Monday, November 15, 2010

Semi Finals... that is forcing me to like Brandy... DANGIT!!!!

We are down to 2 rounds... next week is the finals... can you believe it?  I have been looking forward to tonight because with the crazy voting, I really think its anyones game... so let's see what tonight holds, because we are LIIIVVEEEEE.....

8:00 - "One week from today, three will battle for the mirror ball trophy.... Welcome to the Semi Finals of Dancing with the Stars" - Tom

8:03 - "... if I have any problems with other people in my life, I'm calling you! ..." -Brandy to Maks after talking about he stood up for their dance last week....

8:04 - "Honestly, I cant believe I'm running neck & neck with Jennifer... this is Baby from Dirty Dancing... legendary" -Brandy .... Me either girl, me either

8:07 - "I've never seen you more connected to a character then this... great job" -Carrie Ann

8:13 - "Our last Latin dance will be to "Mercy"" -Derek with screams everywhere... apparently when they first met, she was playing that song just dancing... & wow, she looks like that awkward character, Baby, from Dirty Dancing... 80's move galore!

8:14 - "I'm so revved up about the next 2 weeks... just BRING... IT... ON!!!" - Jennifer

8:15 - DIRTY DANCING MOVES INSERTED!!!! I'm telling you - I'm all about catching these little throw in's Derek is adding!  Lovin' every one he does too!!!

8:16 - Jamie Lee Curtis again in the audience - or as I like to call her "The Captain of the Jennifer Grey Fan Club"

8:17 - "I've been waiting all season to see Jennifer Grey do a solo in the Cha Cha .. & I was not disappointed" - Carrie Ann ... "You did the shimmy bobbie thing on Bruno & not Len though"

8:18 - "Another PERFECT Score" -Brooke

8:23 - "I hear people saying the only reason you are getting this far is because of who your mom is... what I think is that people think at home, 'thats exactly how I would be;" - Mark ... no Mark, its because of who her mom is...

8:23 - "no offense to anyone, but I'm not fake..." -Bristol... Oh please let her mean Brandy when she says that...

8:24 - "I'm not feeling very confident right now" -Bristol

8:26 - a standing ovation for Brisol... With Sarah in the audience mouthing "Good job baby"

8:27 - "Will you come here?" - Carrie Ann giving Bristol a hug "This is what we have been asking for you all season long...I'm so happy see you come out of your shell & nail it"

"You've been in the bottom two, SIX TIMES - you have such determination - it says a lot about your character.  Bristol the Pistol, you came out with your guns blazing" - Len

8:32 - "... up next, the young man who has lit up the crowd every week since the premiere & the only semi finalist that hasnt taken the top or the bottom of the leader board" -Tom

8:34 - "You're the last man...child...standing" -Lacy .... "I'm a KID-tender" -Kyle

8:35 - "I joke around & kid alot, but I am taking this very seriously" -Kyle.... (GO KYLE!  I'm rooting for this kid all the way since Rick Fox is gone)

8:36 - "What I love about you is there is no back stage drama or antics - you just come out & get on with it... its very refreshing... you have a bionic bum.  You have more ounce to the bounce then anyone this season" -Len
"You are truly a bouncy bundle of joy" -Len
"I've never seen more pelvic action - EVER!" - Carrie Ann

8:45 - Background on Brandy

8:47 - Oh dangit... they're talking about Brandy relying on her faith in struggles (I didnt know she was in a fatal car accident - mercy!)... DWTS - what are you doing?  Dont make me like her're pulling my heart strings here people!... ok, no more small lettering for her...

8:50 "....stunning...." - Carrie Ann .... DANGIT!  I dont want to admit it - she did do good on the Argentine Tango....

8:51 - "A PERFECT SCORE" - Brooke

8:58 - Background on Jennifer Grey..."On the heels of making Dirty Dancing, Jennifer & Matthew (Broderick) were in an accident.... the mother & daughter were killed in the other car" .... another car accident?  How sad is this show tonight?

9:00 -"... she has had injuries all season, but I've never seen her happier" -MR Jennifer Grey "How proud am I of Jennifer?  Look at my face... that's how proud I am" ... ok - he is up for Husband of the Year Award - how dang sweet was that?

