Tuesday, November 09, 2010

So talking to babies is apparently a bad thing...

I was in Target checking out...

The lady in front of me was putting everything up on the belt to be scanned.  She had a little girl sitting inside the basket & a baby about 8 months old sitting in the front.  The baby was holding something they were going to purchase.  The mom took it away from her to put up to get scanned.  As any baby does when you take something away from them, she started crying.  The most pitiful little puckered lip.  So the mom had moved to the front of the basket & I was looking right at the baby.  I'm a good "baby talker" so I started getting her attention & before you knew it, she had stopped crying, was looking at me & then I had her giggling & kicking....

Good, right?

Then the little girl in the cart must have gotten jealous & then she stands up behind the baby & wraps her arms around the baby.

I just said, "ah, you must be such a good big sister"

Next thing I know - the mom literally gives me a look that could have KILLED & then said, "EXCUSE me" & took the cart & pushed it in front of her...

Um.... ok....

Then I'm wondering if the little girl put her arms around the baby to "protect her"... because it was obvious this mom didnt want anyone even talking to her children...

Is it me, or is that bizarre? 

And its not like I looked like someone who was going to grab her kids & run away... I was loading up my stuff on the belt to get checked out too... I was actually trapped in the checkout lane...

I literally had my jaw dropped in shock...

What a sad world when you feel like you cant even talk to little babies to make them stop crying....


  1. That is pathetic! There is nothing wrong at all with what you did and she should have been grateful to your help in calming her child before she had major meltdown issues from taking the item away. Pooey on her!!!! :P

  2. Amen! Sad world indeed. Just when you think it's safe to help a person-{or baby out}..they turn on ya'. *Parents have "boogie-man" on the brain WAY too much.

  3. UGH! What a heifer! I like it when most people talk to my 2 year old. Especially if I'm standing right there...good grief. I'm cautious but there is a limit to everything :( Sorry that happened to you Rebecca!

  4. it's not you. that's freaking bizarre... and sad.

  5. If that were me, I would have been GRATEFUL that you made my baby laugh! People are SO WEIRD nowadays. It would have hurt my feelings too. Grr.

  6. I agree that the boogey man is a little too played up these days. Yes, there are bad people in the world and parents should teach their children safety... but acting like everyone is the bad guy does kids more harm than good. Saying "I like your dress" to a fussy toddler or making silly faces to get a baby to laugh... all with their mom RIGHT there... is clearly not a threat. It's not like you asked the older girl for her name and address! :-)

  7. Oh my, that is so sad. You were so sweet to get that baby to stop crying. Grandma's just have that affect on itty-bitty's. Maybe that mama was just having a bad day.

    Love you girl,

  8. Maybe she was jealous that you could stop her baby from crying? People are so weird. I love it when other people pay attention to my kiddos...

  9. Aww, don't let one freaky lady stop you!

    Hugs & love,

  10. That is very odd. Overly protective mom, perhaps? I talk to babies/small kids all the time in the store; the moms seem to appreciate it and want to show them off.

  11. My great niece puckers up and cries when I try talking to her! LOL You need to give me some baby talking tips. Apparently, I scare the girls half to death.

    I don't like someone getting close to my cart when my purse is in the seat area and I'm trying to unload. I also don't like how stores start ringing people out before I've put my method of payment away and got all my bags in the cart.

    I think she probably over-reacted. She's probably a young mom who worries and lives in fear. I'd tell my boys that uncomfortable situations like that are a call to prayer:)

  12. Aww, that's sad! I can understand not wanting your kids not to talk to strangers when you aren't there, but if the mom is 3 feet away, I'm pretty sure they're safe. And, I don't think you're all that menacing looking. :)

  13. that is pitiful!!! I bet those kids grow up to be incredibly paranoid courtesy of their insanely overprotective mom.

  14. Crazy!! I do the same thing and have always found it helpful when others have done it for me. You never know what a person has been through maybe something bad happened to her or one of her kids. I wouldn't take it too personal.

  15. That is sad. I do not mind when someone talks to my little one. Hugs...

  16. Makes you wonder what is going on in that family...unfortunate. I think it's a sad day when you can't offer a little help and try to cheer up a little one!

  17. I can't believe that, Rebecca! I agree, it's a sad, sad world we live in anymore when everyone wonders what you're up to when you're only trying to be NICE!

  18. Oh, good gravy. That woman forgot to take her "I'm a happy mom" pill. Chillax, woman.

    I probably would have said something...me and my big mouth.

    P.S. It just occurred to me...were you wearing your witch's hat? heehee

  19. Oh NO!! That is awful!! It was SO NOT you!!!


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