Friday, November 05, 2010

Friday Fragments

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Last Friday at this time... I was snoozing since I was taking a vac-cay... & I totally missed out on Friday posting... & this week, I'm back at life (sigh).  But on the bright side, I can FRAG AWAY now... so let's get to it!

So I love to vote - only because it ticks off my coworker something fierce!  She lives & breaths the Democratic Party.  Me, not so much.  I try not to get in any conversations with her about politics because it just ends up a mess... but everytime I go to vote - I always like to remind her that I'm only voting to cancel her vote out... Oh my goodness - that makes her so angry.  But it makes me so happy... I dont care about the other thousands of Democatic votes... My one Republican vote cancels her Democratic vote - ONLY hers - it makes so happy to think of it that way! 
Vote just to spite others... I love this country!

Last week, I had my 7th root canal... (BOO!)  And Wednesday I got my tooth prepped for my 6th crown (BIGGER BOO!!)  Do you all know how much money is invested in my mouth?  And the bad thing?  My teeth are still ugly!  I never had braces so I have crooked teeth, which never bothered me.  I think it gives personality.  Like, I would be so sad if Jewel ever fixed her teeth - it gives her a uniqueness!  But after looking at the cost of what I've had to do to my teeth, I do kinda want the Julia Roberts smile... & for the record - I promise that I do take care of my teeth!  I think it makes me sound like a hill-billy with one tooth & who flosses with a corn stalk or something.  

Guess who I got notice is following me on Twitter.... Lee Meriweather!  The original Cat Woman!!!!  Which is even funnier because she was in town one time & went to Lindsay's school to teach an "Acting class" for the Theater department.  Lindsay knew how much her daddy loves superheroes so she got an autograph from her to Ricky... its cute too - it says something like "Thanks for being the PURRRRfect fan" with a cat face at the end... Yep, me & catwoman - we're tight!

SPAT OF THE WEEK:  The electric toothbrush.... Why?  I had to finally ask Ricky WHY?!?!  For goodness sakes, he uses his electric toothbrush & then sets it down on the counter.  Right NEXT to the charger - but never ON the charger.  I dont get it.  So daily, I have to place it back on the charger for him.  Last week, I thought, I'm not going to put it on there & see what happens.  Well, it has a "Battery Indicator" light on it... do you know he didnt place it on the charger for DAYS - the battery was almost down to nothing.  I mean he places it on the counter to where it probably even TOUCHES the charger - but never does he place it ON the charger... Is he afraid he's going to get electrocuted or something? 

I knitted up a cowl a few weeks ago... here's a remind of what it looks like...

And then I see one for sale on Etsy...

This momba-jomba is for sale for $90.00!!!!  I want to know how you even move your head in this thing!  It has to weigh like 50 lbs on your shoulders... you could probably sink into it like a turtle too & hide if a situation should arise....


I have to admit - it kinda freaked me out too about the idea that Santa Claus
"sees you when your sleeping, he knows when you're awake" ...

For your laugh of the day....

How is no one around even laughing?  Everyone looks like they are in awe of this... I'm thinking this has GOT to be a Will Ferrell movie or something!

Hope you all have a FANTASTIC FRIDAY!!!! 


  1. i really enjoyed your fragments!! especially the one about your hubby being afraid of electrocuting himself!!! i think mind is terrified the dishwasher will bite him ;-)

  2. The Big Guy and I have the same thoughts about politics. I'm usually more the liberal, he's more the conservative. And regardless of how we vote and end up having out votes cancel each other out--the best part is, we can express our voice and get to VOTE!


  3. I love cancelling out other people's votes!

    Funny yoga poster. I am not sure if this would make me want to go more or run far, far away!

    And that cowl neck on Etsy? Seriously? The buttons are bigger than that girl's boobs! I like the one you made!

    Maybe you should move your husband's charger over a little, so the toothbrush lands in it instead of on the counter? Or buy him a regular toothbrush until he learns to charge his electric one :)

  4. Interesting way of looking at it.
    I canceled out someone's vote too.

    Funny that you mention dental work. I've been getting a lot of work done too, and just had a crown put on yesterday. It still feels a bit funny.

    Guys are like that. Lazy.

    And I don't think I'll be doing any yoga. LOL

  5. Happy Friday!
    I've always wanted to learn to knit, but I have no time for it. I have no time for my other crafts. :)
    Hope you have a great weekend.

  6. My husband & I cancel each out each others votes usually, but we still go & do it.

    We cannot discuss politics in our house!

    Thanks for the laughs,


  7. Girl...your Friday Fragments are da bomb! Just what the doctor ordered!!!

  8. Liked your Fragments today! Love you cowl, but the other is just butt ugly and that last picture of the yoga is just plain weird! Thanks for the laughs.

  9. I've decided to spare myself the expense of root canals on every tooth and have set up my false teeth fund. It was hard at first... I felt like a failure for my teeth falling apart... but some things are out of our control and I'm more at peace with it now.

    "but everytime I go to vote - I always like to remind her that I'm only voting to cancel her vote out"
    This made me laugh out loud. Even now, just reading over it makes me giggle. Will have to remember this next election.

  10. have a great weekend...

    I also voted this week. It felt great.

  11. I'm going to pass on the $90 cowl. I would get lost in there. Love the yoga poster! I wonder how man days the toothbrush would hold a charge and what your husband would do when he picked it up and it was dead. Come on. Do an experiment!!!! ;)

  12. I love voting as well and I'm with you, I love cancelling out those Democrats!

    The yellow cowl has to be for people that live in Russia/Siberia, etc. where it is super cold. I know I would have LOVED to have had one that size when I was doing mission work there in the winter.

    Hope you have a SUPER weekend!

  13. Lee Meriwether is on twitter?? How did I not know this? How have I not been following her? How can I get her to follow me so that I can release this jealousy that I am currently feeling toward you?

    I definitely think that your cowl is much more useful than that one. Unwearable fashion confuses me.

    The yoga picture? Hilarious!

  14. Dentist bills are awful. Sounds like you go a lot!

    Stopping by from FF, here's a link to mine:

  15. Cracking up about the vote canceling thing. Do try to get a photo or video next time, will you please?

    My mouth is a gold mine, too. Hate it. Fortunately, my kids inherited their dad's dental health.

    Loved your cowel! The other one? Hmmm.

    Thanks for linking up this week! :)


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