9:03 - "Sometimes a whisper can be louder then a shout... if I'm dreaming, dont wake me up because that was fabulous" -Len on the beautiful waltz

9:04 - "Another perfect score... 60 out of 60" -Brooke

9:10 - Background on Brisol.. "Growing up, I was the golden child.  No problems or challenges ... until I started dating Levi" -Bristol
"Our little world stopped spinning when she came & told us she was pregnant" - Sarah Palin

9:11 - "For people to say, theres that trashy, disgusting girl that's knocked up... look at that sleeze... I've slept with one guy my whole life... it was defnitely a challenge to go throught that" - Bristol

9:13 - "She said, I'm going to be criticized anyways.... might as well dance" - Sarah Palin... (That may be my new life motto!!!)

9:15 - "This had a haunting feeling to it... I enjoyed this waltz" -Len

9:22 - Background on Kyle.... "Didnt think this big boy would last, did you?" - Kyle

9:26 - "You ... are... a ... STAR.  No one comes out & performs with such an attack as you" - Len

9:28 - "He's the little brother that I never asked for, but still got" -Lacy about Kyle

9:30 - "That was a fast 90 minutes - & after 2 rounds, Jennifer has the top spot with a perfect 60... hanging on for dear life is Bristol...." -Tom & Brooke

So what did you think Dance Fans?  Did Kyle make you just smile?  Did you find yourself rooting for Bristol?  Did Jennifer's story bring tears to your eyes?  Did you find yourself liking Brandy more?  I'm anxious to see who goes tomorrow... would anyone be surprised if Bristol makes it to the finals?  At this point, nothing will surprise me... let's talk Dance!!!


  1. I still want Jennifer to win...I think. But I love Kyle too and Bristol. No, I really want Jennifer to win. :)

  2. I hope Jennifer wins and I assume that Brandi will be in the finals with her. I'm just not sure if it will be Kyle or Bristol in the final three. I'm leaning toward Bristol.

    And I admit last night's show made me a Brandi fan too.

  3. I can't wait to see what happens. I really do not like Brandy that much. I am a fan of Bristol because of how far she has come.. I do like Kyle and would hope that it is between Kyle and Jennifer.. Have a great day..

  4. Girl, don't you dare jump on the Brandy Train. Keep on using the small lettering. It helps me to know which part to skip over.

    See, here's the thing. I think everyone has a sad story. I still think she's all about reviving her career. And I still don't care for her. I'd rather that she leave over Bristol.

    Don't think I'm a hater. I am just picky when I select who I'm rooting for.

    Bristol did not dance well last night. The Paso suited her serious nature, but the waltz was horrible. She dances without emotion, much like my least favorite DWTS "celebrity" (cough, cough), Kate. Blech. I think I just threw up typing that.

    Kyle danced amazingly well! I am so happy for him, and I love that he was on his way to the airport to go home when he got the call to be on his first show. Cool beans!

    Saving the best for last...Jennifer. Oh, and I love thee. Her story completely touched my heart. I remember how she disappeared from the public view after that movie. I had always wondered what happened. Her smile on the red carpet was haunting, wasn't it? I love the way her husband teared up when he talked about how proud of her he is. She's a fortunate woman, and I know she knows that.

    Here's how I hope things play out.

    Brandy gets kicked out this week.

    Bristol goes first next week. Kyle and Jennifer in the finals. Jennifer wins.

    Go place your bets, people.

  5. I must admit, I'm still a fan of Jennifer, even though I think she does like to play up the sympathy card from time to time. She's still a very talented dancer...and ,yes, Kyle made me smile, again!

  6. there is a good chance that Baby won't win....Brandy was truly crushed to be voted off last night...Made me kinda sad. I do love Kyle's spirit!!

  7. I'm just now getting around to reading your synopsis of the night! I don't want to start any rumors, but didn't Brandy cause the accident that she was in? Seems like I remember something about her being charged with something after an accident. Maybe it was a different accident. Or a different star.
    Anyway, I'm glad to see her gone. I think she was stunned. I think Bristol was a little stunned, too, watching her reaction when they said who was going home. But, the way they worded it when they announced who was leaving was weird. Bristol may have been trying to figure out what they said...I know I was! I'm standing by what I said at the beginning: Jennifer is going to win. She's a trained, professional dancer...she's a shoo-in.


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