Sunday, November 21, 2010

Project 365-38

Here we go into another week - they go by so fast!!!!  Let's take a gander into my world...

Sunday - Renovation!!!! - our church was getting the Extreme Makeover.  So they pulled up the carpet & asked if anyone had any verses that were their favorite, then we could write it on the floor... new carpet was coming a few days later.  So this is one of my favorite verses that was given to us as youth leaders one year at a youth conference.  It's always stuck with me... especially the DO NOT GIVE UP!!!! ... Sorry for the bad writing - its hard to write on bumpy, stapled wood floors - so it says:
Let us not become weary in doing good, for at the proper time, we will reap a harvest, if we DO NOT GIVE UP!!!! (Exclamantion points are mine!) haha!!!  -Galatians 6:9

Monday - One technique I dont want to know about!!!! .... I was looking up ideas for poses for photography for big groups & new ideas when Google cracked me up... take a look at the technique it suggested.  Which by the way, you couldnt PAY me enough to look at what it gives... I dont want any images in my mind...

Tuesday - SOCK DAY!!!! ... These are all Ricky's socks... In this basket, there were over 40 pairs of matches.  He wears multiple pairs a day - for more padding... Add in the fact that I missed a week of doing whites & I had a load to match up.  Its always like a puzzle matching up all the different kinds he has too... whew!

Wednesday - Diet Coke gets me through at work.... yes - this is on top of the file cabinet in my office... All of those, I drank so far in the week... & you know the sad part - its not all of them... OH MY GOODNESS... I do think I have an addiction... (I love my Diet Coke).... Does VH1 have a rehab show for this with Dr. Drew that I need to check out?

Thursday - A braid goes with jewelry ... I went to another Premiere Jewelry party & this time, there was a friend who is a hair dresser.  She was braiding all the little girls hair that was there & I asked her to do mine... she whipped it right up... I love a good french braid.  Reminds me when my mom used to fix my hair before school....

Friday - HARRY POTTER!!!!!!!!! .... enough said!  It was FANTASTIC... so darn good... so much like the book, which is so rare... Got to hang out with my buddies, Lynn & Carly & chat, talk, laugh, cry in the movie & then laugh some more... I cant believe we have to wait months for the total end... that's torture! (Here's Carly with the love of her life... Ron...Ron Weasley....)

Saturday - Perfect weekend morning.... Ricky had to work which means I get to sleep.  Ricky is such an early riser & I know he TRIES to stay quiet, once he's up & moving around, the dogs expect me to be up too... But today, he was at work & I woke up at 9:00 AM with all the dogs snuggled around me.  We all got to sleep in.  I finally got up & made me some pancakes & they tasted like the best pancakes ever... it was a great way to kick off the weekend....

I know next week will be exciting with Thanksgiving & Black Friday & Christmas Season kicking off...

Until then... click away!


  1. I hope to see HP soon...very soon. Diet Coke is the BOMB...especially with a little coconut rum mixed in...but you couldn't drink that at work!

  2. RJ,
    Seriously, that is A LOT of Diet Coke!!! WOW!! Can you say intervention? =)

    Those pancakes look delish. I little known fact about me, I LOVE cold pancakes. Yes I know weird, but when I was growing up my mom would make pancakes and leave some out for me to get cold and then I would eat them. Never been much for syrup, just nice, cold, yummy pancakes. MMMMM.....

    Have a Blessed week friend,

  3. That is a lot of Diet Coke woman!! :)
    All I have to say is that photo technique would be the last thing I would try.
    I love that you all wrote verses on the floor. Awesome!
    Hooray for matching socks and sleeping in!!
    Have a super week!

  4. What a good idea writing on the floor like that.

    I don't blame you for not ckicking on that link, ewwwww....


  5. Love the hair! You must learn to do that yourself!

    The writing on the floor made me recall how we did the same thing before the flooring in my house got laid down. My builder had an absolute fit, but I didn't care. He already had my down payment. It was my house.

    And the diet coke. Girl, give them up! You are not doing yourself any favors! Pick up a bottle of water and drink. And refill. And drink.

    If I can give up my Dews, you can give up your silver can.

  6. ok, yes it is have an addiction to diet coke!! That is a lot of DC girl!!!

    Can't wait to see harry potter. I am waiting for my kids to get home so we can all go together!!!!

  7. what a fun week.. Love the soda cans.. OH I do not like the sock thing either.. I am having a fun tag going on right now.. I hope you join in...

  8. Dr. M where's multiple kinds of BLUE socks - I was doing the same thing with his last night.

    I would love to go see HP, but we never go to the movies anymore. Maybe I can hit a friend up to go with me sometime.

    I drink up to three cans of soda a day (Kroger Big K Diet Citrus Drop). It doesn't actually have that much caffiene so I SHOULD be able to stop any time. Sure, I can stop ANY TIME LOL.

  9. Um, that would be WEARS, not WHERE'S. The question is, where's my head this morning :)

  10. I love your hair in a braid! You have the most gorgeous red hair color!

    Also, that is one of my favorite verses!

  11. i also love french braids!! i can't wait to teach my daughter how to do that ;-)

    i have heard of families who have beuilt their homes writes verses on the walls or frame boards, i just love that idea!!! and pancakes always make a great yummy food!!

  12. I thought the new Harry Potter flick was FANTASTIC! Had me on the edge of my seat the entire time! Can hardly wait for Part 2! Enjoy your Thanksgiving with your family! :)

  13. I know WAY more about poop than I ever care to know, working as a nurse for over 16 years now. That's one thing I like best about my new supervisor more poop cleanup!


    LOVE the french braid. I have never learned how to master that technique; my big sis or my m-i-l would always do it for me. Now my hair just isn't long enough.

    Have a great Thanksgiving and Black Friday!

  14. RJ, I seriously think we are separated at birth!!! I say "Do what?!" as well!! It makes my husband SO MAD!! LOL I usually say it as a question when I didn't hear someone.. like this
    hubs: "Hey honey? *muffle muffle* with the *muffle*?
    Me: "Do what?"
    hubs: "How does that even make sense?!" *storms off*


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