pictures... here's the beginning of August in Rebecca Jo-Land...

Sunday - "I'm no fool" ... Yep, its hot... gotta be hotter when you're a dog with lots of fur.  But dont think my doggie, Sydney, doesnt know how to keep things cool.  She literally, every night, will lay down on top of the air vent.  I've gotten up to pet on her after she's laid there for awhile & that doggie is cooler then cool!  .... its cute & all, but the bedroom gets all stuffy since she's sucking up the air...but how do I make her move?  With a face like that, she'll get her way everytime....

Monday - She's a woman? .... we got to meet Lindsay out for dinner & its just crazy for me to look at her & think she's a woman!  She's still the baby, dang it! And yes, she turns 22 in 2 months - & she still looks like she's 13, so that doesnt help! We're so proud of her though - she just got a Theater Scholarship for her acting!!!!  So the girl who hated school more then anything may be putting in a few more years....

Tuesdsay - Bye Bye Ruth... thats what the post-it says (though you cant see it very well)... I have so enjoyed that study... we had some good talks going on via Chatzy... made me so sad to say goodbye to this study.  But Dawn is all on it & getting us ready for another study on Jonah!  Time to learn from a big ole whale!  If you want to join us, be sure to check out Dawn's blog: - she'll have more info coming up on how to join in.

Wednesday - never grow up!!!.... You all know I love these youth kiddos!  And I love them for reason #574 - because they may be growing up, but they are still full of fun & play.  It keeps me young myself... but obviously not young enough to try & climb up a door frame.  We do want the church to stay standing....

Thursday - Love you too Dad!!!... I got home & my dad called & said, "Did you get a note today?" - HUH?   Then he asked what door I came through.  I came through the garage.  He told me to go look out my front door.  He had driven by earlier in the day & left a note in my wreath.  I think I told you all before how he used to leave me notes when he worked in my office building - I'd never know where they would turn up... this was a fun surprise that made my day...

Friday - Welcome Home Chayla!!!! .... Chayla, one of the awesome kiddos from church spent the past month in Florida with her dad.  And when one of us is gone, it just feels like a part of us is missing... so when she came home, a friend of hers threw a Welcome Home Party.  There were LOTS of people who missed this young lady...Glad she's back home with us!

Saturday - It finally happened!... Its official - the mark of a runner - no toe nail! I know some of you have traveled the pictures of my dying toe nail & Saturday was the end of this story.  Its been hurting & slowly peeling away from the skin.  I've kept it band-aided up but took it off for my shower.  Then I looked down & it was literally just hanging on by the side.  It just took a tiny tug & the whole thing was off... It freaks me out to look at my toe now.  But the new nail is already coming up... I figure it'll be full grown, just in time for the next Mini get bruised again & to fall off again...

Excited to see what the next week holds & the things my camera captures...

Hope you all have wonderful memories you want to capture... even if its gross toes! :)

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  1. Ummm. I hope you won't be offende when I agree that seeing your toenail in your hand not on your toe is gross. EW! Yucky.

    I am a little envious that you have such get up and go to accomplish your dreams. Way to go!

  2. My aussie does the exact same thing!!! smart dogs!

    my husband just lost his finger nail (he smashed it a while ago) and it looks a lot like your toe!

  3. A note from your dad: That is just so incredibly sweet!

  4. The note from your Dad is so sweet & makes me teary eyed. The toe makes me teary-eyed for other reasons...ha! ICK Loving your Project 365 posts this year.

  5. Gross! But I love that you took the pic and posted it! Hopefully, it will grow in correctly and you won't have any more problems with it! Does this happen to all serious runners?

    Such a sweet Daddy! Makes me want to go put a note in my Dad's wreath. He'd think I was nuts. :)

    My little girl is 20 and I can't figure out how that happened so quickly. Congrats to your daughter on her scholarship.

    I may want to hang out with your dog! We have a record heat wave on the way this week. Ugh.

    Have a good one.

  6. Sorry Bec...that's gross but weirdly intriguing.

  7. your nail looks like my husbands, he is forever hitting his or cutting it with a saw! i can't leave him alone in the shed!

    your project is pretty cool, as is your doggie! my doxie stays cool in the house, when i take her out, she pants and hangs her tongue, it's been so hot here. have a good week!

  8. your pup has sure got it made!! and could your dad get any sweeter???

  9. omg, yuck about your toenail! I actually had that happen to me too. I ran a marathon once, a long time ago :)
    Anyway, I'm new to your blog, just love it, now a follower!

  10. Your dog is brilliant!
    So glad you enjoyed the Ruth study!!
    I love your dad! What a blessing he must be to you.
    Well, at least you can start working on that new nail now, huh? Where else could you share the journey of your toe but in bloggy land! :)
    Have a great week!!


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