Monday, November 29, 2010

O Christmas Tree...

Work... its work to put up a Christmas tree... especially in our house.

It starts off with the tree... thank goodness for Pre-lit trees though. I always said Ricky & I would get divorced over a Christmas tree.  Every year, we would argue about how many strings of lights need to go on it, how far back they were pushed inside the tree, all white lights or colored lights... I'm telling you - it was just plain ugly!  Then (....angels singing....) - we got our pre-lit tree a few years ago & life is just good.  All I ask for Ricky is to get tree standing - I'll take care of the rest...

Once the tree is up & the lights connected - its time to bring up the totes

Ribbon gets drapped around the tree - the ribbon topper goes on & then the ornaments...and the most important ornament goes on first... always does...

We put it dead center of our tree so everyone can see it... Its the reason Christmas exists so we definitely keep CHRIST in Christmas!!!!

Then its onto the Disney ornaments... our whole Christmas is Disney-fied... We have big statues of Mickey & Minnie decorated for Christmas - we have a huge Pluto statue tangled in lights... we have a statue of Donald Duck carrying a Christmas package.  We just need a boat to go through our home & I'd play "Its a Small world" through our stereo speakers!

Our tree of course has plenty of Mickey Mouse & Goofy & Minnie & Pluto... the whole gang... but I really love the "rare" Disney characters... the ones you dont see too often...

We have 3 different Pinnochios... We picked one up in Vegas one year that has actual hinges like a real puppet... one of my favs...

I also love the ladies that dont get much recognition - like Esmerelda from "The Hunchback" ... I still have not ever seen a "Mulan" ornmament.  If anyone sees on, let me know!  I am proud we also have a Pochontas, a Sleeping Beauty & a few Little Mermaid Ariels...

Woody is also one of my favs, swinging the lights in a lasso... right above him is a Buzz Lightyear with a star in his hands, like he is flying... And of course, I have plenty of Belle ornaments. I actually used to have a Beauty & the Beast tree - nothing but ornaments from the movie... but I dont have a place to put that tree anymore... I think that may be my new mission - to find a real thin tree so I can put up in my bedroom so I can pull out all those ornaments!!! 

Here is Meg from Hercules - another one of my favs... Did you know Meg's voice is actually the voice of Belle from the original Broadway Play?  (I told you - I love Disney!) ... Right below this ornament is Hercules...

Keeping with some other ladies, here's Jasmine with Aladdin on their magic carpet.  I also have another ornament with them in their wedding clothes from the 2nd Aladdin movie.  The Genie is also hanging on our tree... cant leave out the Genie!

I need to keep count of how many Disney ornaments we have... & Hallmark keeps us going to with all the ones they bring out every year... Keep em coming Hallmark!

And here is the finished product... a beautiful glowing tree of magic...I love sitting in the room at night with nothing but the tree on & a Disney movie on the television... makes me feel like a kid again...perfect for Christmas time...

So, is your tree up?  If you have any pictures on your blog, leave a comment - I'd love to come take a look at it!


  1. Your tree is gorgeous!!!

    I did the Disney ornament a month club a long time ago so I have a bunch that have a similar look to yours.

  2. It looks so great! And I did a quick search on Google Product Search for "Mulan Christmas Ornament" and several were listed. You should check it out :-)

  3. It's gorgeous, Rebecca!

    Hoping to have ours up next weekend...I'll let you know when I post about it.

  4. LOVE IT!!!!!!!!!

    pretty pretty pretty!

  5. Oh Christmas!! My fave! Love your photos. Just beautiful. My Christmas tree is at my parents' home down south. We don't have one because of the cats and because we'll be crusing for a large portion of December and then Christmas with 'rents.

    I'll have to post Christmas tree photos around Christmastime when I'm back home. We have a live tree- that's 12 feet tall! We got it on Friday, as is our tradition every year. Man, that was a PAIN. Like a scene out of "Christmas Vacation" !!! HAHA!

  6. That is beautiful!!! Mine's not up yet. It takes me forever because it's just me, so I procrastinate! Hopefully soon.

  7. I'll be posting a picture of our tree soon. It's up but so far no time to snap the picture. Your tree is beautiful! Yaya would be in love with each and every one of your ornaments.

  8. You are so on the ball. Our tree is not up. I had high hopes of getting it up the day after Thanksgiving. We get a real tree because I like how it makes the house smell and it just seems more authentic to me. No one else could care less!

  9. We have a 7 foot tree, but since we'll be out of town for a good portion of the holiday's, we have opted to only put up the small 3 foot tree.

  10. RJ,
    Your tree is just gorgeous!!! LOVE IT!! We don't have our tree up yet. In fact, we don't even have a tree. We had to throw ours out. They were in storage and got brown recluse infected. Creeps me out just typing it. So Mr. Winslow just threw them away. Good thing.

    So now I am in the market for a tree, and really don't seem to be in a hurry to get one. What is wrong with me? I have tubs of beautiful ornaments sitting in my attack, and my house doesn't have one Christmas decoration yet and December 1st is tomorrow!!! No...not freaking out AT ALL!! =) It'll all get done right?

    Okay so really looonnnnngggg commenter is gonna get off her deriere (sp?) and do some work. =)

    Love you friend,

  11. love your ornaments and the tree turned out fantastic!
    I swear we need to splurge on a pre-lit tree considering the amount of cursing that goes into my husband setting ours up w/lights

  12. What a pretty tree! I love themed trees.

  13. Gorgeous woman!!! I need to get mine up fast!


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