Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Our Friendly Neighborhood Spiderman...

I forgot to post the best pictures ever of our visit of Julie & the Grandbabies... The day our little Blue-Eyed Boy, Isaac slipped into his world of Spiderman!!!!

It was a few days before Halloween & everything was "BUTTON" - which stands for "Iron-Man".  He & his Pappy watched literally over 65 episodes of cartoons & that's all he wanted to be for Halloween.  So we head out to find Isaac a costume.... we did find one, but then Ricky got all glittery eyed when he saw the Spiderman costume.  Now, its not like Isaac was forced to change his mind.  He's always been a Spiderman fan too.... I think Ricky even bought a Spiderman doll for him before he was even born - so this boy has known all things Peter Parker before anything else...

Julie kept saying she didnt think he would wear this mask - leave it on...well, next thing we know - he's riding in the car with the mask on & wont take it off... even better - we go to the Science Museum & Isaac wanted the whole costume on....Being in Downtown, & in the costume, & with my camera - it was time to snap away....

I told him, "Go stand like Spiderman does..." & this is what he did... isnt it so cute!  Its even funnier because this is how Ricky sits in everyday life, while watching TV.  Someone noticed how that's like Ricky... I didnt want to say too much, but I guess the cat is out of the bag... Ricky & Spiderman?  One in the same?  I'll say no more ....

Isaac was all into being Spiderman then... Ricky was putting him on top of everything & Isaac was playing the role perfectly.... watching & waiting for the next time the web needs to be slung...

Ricky giving his Grand-Spidey some web lessons... there is a proper technique in this too - dont think there's not!  It takes serious finger action, along with a cool "psst" sound you have to add in...

Yes, even Spiderman has a mommy.... & it was time for her to show even she has web-slinging skills... its a Vincent gene that's passed down from generation to generation...

Proof that Downtown Louisville was safe for awhile....

 Here's Spiderman taking care of his Nanny, his mommy & his baby brother... it was so cute when we went into the museum.  There was a man standing there & he said, "Spiderman always gets in free here" & they didnt charge for him... isnt that funny?  And all the kids that passed him would say "There's Spiderman!!!" - which made Isaac stand a little taller, boosting that 3 yr old chest out...

See?  He even played in the museum ALL night with that mask on.... we finally took it off of him because he had to be sweating & he just wanted it back on... no one should reveal their true identity in public - what were we thinking?

Whew - it was a tiring day for this Spiderman... & even his web hands (& feet) wear out... which is why every Spiderman should have a Pappy that is around so they can give them a lift back to the home front....

I cant tell you how much Ricky & I are missing that little Spiderman now....


  1. Aww I can imagine how much you are missing your Spider man and his little brother! Great pictures! I love that the man at the museum said that Spider man gets in free!

  2. That is SO precious!! I love it and your pictures are too cute. I bet it is hard to not have that little "Spidey" around right now & I love all the web-slinging pictures, too!

  3. Oh, how I love this! Spiderman saves the day! Don't'll be together, again, before you know it...and memories will get you through!

  4. Those pictures are priceless!

    What a beautiful family you have.

    Hugs & love,

  5. That is adorable! I love that the museum guy let him for kind.

    Elijah and Gabe both went through the Spiderman phase, wearing it everywhere we went. I cherish those memories.

    Your photos are great! Downtown Louisville looks so's been YEARS since I've been there.

  6. Oh.



    That child is just Spidelicious!!!

  7. You are so cute little boy, I remember my kids they have spiderman and superman costumes and they play super heroes at home, that was so fun!

  8. Ricky is seriously the best Grand-Spidey ever!!!

  9. how sweet is he.. Love it.. I know I need some of those socks for sure. I have some but it was too cold to wear them that day..


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