Sunday, November 07, 2010

Project 365-36

We're getting into Novemer?  Seriously?  WOW!  the year is just flying by... here's how the week looked for me.

Sunday - A Witchy Night... I got to dress up & go trick-or-treating with my nieces.  Halloween is my favorite holiday so I had the best time hanging out with these little girls & seeing all the other kids dressed up & loading up on sugar...

Monday - Back to work... I walk in & this all was in my bin... forget the 589 emails I had too... geez, vacation is more work then any other time of the year.

Tuesday - VOTE - for good hair... I know it was election day, but I had a hair appointment.  Which means it was the highlight of my day - a warm dryer with the latest People Magazine... & fingers massaging my scalp. ahh - that definitely trumps a voting picture!

Wednesday - "What's wrong with your face?" .... I went to get my tooth prepped for the latest crown (which hurts WAY worse then a root canal) - & my face was still numb.  I stopped by my nieces on the way home & they made me laugh when Sophia saw my lip dropping & looked at me so serious & said "Aunt Bec, what's wrong with your face?" - that's always a scary sentence to hear for your ego...

Thursday - Premiere for Emily!!! ... & I forgot to take a picture!  GASP!  There was a "Premiere Jewelry" Party & it benefited our friends Joe & Erica for baby Emily... I guess I was just too involved with picking my selections that I couldnt be bothered with my camera... (I cant wait for my necklaces!!!!)

Friday - I'm officially a dummy!!! .... I spent from the moment I got home from work, until the moment I went to bed going through this book while on the computer, trying to figure out Photoshop Elements 9.  So far, I have to say, I like other software better.  Maybe I just have to get use to it more, but I'm just not liking the effects & the portrait selections.  I dont think it really "fixes" faces too well... the book didnt help either on that... a tad disappointed.  Hopefully I'll change my mind...

Saturday - Time to clean the closet.... Its getting cold & time to break out the sweaters & warm wear.  While it takes a few hours & a LOT of work to organize - I love having such an organized place in the end.  It'll stay that way for a few weeks anyways until all choas breaks loose again (aka a bad "fat day" with clothes being thrown everywhere).  I also ended up having 2 HUGE bags full of clothes & 2 bags full of purses to give to Goodwill... nice to get some more room

So we're heading closer & closer to the Holiday season - so it'll be interesting to see everyone's pictures.  I'm sure Christmas trees going up is going to be the big thing in the next few weeks (EGADS!)

Hope you've had click-worthy moments in your life!


  1. RJ,
    You little trick-or-treaters were so cute. Yep, Sir Cuteness was on a sugar-rush too. So cute!!!

    I LOVE your hair. I want nice thick locks of luscious hair, but I guess I'll deal with thin, fine, very graying hair. I'm hoping for a spa day soon to color these thin locks.

    Hope your tooth is better.

    Have a Blessed week friend,

  2. you so crack me up!!!

    I love that you posted you numb face smile!!!! what's wrong with your face...out of the mouths of babes!

    can you come do my closet? .....please?!

  3. I am throwing a premier jewelry party the first week of December!!!!! :) HAHA! You so need to read my post from Thursday!!

  4. All that mail. Ugh. Hope you got through it by the end of the week :) I think some of those "Dummies" books are actually for geniuses who already hold an advanced degree in whatever topic it's on... Hopefully things will "click" for you soon. Lovin' your closet. Wanna come do mine? :)
    Have a wonderful week!

  5. HAHA I LOVE the numb face :)

    it is purely awesomeness!!!

    And you make a beautiful witch!

  6. The closet looks terrific! I loved that first shot, though :) Have a great week!

  7. Great shots. Love the Halloween one. I got to giro the salon also this week. Poor tooth and face. Have a great day!

  8. Next time I go to the dentist I should take a picture of MY face too! And my hair - I always leave the dentist with bed head.

  9. I love that you still love Halloween! Its such a fun time :)

    Yay for hair appointments. I am supposed to have one this week!

    Did you go to a Premier Jewelry party? Where there is a consultant that does a presentation? I used to do that! lol

    I've been thinking of getting Photoshop, now you've got me 2nd guessing! lol Keep us {me!} updated!

  10. I have been trying to figure out how to use Photoshop, but none of it makes sense! UGH! Closet, that's something at the top of my "to do" list!

  11. It looks like a good week except the numb part!!

    Hugs & Love,

  12. You make such a cute witch! I wish I could have gone trick or treating! Your nieces are adorable!

  13. Great Halloween picture!! Y'all make very cute witches. ;)

    Ugh. Numb Face. I SO hate that feeling. Even worse, I hate the way it feels as the numbness wears off. Owww!!

    Man, I need to organize my closet, too. I have those bad days, too, where I throw everything all over the place and don't have time to pick it up because (now) I'm running late after trying on so many things, all of which I hate. Makes me want to just live in pajamas, honestly.

  14. No Christmas trees for a few more weeks at our house :)

    I hate returning from vacation too, I always wonder what people were thinking when I have to unravel their mess.


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